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Benji, you have touched my heart. I loved you from the moment I set my eyes upon you and you have been my life for the past three years. You have given me so much joy and so much purpose. I loved coming home to you. I loved waking up next to you each morning. I named you Benjamin because it means "youngest child". When my two non-furry kids, Lisa and Michael, got married and went off to college I had you to pamper & care for. I don't know if it was the evil monster epilepsy or something else that took you. All I know is that I didn't want you to suffer. I miss you my little gallant puppy and I will never forget you. You are the only thing that ever belonged to me alone. I am so proud to have been your Mommy and I hope to see your smiling face waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

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October 24, 1998 – October 26, 2001

At the Rainbow Bridge waiting for


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One Candle

If lighting this candle would stop my tears,
I would light a hundred, and dry my eyes.
If lighting this candle would ease my sorrow,
I would light a thousand, and smile again.
If lighting this candle would bring you back,
I would light a million, and await your return.
But lighting this candle won't stop my tears,
Won't ease my sorrow, and won't bring you back.
So I won't light a million, a thousand,
Or even a hundred, I will light just one candle.
One candle, for one who was unique in my life.
One candle, because I loved you like no other.
One candle, because there will never be another you.
One candle, for one who meant everything to me.

By Karla Bertram
~ ~ ~
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she is happy and free......
can you see her running????
look quickly in the clouds , at the bridge,
you can see her if you look hard enough and she is running
free and healthy and happy.

Goodbye my sweet baby girl.
There never was a more beautiful tri colored Border Collie girl ever,
inside and out, her heart was as beautiful as the
outside of her.

July 1, 1999 - August 28, 2001

At the Rainbow Bridge waiting for

Brenda and Wayne