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We are very happy to present the Taco award of your choice to you.  I have already added you to Taco's "winner's page" with a site description and link to your site.  We are happy to be able to spread the news about
your site.

Taco's Award
Received May, 2000 http://ch.taco.home.mindspring.com

"I have reviewed your site, and am very impressed with the information it contains.  Oftentimes, misunderstanding  a disease or 
thinking it untreatable will prevent a very adoptable dog from finding a home.  Your work towards educating people is to be commended, and we would be pleased to have you accept Meagan's Award."

Senior Canine Rescue Society
Received May, 2000



I have reviewed your web site and I am sending you our award.  Thank you for providing such an informative and worthwhile site.

The Mateer Labrador Award 
Received May, 2000


"Your web site has been chosen to receive the TopDog Web Award for web site design, content and entertainment value in an animal related web site."

The Top Dog Award for Web Site Design
Received May, 2000


You've won the TTC Publishing Services Award for Excellence!  We look long and hard at all candidates to ensure a quality site and a good appeal to the user.

TTC Publishing Services Award for Excellence! 
Received May, 2000

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