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Your site is excellent! Its obviously helping so many  people help their dogs live in comfort.  I love how people are able to share their personal stories of their pets bout with seizures.  And what is working for them in terms of medication, nutrition etc. I have always had dogs in my life & I know I always will.  Nothing provides joy like loving a pet!  

Congrats on your hard work in maintaining such an informative website.

Power of Love Award
Received June 2000


I have roamed through your site and I am surprised to see how much information it contains and a lot of a good job done.  I'm more than pleased to give you vom Feuerwald award of Web Excellence.  Hope you like it.

God Bless you!

Received June, 2000



Thanks for visiting and inviting us to drop by and visit at your place.  I enjoyed my visit.  Santana would like to give your site her award.

Santana's Award
Received June, 2000

You have won the "Filly & Astra's" best pet site award.

Filly & Astra's Award
Received June, 2000



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