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Dear Dana,

"My bones hold a stillness, the far fields melt my heart"
-Sylvia Plath

The words that Sylvia wrote, no doubt in the depths of sadness and loss, capture my feelings as I think of your departure from this world.

I miss you, Dana, with every dusk and rise in the morning tide, assured that you are still with me.  We met - you were a scared dog of three - and you loved me just for being me, with all my limitations and human flaws.  We understood each other so well, and dear Dana, you were unique to me in all the world.

As St. Exupery writes in LePetite Prince, you were a rose in a garden full of roses, unique to me in all the world, and so beautiful:  "What is true is invisible to the eye, it is only with the heart that one can see rightly".

As the evening descends on another day, again I think of you.  The evening is alive with birdsong in the spring.  How I wish you were with me now.  The world is a place of pain and suffering, and yet, yet, it is still a beautiful world.  You Dana, like nothing else, made me believe in this one essential truth.

Thank you for being the precious dog that you were and for loving me and the life that we had together.

In faith & love, forever and always, I miss you.

Mary Jane

Angel Dana
January 20, 1996 - March 31, 2004

Healthy and at peace at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for

Mary Jane, Kevin and Conor


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As I see the gates of heaven
And I know I'm headed home
I see the Great St. Peter
But alas he's not alone!

The tears have blurred my vision
But I'd know him anywhere
He sits and waits so patiently,
He knows I'll soon be there.

I drop to my knees and I call his name
He responds with bouncing glee
He whines and he cries
The joy is in his eyes
He's waited so patiently.

I know it's truly heaven
For that is plain to see
My faithful friend and companion
is once again with me...

by Kathleen S. Thompson

Angel Maxwell Alexander James
July 8, 1996 - May 13, 2004

Healthy and at peace at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for