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Remington and I met one hot summer day in 1999 and it was love at first sight.  He was one of 14 Great Dane pups.  His mother died when he was 2 weeks old so he was bottled fed for the next month until he was ready to be on his own. 

Our son Josh, the dog lover, had been trying to talk his dad and me into getting another Great Dane.  We owned 2 while he was growing up.  Both of our sons moved out within a month of each other so we were suffering from “Empty Nest Syndrome”.   Every week Josh would read the Dog Ads in the paper looking for a Dane for us.  Finally, he found a litter that had some Harlequin pups.  We thought there would be no harm in just looking.  We got there and as soon as we entered the back yard where the pups were, this little male Harlequin grabbed the hem of my dress and would not let go.   It just so happened he was the only one that had not been sold or promised.  Well, out came the checkbook and Remington came home with us that day – all 11 lbs. of him. 

His first year was wonderful.  Our other son Zach, played college soccer and we took Remington to all of his games.  Talk about a “Babe Magnet”.  Everyone on the sidelines loved Remington and paid more attention to him than they did the games.  Of course Remington just ate it up because he loved being the center of attention.  Shy he wasn’t.

Then the seizures started shortly after his first birthday.  What a shocker for us.  We feel like we did everything possible to help him but that just wasn’t enough.  The longest he went between seizures for the past year and half was 6 weeks.  They progressively got worse and just wore him down. 

Two weeks before Remington left us he was lying on the couch beside me.  For the past 6 months or so I had a hard time getting Remington to focus on my face for more than a few seconds at a time when I would talk to him.  His gaze would always wander.   On this particular day he looked up at me and just held my gaze for about 10 minutes.  I felt like he was telling me something.  I think he was tired and ready for it to end.  So on February 19, 2002  we helped him make the transition home.  He peacefully closed his eyes and passed on.  Now that you know Remington’s story, I would like to address him directly.


Dear Remington,

What a sweet baby you were.  I want you to know I loved you with all of my heart and will never forget you.  You were so gentle with everyone even though your size was so intimidating.  Little did people know that the only danger when they were around you was having you sit on their lap.    I was meaning to talk to you about that but I hated to hurt your feelings.  Sweetheart, 140 lb. Dogs cannot be “lap dogs”.   Big boys like you were not meant to be bounced on someone’s knee.  

You know you were pretty smart too.  You were the only pup I know that when you wanted to go outside all we had to do was open the door for you.   You then went out by yourself and returned when you were finished and never wandered outside the yard.  I really appreciated that when it was raining or cold outside.   But then you were a pretty thoughtful pup.  

One of the things I am going to miss the most about you is hearing you and Dad argue over who gets the couch.  Of course, you always won.  I guess Dad was a pushover when it came to you also.  Josh came over Saturday and said the kitchen floor was just not the same without your Milkbone crumbs.  He always fussed at me for letting you eat them in the house.  But you were my baby and if it made you happy, I was happy.

I hope Rufus met you when you got to the Bridge.  I know he always acted like he didn’t like you but he was just pretending.  It’s not cool for a cat to like a dog.  I want you boys to behave and get along so please don’t lick Rufus in the face and tell him no swiping with his claws.

Remington, you filled a big void in my life when Josh and Zach left and now that void is even bigger with you gone.  I thank God for sending you to us and hope everything is wonderful with you now.  Please visit me as often as you like.  I will be looking for you.  Until we meet again know that your Mom loves you the most.

Love, Mom

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June 5, 1999 – February 19, 2002

Healthy and at peace at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for

Madelyn, Dad, Zach & Josh



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"Amber Eyes"

There's a black dog in the moonlight,
That only I can see,
Gentle, silent, amber eyes,
Smiling back at me.

She comes to me at Dreamtime.
I feel her presence near.
Is this a dream or fantasy,
Or is she really here?

She snuggles me so softly,
I reach to touch her face,
Her image fades so suddenly,
Leaving nothing in it's place.

Her memory does haunt me,
At night when I'm alone.
I miss her laughing, amber eyes
And the bond that we had known.

Those gentle eyes so shining,
Do pull upon my heart,
But I know someday we'll meet again,
And then we'll never part.

~ Written by S. Runkle 2002


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November 3, 1992 ~ June 13, 2002

Healthy and at peace at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for

Susan, Hannah, Izzy and Pokey