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My beautiful tri-color boy... I miss your kisses on my chin... I miss your ears laying back and down, and your body waggling in joy to see me when I arrive home... I miss your sitting by the window, guarding our home and keeping an eye on the comings and goings in the neighborhood... I miss you coming to find me when Gabby, your mini-doxie friend, and Pam arrived for our walk and you would bark your special, 'guess who's here, Mom' bark... I miss watching you do your tricks - lie down, shake, sit, play dead, and the always so hopeful-for-a-treat look... I miss watching you bound through the meadow, chasing bunnies... I even miss you drinking out of the toilet.

My best friend and companion, I know you are at the bridge, playing with Spud and your friends, waiting with Mom until we meet again.  Ancient people said that those touched by epilepsy were touched by the gods... and I was truly blessed to have you for even a short time.  Waiting to scratch your ears, my brave one.

At the Rainbow Bridge waiting for

Vicky, Carl, Tyce, Nick, and Laddie (all missing you)

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3/24/99 - 8/22/01

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Rosie was an easy dog to love and spoil. She was not always an easy dog in
the obedience and herding ring, but I suppose that was because she had a
sense of humor. She loved kids and senior citizens. She loved to travel,
she scampered up and down Little Round Top at Gettysburg like a puppy after
clustering a few weeks early.

She tried mightily to recover from the dog attack that would ultimately take
her life, the result of a spinal injury that took months to surface. She
was happiest just laying around the house or walking out on the trails and
when even those things became a problem, I knew she was telling me it was

Her legacy is this, many area dogs are getting treatment for thyroid disease
at the vet clinic because of her. Thyroid problems were unknown here until
I got pushy about it, and they read the articles, did the research, and as a
result, have a huge thyroid practice. So some dogs are now healthy and
doing well because Rosie had thyroid.

She is free now, she can walk and run. And I will miss her forever.

Roses Tried and True Blue, CGC, TDI, HIC
4/10/1989 ~ 8/6/2001

At the Rainbow Bridge waiting for