Darcy came to me at 8 weeks old,
A feisty pup, he was to hold,
Still was not a word he knew
Keeping up with him, well, phew!
At 2 the seizures came to stay
and slowly, slowly, he could not play.

We learnt a lot and tried it all
Some days were good, some were not
At 4 the seizures worsened, and came a lot.
Darcy was so tired, he just lay on the floor
and we couldn't do this any more.

He went quietly to the bridge on Saturday
Now free again to run and play
At peace.


November 19, 1996 to January 20, 2001

Healthy and at peace at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for

Lynne, Karly and Jazz

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We got you when you were so small
So playful & full of life compared to us all
You stole our hearts away
You grew bigger each day

Acting like a normal pup
Sometimes I would even let you drink from my cup
Teaching you how to sit, kiss & fetch across the room
I remember well how you liked to chase the broom

There were bad days & good one too
When you tried to eat GingerÔ€™s shoe
How you ate my glasses that night
That was quite a sight!

Sitting with Dad drinking a beer
You would never let him brush you ear
Running & playing outside even in the snow
And how you hated to be told no

As the seizures grew more & stronger
We couldn't watch you suffer any longer
We did all we could to try to make them go away
You will always be in our hearts to stay

In our minds we know we did the right thing
Now your up in heaven & you can chase birds that sing
You were our special little friend
We know we will meet you again in the end

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April 18, 2000 to November 12, 2001

Healthy and at peace at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for

DeVonna and Ernie Lancaster