Allison and Cabo - Border Collie

I am absolutely stunned at how well the ice worked. 

Cabo always paces and staggers blindly for at least 30 minutes after her grand mal seizures. Today I applied the ice pack - her seizure seemed just a little shorter in duration and a little less severe, but afterwards she popped right up, no pacing, no blind staggers, she even wagged her tail, knew her tricks, and wanted to chase a  ball! 

I'm sold and will definitely keep the ice bag available. 

Diane and Girly - Rat Terrier

I can't explain it, but I intuitively knew they would work. I printed out the instructions and studied it. I put a ziplock baggie full of ice in my freezer. When that familiar seizure body language started......I was prepared. 

Lucky for us! 

I snatched up Girly and within seconds that ice was on her little back and that seizure stopped instantly. I held the ice on for about 2 or 3 more minuets just to make sure.

Lisa & Myka - Keeshond 

We leave a large zip type plastic baggie filled with ice in the freezer at all times. At night, we keep an ice bag in our bedroom in a small cooler (we don't keep the cooler closed for easy access). 

Once a seizure begins and after making sure he isn't hurting himself, the ice bag is immediately applied to the small of his lower back. Shortly after application, the seizure stops. He usually lies still for 5-10 minutes post seizure and we keep the ice pack on his back during that time. 

We also use it if we think he might have a seizure. He's not all that cooperative about it but we try to keep it on him as long as possible. 

We have found that ice in a plastic bag works best. We tried a "cold pack" but felt it didn't work as well. 

Anita and Spirit - Sheltie

I have tried everything out there to stop my sheltie from seizures. Nothing has worked, not even 30 mg of Phenobarbital 2 times a day. I have also tried acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Bach Rescue Remedy, melatonin, taurine, animal healers, artiminisin (for malaria) and on and on. I am now trying Nzymes along with the Pheno.

The last two times she went into seizure mode, I ran for the ice. It works! It stops her seizures before she even goes into the thrashing stage. She sometimes has 5 seizures in a row and so I have been keeping the ice on her back for an hour. The post-ictal is shortened and I am hopeful.

Thank you for the knowledge!

Walter and Bagel - Beagle

I wanted to share with you what my husband and I believe to be very exciting news. Today, our boy Bagel, darted out of his crate. This is a major sign that he is about to have a seizure. He also got that certain look he has when about to seize. 

I immediately ran for our pre-prepared ice pack and placed it on his back. I waited for the seizure to start. I carried him to the couch with the ice pack on his back. I waited for the seizure to start. It never came. I thought maybe I had it wrong, but kept the ice pack on for at least 10 minutes. I did notice his typical post-ictal behaviors, such as nervousness, wanting to be very close to me, some pacing and eating grass. 

I then realized that we had prevented a seizure from happening! I gave him his Hagen Daaz and Rescue Remedy and he is resting peacefully in his favorite spot.

We don't know, obviously if he will have another seizure soon, but we are just so happy to have nipped this in the bud and prevented a seizure. Bagel also only has status seizures which last around 20-25 minutes. So to have avoided this is tremendous. Thank you so much for your website and all that you have done to educate us. We have also recently met with Dr. Dodds, who has also become a favorite of ours. We want you to know that your website has been a blessing to us, and have helped us through a tremendously difficult time. Thank you. 

Angie & Dixie

We also have a huge success with the ice pack.

Without the ice pack, Dixie will throw up and lose control of her bladder.

WITH the ice pack - she has not thrown up and has not lost control of her bladder.  AND she is completely coherent afterwards -- just like normal, like nothing happened, except she is ready and expecting her ice cream

I would highly recommend trying the ice pack. 

Scamp - Jack Russell Terrier

I own a precious little Jack Russell Terrier named Scamp, who's been having epileptic seizures. He's five years old now, so he was less than two when he first started seizing.
Needless to say, the seizures (NOT Grand Mal) were very upsetting and draining on our pocketbook due to all the emergency vet fees. He has between 2-4 per year, which isn't bad, I know, but when each trip to the vet costs between $300-700, it can really set you back financially. Not to mention the emotional toll it takes when you can only look on helplessly. You know all this.
We read about the ice pack treatment several months ago on your site, and I had actually kind of forgotten about it. But fortunately, my wife, Sharon, remembered. So when Scamp seized early Tuesday morning around 5:00, she told me to fetch the prepared ice pack from the freezer.
She initially placed it on his back, but she had placed it there too high. I took over and moved the pack down, after re-reading your website instructions. I held it down firmly and Sharon cuddled him. After about 30-60 seconds, she said, "I think he's coming out of it." Sure enough, he did! It was amazing! My wife then served him two teaspoons of vanilla ice cream, also as instructed. He exhibited no post-ictal behavior that we could observe.
Our family is simply amazed and overjoyed. Not only because of the relief this method should provide for our bank account, but now knowing that we can get Scamp out of his duress quickly is VERY exciting.

Susan and Keeper

We too have success with ice packs. Before ice packs Keeper had much longer seizures with much worse symtoms and a bad post-ictal.  Ice pack stops paddling, shortens his grand mal seizures and eliminates post-ictal.  He "comes back" quickly and acts like nothing happened.  It is almost as important to us as the PB.  We would never consider being without either.

Janie and Tameka - Lab

I did try the ice pack and almost immediately after it was placed on her back she stopped seizing. Her post period wasn't as restless as it normally is either. I'm so worried about my sweet girl. I have no idea what is causing this and why it keeps coming closer and closer in time.

Sharon and Tasha - Jack Russell Terrier

We've used the icepack on Tasha and it has always helped. It shortened her seizures and recovery was within minutes. Tasha's seizures always go into status, and although we know that the rectal valium is doing most of the work, the icepack still changes the tone of the entire episode.


Andy and Sammy (epi Australian Shepherd)

Sammy ended his 15-month streak on Christmas Eve. I credit the long streak to the Soloxine and the homecooking. Sammy has always clustered before. We used the ice pack method and he came out of it pretty quickly and he didnt bump into anything afterward (normally a lot of pacing and bumping). The best part was that he didn't cluster, and I didn't use the valium, I just upped the pheno....


Marian and Tinker (epi Yorkie mix)

Well, Tinker broke her seizure-free streak, after 79 days, and I got two chances to try the ice pack remedy. We just got back from vacation Friday night, so I was not prepared with a bag of ice for a seizure (after 79 days, I was getting cocky). At 9:45 this a.m. she had a grand mal, and I ran to the kitchen and pulled out a commercial ice pack and held it on her back. It was frozen into a weird shape, and did not conform to her back very well, and did not seem to help at all. BUT, after taking 5 mg of valium every two hours all day, she had another seizure at 8:30 p.m. (I was STILL not prepared -- I think this is called denial) and I pulled out the soft ice pack that came with a casserole dish tote I have. It conformed to her back and really seemed to help. The seizure was much less severe, and her post-ictal was almost non-existant. It seemed to stop the seizure at least as quickly as rectal valium, and did not have the loopy side effects. I know we are still supposed to use the rectal protocol with clusters, but I didn't know that this would be a cluster until after the second one. I'm still in denial, and haven't yet fixed a bag of ice, and I'm also assuming I will actually get some sleep tonight.