Felbamate (Felbatol) was approved in the United States in 1993 for use in human patients with several types of seizures, including focal seizures.  Initial clinical experience indicates that Felbamate is often beneficial in dogs with seizures refractory (resistant) to Bromide and Phenobarbital.


A recommended starting dosage is 15 mg/kg (to convert your dogs weight to kilograms divide the weight by 2.2 or see the conversion chart) every 8 hours.  The dosage can be increased in 15mg/kg increments every two weeks until seizures are controlled.  Dosages as high as 70 mg/kg every 8 hours are required and tolerated well in some dogs. 

Side effects:

Side effects are uncommon although nervousness and hyperexcitability can occur at high doses.  Liver disease has been noticed in some dogs taking Felbamate in conjunction with Phenobarbital, so liver function should be monitored periodically.  The major disadvantages of Felbamate are that it is extremely expensive and requires dosing every 8 hours.

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