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"Ginger was my first encounter of having a Shiba Inu in my family. The
first time I saw her, she was 8 weeks old and sitting on a small trampoline.
She was the cutest little thing and stole our hearts the moment we met her.
She was a true Shiba. We had a two hour ride home from the breeder and she
squealed the whole way home - we should have known from then on what we were
in for!

Once home, she became the center of attention. We took her to puppy
training classes where she stole the show, and didn't always do what was
expected! She loved to play with her balls! We had purchased her many
larger beach type balls that she loved to chase around the backyard learning
how to pop them within in minutes. She brought many hours of happiness and
love to our hearts. She loved to sleep with us, and of course, under the

Her most favorite time of year was Christmas. That is why I chose this
picture. She believed that every present was hers. We would let her open
hers, but then she would proceed to help each two legged family member as
well as four legged open their presents. This Christmas will be hard on our
family, but we will live with her memory and smile every time we think of
her at Christmas time. She was a true blessing. My life would not have
been the same without her touching it for eight short years.

Ginger first began having seizures at the age of 5. I just happened to read
the article in Shiba USA about Aisha and decided to email her family. I was
pleasantly surprised to get quick and caring responses and information back.
I am very thankful as they helped me through very tough times with Ginger.
She will always be very special and near to my heart. I miss her terribly
every day and at times even after two and a half months find it hard to
believe that she is not greeting me at the door. I also find myself
listening for her to see if she is okay. The last few weeks were VERY
difficult. I had the toughest decision I have ever had to make. At times I
am not sure that I told her that I loved her enough and hope that she knows
how much she meant to me.

She was my first, but not my last Shiba. She will always be in my heart,
my dear sweet Ginger. She lived to please me and for that I will always be
thankful. God bless you Ginny. I know that you are now free of pain and
are running free and awaiting the day we can be reunited. I love you!
Special hugs and kisses - Your Mom"

Angel Ginger Foxy Nadeau
1996 - 2004

Healthy and at peace at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for


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Dearest Taffy-Waff,

Words cannot express how much loving you and caring for you meant to me. You taught me how to truly open up my heart and love another being and to accept love in return.  You were my first fur-kid and there are times that I reflect and wish I knew then what I know now about loving a fur-kid.

Losing you when we moved, and being away from you for 3 full months just broke my heart.  When we found you, and the memory of seeing you bounding down the street just in utter glee that we were reunited, is a memory I will cherish forever.  And knowing that you never wanted to leave the house again, in fear that you would lose us again, just is so precious.

Taffy, I love you and really miss you.  I wish that there was something I could have done to make you well again.  The decision to let you go was the hardest decision I ever have had to make.  I wish you were here and still call your name out sometimes, only to realize that you are not physically here any longer.

Aisha misses you.  I know that you really didn't like him.  And that you missed the undivided attention you used to receive prior to Aisha coming to our lives.  And I do feel somewhat guilty for bringing home another family member that scared you.  But when I call your name, Aisha runs to the gate looking for you.  He really loved you, in his own puppy way.

Your Daddy misses you dearly.  And DJ too.  She is really lost without you.  She sleeps where you used to sleep and remember Taff?  DJ never used to go into your cat tree tunnel.  But I think she feels closer to you this way.

Taffy, tears still come, even now while writing this.  You were such an amazing kitty. I have so many memories that I will cherish forever. You are the only kitty that I have ever known that fetched.  I remember the first time I balled up a  post-it-note and flicked it, only to find that you ran and brought it back to me.  I will never forget how brilliant and clever you were.

I hope that you are just basking in the eternal sunshine, laying in the grass where nothing will ever make you ill again.  That you can see how much your family still loves you and that someday we will all be reunited again.

Take care Taff.  I love you and always will.

- Your Mommy, Jules

Angel Taffy-Waff
January 1, 1991 - August 12, 2004

Healthy and at peace at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for

Julie, Dan, Aisha, Rou and DJ