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Dear My Precious Buddy,

I remember the day we brought you home from the Humane Society.  You were 4 months old and looked like a polar bear.   You  were so fragile from the time we brought you home.  You were so scared but you soon let us into your heart and trusted us as long as we didn't move too fast.  Our other dog Lady wasn't sure what to make of you but she soon warmed up to you and you both became best friends.  She always made sure you knew she was in control but you didn't care you just wanted our love so that was ok.  We always knew if we turned our backs on you that your nose would be stuck on our backside.  You always had a smile which at first looked like a growl  but   we knew you were smiling at us.  Then there were the thunderstorms.  I knew they were coming even before they got here.  You would take your whole body up to the top of the bed and lay on our heads.  You were always so scared of those.   You have been through so much with me and you  were always by my side.  I don't know if you were protecting me or were too scared I would leave you.  You always knew where I was at all time.  When ever Rocky the squirrel would run across the trailer roof you were there waiting for him.  Who knows what you would have done if you would have caught him.  You loved to play in the tennis court with Hunter and Lady.  Hunter loved to go underneath you and he didn't realize that as he got bigger he couldn't fit under you anymore and you were sure to let him know.  Then came the first seizure that scared me as much as it scared you and Lady.  Over the past months they got worse.  We would give you more and more medicine.  That would help for a while but then they would come again.  Each time they got worse until you were not yourself anymore.  I had to guide you and make sure you were ok.  With every movement I had to make sure you were ok until that Sat came that the medicine was making you into the Buddy no one knew anymore.  The day I had to make the decision to take you out of your misery was the hardest day of my life.  Your loving eyes looked as me and we said our final good-bye.  You may be gone but you will never ever be forgotten.  I will never forget the way you smile and how you always had to be by my side or in the same room I was in.  I still can feel you laying beside me in bed.   You will be missed by me and Lady and I know you are looking down on me and watching over me.  Someday Lady and I will see you again.  Be happy and don't   forget to smile.  I always give Lady an extra nummy just for you.  I love you and miss you dearly.

Love Mommy and Lady

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September 1996 - March 24, 2002

Healthy and at peace at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for

Jill and Lady