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July 13, 1993 - March 8, 2004

He was intensely loved, will be intensely missed
and is now playing with his angel pals Suka, Brandy, Tonka & Zack.

Barbara & Scott

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Teddy Bear
I miss you baby and love you very much. Mama will be with you one day to play with you again. Love and kisses baby.

I will never forget you girl and hope that Fancy will be just like you were. She can't replace you but I have your memories in her. Love you baby and will never forget you.

I have my pictures and memories of the two of you that I hope will last a life time. You will always have a place in my heart.

Love and miss you mama BJ and daddy Doyal

star3.gif (2841 bytes)Angel Teddy Bearstar3.gif (2841 bytes)
Sept.17.1993 to Feb.2004

star3.gif (2841 bytes)Angel Gypsystar3.gif (2841 bytes)
Sept.17,1993 to March 2004

Healthy and at peace at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for

BJ, Doyal, Non-epi Sio, Shini-ya, Kirk, Fancy, and the rest of my babies.