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star3.gif (2841 bytes)Kody Bear  "Randi's Cuddlebug" star3.gif (2841 bytes)

October 19, 1999 - November 21, 2002

Healthy and at peace at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for

Randi, Jim and Chammy

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I was your protector as you were mine
I learned what it was like to truly look out for someone
I learned the responsibility of what it was like being a committed dog
I learned seeing the world through a dog's eyes
I learned hearing the world through a dog's ears
I learned knowing about things through a dog's thinking
I learned walking through a world through a dogs paths
I learned about life through the keen sense of dog
I learned about people through the keen sense of dog
I know there is no more of a devotion than between a person and their dog
I thank you for every single moment...............

we made some great friends
we became educated in life
we were committed to a cause
we learned who real friends are
we learned about ignorance
we learned about closed mindedness
we learned who had love for animals
we learned what to keep private - we never said seizures
we never told anyone that didn't have a need to know
we found out who would have given up
we learned who would not take the time
we never complained
we thanked God for every minute
we prayed to God to diminish the bad times
I learned about enjoying and being thankful for the moment
we treasured every second together
and as I said throughout the days and every night before we went to sleep,
I love you Lacey.....

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January 23, 1992 - October 23, 2002

Healthy and at peace at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for