Dedicated to Midnight, my best friend,

November 23, 1990 to April 6, 2001

There's an old song entitled "You are my Sunshine",
And that truly describes you, my very special friend,
There was only one thing you wanted out of your short life,
And that was to be by my side, all the time.

You were my "Sunshine" for so many years,
From before daybreak, until late at night,
You were always by my side,
That's where you seemed to be happiest.

You have crossed the bridge, now I know you are in heaven,
And I will cherish all the memories I have of you until we meet again,
And I will think of you every day and every night,
Until we meet again.  I miss you, my very special Sunshine.

Waiting patiently at the Bridge for

Bob and Joanie





April 6, 2001

At the Rainbow Bridge with Two Step waiting for

Shambo, Sweetheart, Smokey, Tootsie, Lucky, 

Shakti and Tina


January 26, 1995 - August 31, 2001
Willy, my love, my constant companion.
I loved you and love you now with all my heart.
You will always be a part of me, my best boy,
my Sweet William, my life.

I first saw you roaming the streets and woods of town,
a metal chain dangling from your collar.
My heart went out to you.
I found out your owner had left you
tied in his back yard and left town.
I didn't want a dog, having seven cats.
But a friend who knew dogs kept telling me
what a "great being" you were. How right she was!
At first you were so wild, strong and exuberant,
you'd almost tear my arm off on our walks,
break away from me to chase deer,
not come when I called you.
Your trainer said I needed a milder dog.
How wrong she was!
You were the perfect dog for me, my Angel.

I miss you so much. But I know you're at peace now.
You bore your seizures, medicines, trips to the vets,
endless needles in your limbs and
eventual blindness (gratefully short)
with patience and dignity.
You were always gentle.
"Not a mean bone in his body," a friend said.

Your zest for life revived my soul.
You loved swimming in the lake, cavorting in the snow,
cuddling with the cats, meeting new dogs in the "dog-runs"
when we drove to the city together.
You loved people
and always wanted to be part of the conversation!

I had many nicknames for you, my darling,
and the best was saved for last: my Free Willy.

--- With eternal gratitude for knowing you,
your Mom, your student, your partner and friend, Tina


"Each departed friend is a magnet that draws us to the next world."
Jean Paul Richter