The Epi Guardian Angels (individual biographies below) are a group of caring people across the USA and the world who live with dogs who have epilepsy. We have collected medical information that is viable and tested—information that can slow down seizures, make them less frequent, or in a few cases stop seizures completely. Our goals are education and support: We want to help educate owners of epileptic dogs and their vets by providing easy access to articles on canine epilepsy published by veterinarians and neurologists, and transcripts of interviews with noted veterinarians. We supplement this information by sharing our own experiences with proven, veterinary-approved protocols, and through our unique one-on-one support system.

The Epi Guardian Angels have all “been there.” We know the devastation of standing by helplessly while the love of your life is in the throes of a seizure. We know, too, how loving and caring for an epi turns your life upside down, how sometimes friends or even family members cannot understand your devotion and commitment to your epi. Dealing with seizures requires tremendous courage, love, energy, and patience. Searching endlessly for information and help takes Herculean perseverance. And all while, you have to try to keep your chin up, to keep from breaking down completely.

Please understand that we are not vets or canine health professionals. Our support should not be considered a substitute for professional veterinary care, which every epileptic dog needs. If your epi is having an emergency, please take him/her to an emergency clinic immediately. We care deeply about you and your epi, but we are not where you should turn first in an emergency situation.

The Epi Guardian Angels understand that every epi parent sometimes needs support, a few words of encouragement, and advice based on reliable, proven information. For this reason we have created an e-mail support system just for you.

We ask only that you first go through the Table of Contents carefully, reading every article that applies to you and your dog. You will find that our website will answer many of your questions, as it contains a wealth of information. Please also check the frequently asked questions page, as it will help you find answers to many of your questions.

To contact the Epi Guardian Angels with your questions, simply click on the button below, on the right, that says "Write to the Epi Guardian Angels.”

When you write, it is IMPORTANT that you INCLUDE YOUR DOG'S BREED ON THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR E-MAIL. Begin your message by referring again to your dog's BREED, and tell us also your dog’s WEIGHT, AGE, and any MEDICATIONS he/she may be taking. This information allows us to help you more quickly.

The Epi Guardian Angels are always here to help. Click on the button below to share with us how we can help you .  .  . One of the Epi Guardian Angels will write you back within 48 hours.  

Take care and God's blessings to you...    

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Joanne Carson, Ph.D. 

Founder - Epi Guardian Angels              


Joanne and her "wild child" Zoe


 Meet Your Epi Guardian Angels

Joanne and Angels Pooh Bear and Asia (Dobes) Judi and Angel Keno (Siberian Husky)
Julie and Aisha (Shiba Inu)  Cathy and Zak (Lhasa Apso)
Rita and Wolf (German Shepherd Dog) Laurie and Teddy (Scottish Terrier) 
Linda and Angel Dallas (Australian Shepherd) Chris and Tyler (English Springer Spaniel)
Maureen and Cutter (Rottweiler) Linda and Bailey (Collie mix)
Vicky and Angel Duncan (Rough Collie) Sharon and Tasha (Jack Russell Terrier)
Jill and Angel Molly (Irish Setter) John and Edison (Saint Bernard)
Lisa and Angel Myka (Keeshound) Janet and Angel Luke (German Shepherd)
Tina and Angel Jaff (Border Collie) Dell and Angel Poppy (Border Collie)
Michael and Norman (Golden Retriever) Diane and Molly (Shepherd/Husky mix)
Dona and Paxon (Yellow Labrador Retriever)

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