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A Face In The Clouds
(Author Unknown)

I looked towards the clouds today and for a moment saw your face.
And wondered just where you have gone, with a hope it's in a better place.
Did you show yourself to me today, to tell me you're alright?
Or was it just a daydream, playing tricks upon my sight?
Then I thought of when you left, you did not say a word,
No hugs and kisses.. no good-bye was heard.
You have changed my life forever, your time here not in vain.
And hope you know I always tried to keep you safe from pain.
I will always feel the void inside, because you are not here,
But each new thought you send my way lets me know you're always near.
So until my journey nears its end, and I hear the Angels sing,
I'll face each new day as it comes, and live off the love you bring.

In Loving Memory of Tanner

I can't even begin to say how much I miss you Tanner. Not a day goes by yet without a tear shed. I miss your smiley face, your little butt wag and all your silly ways. You were so smart and so strong. You are my greatest love and my best friend. You were there for me every second, every day. Just a sweet as could be. Your absence has left the largest hole in my heart and life just isn't the same without you. You taught me a lot and we went through so much together. With all you endoured you remained just so happy and kind and I only hope that I can be as wonderful as you were. Your time here was way too short, but I am glad you were mine for that time. Aussie kisses! I'll see you again someday.

I love you my little boy,
your mommy

Angel Tanner
MAY 9, 2000 - OCTOBER 26, 2005

Healthy and at peace at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for