Some of our Guardian Angels have found that a Rescue Remedy Sundae can be helpful following a seizure. The Rescue Remedy Sundae is made by putting a little Rescue Remedy on a small amount of vanilla ice cream as soon as a dog is safely able to eat following a seizure. If your dog does not respond to Rescue Remedy you can use plain ice cream. You should use a good all-natural, preservative-free ice cream, such as H„agen Dazs and please only use vanilla. It takes only a very small amount - too much can do more harm than good. For dogs under 50 pounds, a teaspoon or two is plenty; 50-100 pound dogs can handle about one or two tablespoons; and dogs over 100 pounds can have a scant 1/4 cup.

The reason behind this is that blood sugar levels often drop drastically before or during seizures and the ice cream will bring the blood sugar level back to normal. The way it works is the sugar in the ice cream will bring the blood sugar level back up to normal while the butter or fat holds the sugar in suspension so that it doesn't cause a sugar rush which plain sugar or honey or molasses would. Bringing the blood sugar level up too quickly is not good which is why we recommend ice cream. Also, bringing the blood sugar level up to normal can help to prevent additional seizures. Low blood sugar itself can cause seizures. If your dog has very obvious pre-seizure behavior and you give a little ice cream before a seizure happens, this can sometimes stop the seizure altogether. Please be sure to thaw the ice cream a bit by letting it sit out on the counter or "zapping" it in the microwave briefly - you don't want to chill your dog too much or have him gulp down frozen ice cream.