SEPTEMBER 28, 2001

In loving memory of:

Brenda's Lady

Cynthia's Devon and Serena

 Dawne's Pandy

Denise's Mandy and Pandy

Fred's Zeke

John's Stealth

Judi's Tigger

Louise & Mischa's Hallie

Marian's Rosie

Mary's Poppy

Mary & Nicole's Chelsea

Phyllis & Lee's Hannah and Sean

Rich & Coby's Barnaby

Susan's Jasmine

Vicky's Duncan

and with special prayers

for the good health and safe return of

Jennifer's Zoe


 Just this side of Heaven is a place called the Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here,

that pet goes to the Rainbow Bridge.

There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.

There is plenty of food, water and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable.


All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor;

those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again,

just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing:

they each miss someone very special, someone who has been left behind.


They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance.

His bright eyes are intent; his eager body begins to quiver.

Suddenly, he breaks from the group, flying over the green grass, faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet,

you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again.

The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head,

and you look once more into those trusting eyes,

so long gone from your life, but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together... 

joanne_asia says, I think everyone is here.  Are you ready to start the candle lighting ceremony?

joanne_asia says, I would like to explain that the name of each Angel Pup will be read individually while candles can be lit for that pup.

joanne_asia says, Then we will allow a few moments for all of you who would like to say something in remembrance of that special pup.

joanne_asia says, I would like to start the ceremony by having Roberta read "The Fragile Circle."

Bert_Jas says,

"We who chose to surround ourselves with lives

even more temporary than our own,

live within a fragile circle,

easily and often breached.


 Unable to accept its awful gaps,

we still would live no other way.

We cherish memory as the only certain immortality,

never fully understanding the necessary plan."

 joanne_asia says, I would like the first candle to be lit for Fred's precious little beagle Zeke.

tbboorn says,  (((FRED))))

JudiKeno says,  Brave little man, be happy now.

nanz_tahoe says, Sweet Zeke

pat_dixie says,  Dear, sweet Zeke

rhetthartnett says,  Fred, I'm so sorry

tbboorn says,  ZEKE

scarlet655 says,  Zeke, no one could have loved you more than Fred.

woofwoof_ca says,  poor pupper

DebDudepup says,  I am without words...Zeke is very dear to me

tbboorn says,  Run free!!!!

marirose27 says,  beagles are sooo special

lindaxan says,  take care

my_mitzi says,  Happy little Zeke pup

lobowolf72 says,  so sad {{{{{Fred-Zeke}}}}}

scarlet655 says,  Bark as much as you want, little Zeke! Chase as many rabbits as you wish!

rich_dusty says,  We have lit a candle for Zeke

MischaLou says,  Fred and Zeke, together forever in spirit

spartanscarol says,  Zeke loves you always, Fred.

pa_big says, to be forever remembered....

nanz_tahoe says,  Zeke will always be remembered as Fred's Lil' Man

diflorio523 says,  I am so sorry Fred, I know what you are going thru

mj_maggie says,  You are now without pain

Bert_Jas says,  Fred was the best papa in the world for his Zeke!


Joanne_Asia says, Candles can now be lit for John's beautiful black lab Stealth

rhetthartnett says,  Black Labs have a special place in my heart, Stealth and Rhett are together

DebDudePup says,  John was an awesome epi-dad too.....he left no stone unturned to help Stealth

scarlet655 says, Stealth, what a beautiful name!

tbboorn says,  ((((JOHN))))

Bert_Jas says, Yes, and what a beauty Stealth was and is!

woofwoof_ca says,  Rhett probably meet him at the bridge to show him around

rich_dusty says,  We are sorry John...a candle has been lit for Stealth

rhetthartnett says,  I believe it!

my_mitzi says,  Stealth is running happy and s free at the Bridge now

marirose27 says,  Stealth is running through golden fields

scarlet655 says,  Stealth -- no more seizures!

tbboorn says, Run free, Stealth-----no pain.


joanne_asia says, Candles can now be lit for Judi's bouncy Pomeranian epi pal Tigger......

pat_dixie says,  Dear Tigger...

woofwoof_ca says,  sweet little pupper

nanz_tahoe says,  Sweet Tigger

DebDudePup says,  Sweet little angel Tigger...still at his mommy's side

JudiKeno says,  My baby 'poison puff ball.'

my_mitzi says, Pomeranians are my special loves

lindaxan says,  run on Tigger

marirose27 says,  got to love those little ones

tbboorn says,  ((((JUDI))))

scarlet655 says, Tigger is probably running in between Duncan's paws in the meadow. Duncan loved little dogs.

tbboorn says, Tigger is playing with all

DebDudePup says, what a lovely vision, Vicky

JudiKeno says,  And Tigger always thought he could boss the big ones?

Bert_Jas says, Little Tigger - what a sweetie!

woofwoof_ca says, the little guys always do

scarlet655 says,Oh yes, big big hearts in little bodies

pa_big says, Small pooches...biggest hearts

spartanscarol says, And they do it so well,

rhetthartnett says, I'll bet Tigger is bouncing

Bert_Jas says, And I'll bet he did boss the big ones too!

my_mitzi says, Judi, Tigger will forever be a bossy little Pom pup - and now he's bouncing happily along

JudiKeno says, Yes, he did - bounce AND boss!

rich_dusty says, Judi, we go way back and you know how I feel...I am sorry and am lighting a candle for Tigger

JudiKeno says, Thanks ,everyone.

lobowolf72 says, {{{{{Stealth-Tigger}}}}}


 Joanne_Asia says, Candles can now be lit for Phyl and Lee's elegant Siberian Huskies Hannah and Sean.  Judi is here to represent Phyl and Lee.

 woofwoof_ca says, ((((JUDI)))))

 scarlet655 says, Wishing you all good, Judi and John

 DebDudePup says, Hannah and Sean and Keno....all together

 nanz_tahoe says, elegant and regal sibes

 JudiKeno says, Phyllis and Lee's Sean was my Keno's grandpa - a very 'distinguished gentleman.

 tbboorn says, ((((PHYL))))

 my_mitzi says, (((Phyl & Lee)))

 lindaxan says, Oh Phyl and Lee

 diflorio523 says, There is no truer love than that of a dog

 spartanscarol says, Huskies have such a majesty about them....(((((Phyl & Lee)))))

 woofwoof_ca says, I guess Keno was waiting with open arms eh? Judi

 marirose27 says, Rosie's first doggie friends were huskies

 JudiKeno says, Very sweet boy; first time we met was a month after Keno went to the Bridge; Sean licked our faces.

 scarlet655 says, Such beautiful dogs, Huskies!!

 lobowolf72 says, {{{{{Hannah-Sean}}}}}

 Bert_Jas says, Poor Hannah fought a long, hard fight!

 my_mitzi says, Family reunions are wonderful

 pa_big says, together for eternity...

 scarlet655 says, I think they are really spirit dogs.

 JudiKeno says, And Hannah was a very bossy girl, but very sweet; Keno's cousin.

 lindaxan says, There all looking down at us!!!

 JudiKeno says, Too many of that line at that reunion.  They will be forever missed.

 MischaLou says, Hannah and Sean


Joanne_Asia says, Candles can now be lit for Rich and Coby's handsome Golden Retriever epi pal Barnaby

JudiKeno says, Beautiful, elegant Barnaby!

woofwoof_ca says, so sorry for your loss Rich

Joanne_Asia says, Barnaby wrapped his tail around our hearts

DebDudePup says, The original Epi-Guardian Angel's Angel.....

Lo_forde says, (((Rich)))

scarlet655 says, Oh, Rich, Hugs!!

lindaxan says, Oh

tbboorn says, ((((Rich-Coby))))

dale_sam_2000 says, Even more Golden in the sunlight!

lobowolf72 says, {{{{{Barnaby}}}}}

nanz_tahoe says, Special Barnaby

my_mitzi  says, Oh Barnaby - nothing is quite as beautiful as a Golden

rich_dusty says, Barnaby was our original...where it all began back in 1988...

diflorio523 says, May the light from the candle find you peace

marirose27 says, Goldens are such magnificent dogs and I'm sure he was the best

Bert_Jas says, Barnaby is looking after all of our Angels now!

woody5768 says, they're sayin ...ri  rove rou ruys

JudiKeno says, Barnaby had a reason for his life; it lives on every day with the work we're doing.

scarlet655 says, Duncan's first mentor was a large golden--wonderful, wonderful personalities!

MischaLou says, Barnaby is the leader of the epi-pal pack

rich_dusty says, he was not an epi, but because of Barnaby we became involved with Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue and adopted our first epi Jake in 1996...

rhetthartnett says, Rhett had a Golden for a cousin

lorianne33 says, we'll be forever grateful for our extra time with Angel Harley, Rich

dale_sam_2000 says, ...and where there are goldens...:-(

nanz_tahoe says, wonderful of you Rich to open your heart to these special pups

lorianne33 says, we're so sorry for your loss

scarlet655 says, I didn't know that about Barnaby, what a great heart.

dale_sam_2000 says, To lose your first child...but to have loved him!

rich_dusty says, We miss you will never be forgotten and will see you, Boca and Jake one day again....

mj_maggie says, (((((Rich)))))

nanz_tahoe says, he will be waiting at the bridge to help them find their way

Bert_Jas says, Thank you so much, Rich, for what you've given all of us!

tbboorn says, I second that!!!

scarlet655 says, Obviously a leader of dogs.

pat_dixie says, Yes, Rich, thank you!!!

JudiKeno says, Yes, you have been a true Angel!

lobowolf72 says, many thanks from us also Rich

rich_dusty says, Thank you everyone, from the bottom of Coby and my heart!

cathy_n_zak says, I second that Rich--thank you so much

marirose27 says, many thanks

bomolly says, thank you Rich and Barnaby

my_mitzi  says, Mitzi wouldn't still be with me if it weren't for Rich and Barnaby

scarlet655 says, Thank you Rich, for your lifesaving work.

nanz_tahoe says, Thank you so much Rich

Bert_Jas says, neither would Jasmine

dale_sam_2000 says, thanks for never giving up!

Bert_Jas says, and for sharing your knowledge and your wealth of experience

my_mitzi  says, and for helping the rest of us


Joanne_Asia says, Candles can now be lit for Vicky's beautiful Rough Collie Duncan......

Bert_Jas says, Beautiful Duncan!

dale_sam_2000 says, ((((Vicky))))))))

nanz_tahoe says, Tahoe's special herding cousin...

tbboorn says, (((((VICKY)))))

marirose27 says, So sorry about Duncan

woofwoof_ca says, so very sorry for your loss Vicky.....Collies are so special

DebDudePup says, Sweet collie prince....

scarlet655 says, My friends, a gentler dog never existed.

lobowolf72 says, {{{{{Duncan}}}}}

mj_maggie says, What a beautiful collie!

my_mitzi  says, Duncan is herding sheep at the Bridge

lindaxan says, sorry Vicky

scarlet655 says, I miss him so much, I can hardly stand it.

DebDudePup says, I expect that Rosie is flirting with Duncan

MischaLou says, Beautiful Duncan ; I am so sorry

Bert_Jas says, Duncan's passing was such a shock to us all, Vicky!  BIG hugs to you!

marirose27 says, oh, yes, big time

nanz_tahoe says, Keep those sheep in line Duncan

diflorio523 says, I am very sorry for your loss also, Vicky

rhetthartnett says, So sorry

marirose27 says, and herding sheep with him too

scarlet655 says, Thanks all, I can't tell you how much this wonderful group has helped me.

Lo_forde says, Vicky

nanz_tahoe says, My heart aches for your loss

cynbogiebit says, Duncan will be "shepherding" all our epis waiting there

JudiKeno says, When the time is right, Duncan will send you another.

Bert_Jas says, I expect a couple of my Angels are flirting with Duncan too...

dale_sam_2000 says, Vicky, thanks for still trying to help others!

bomolly says, So sorry Vicky

scarlet655 says, Thank you all. A picture is on the way snail mail to be put up on the memorial page.  I love you all.

DebDudePup says, Yes, the finest legacy Duncan could have

pa_big says, Your sweet Duncan watches over you...

rich_dusty says, I am sorry Vicky...we are lighting a candle for Duncan

mj_maggie says, Vicky you remain in my prayers

Lo_forde says, we love you too

scarlet655 says, Sorry to be such a baby.

maresdog says, Yes, all the pups stay with us forever, in our hearts and around our spirits.  I believe that.

lorianne33 says, (((Vicky)))

JudiKeno says, No, way, Vicky! 

my_mitzi  says, You're not being a baby!

scarlet655 says, It's just because I know you guys understand.

rhetthartnett says, you're not a baby, I still cry

DebDudePup says, Not, Vicky...there is no finer love

lorianne33 says, we do understand, Vicky

my_mitzi  says, As Fred said last night, it's losing your child

JudiKeno says, Yes, we do -- we all still cry.

maresdog says, You are a mama.  We are supposed to cry about our babies.

Bert_Jas says, never a baby when it comes to our puppers!

dale_sam_2000 says, We all understand, and all have/will be babies..

DebDudePup says, we raise our dogs never to leave us

dale_sam_2000 says, yet we know they will...

lorianne33 says, they love us unconditionally

my_mitzi  says, all the while knowing that they will, but loving them as if they won't

pa_big says, If there isn't a tear...there isn't love.

dale_sam_2000 says, but they never really do!

pat_dixie says, Vicky, what you are feeling is normal and human. We understand that so much and love you for being yourself.

scarlet655 says, Thank you all so much.  Duncan is in the meadow with all his new friends, no more seizures!

Lo_forde says, no more seizures

JudiKeno says, That's the best part - no more seizures!

woody5768 says, no more seizures!!!

rhetthartnett says, so true

my_mitzi  says, and he's still watching over you, too Vicky

mj_maggie says, That's right!

cynbogiebit says, so much sorrow ... but only because first we had the gift of great love given to us.

scarlet655 says, And if I can send someone to the list and educate about valium protocol and PB and KBR, that is my thanks. 

woody5768 says, and always will

lorianne33 says, what a beautiful thought, no more seizures

pa_big says, a very peaceful thought.

dale_sam_2000 says, that is Duncan's legacy, Vicky!

scarlet655 says, One last picture, his last walk, he was bounding through a meadow near our house, chasing bunnies and of course, never ever catching  them!  (smile)

my_mitzi  says, our special dogs teach us so much, and give us the chance to be the people we never knew we could be

dale_sam_2000 says, Now he can catch them all he wants!

DebDudePup says, If he is chasing my Angel Bunny Bud, he is in for a big surprise, Vicky! 

MischaLou says, what a wonderful picture

JudiKeno says, But they'll never get hurt!

cathy_n_zak says, Your memories will make you smile thru your tears

scarlet655 says, Ha ha!  You know, that sort of bouncing thing they do!

scarlet655 says, you are right, Cathy, that's exactly what I am doing. Thank you all so much for this.

my_mitzi  says, My Angel Bunny Gumball will give him a run for his money

scarlet655 says, Don't worry, Deb, Duncan really loved bunnies, we had one named Jack that he loved.

DebDudePup says, Yes, Bud has no doubt teamed up with Gumball and they are charging dogs


Joanne_Asia says, Candles can now be lit for Brenda's sweet Border Collie, Lady...

dale_sam_2000 says, (((Brenda))))

nanz_tahoe says, Aw, sweet Lady.

my_mitzi  says, Oh, I love Lady stories!

dale_sam_2000 says, Lady was such a joy...I know how much you must miss her...

woofwoof_ca says, oh Dear God , to have her back for just one more day

lobowolf72 says, {{{{{Lady}}}}}

tbboorn says, (((((BRENDA)))))

DebDudePup says, Oh, Lady pup......I will forever treasure our nap on the hill

JudiKeno says, Lady - what a perfect name for a little lady.

Bert_Jas says, Lady Pup - what a wonderful girl she was!

lindaxan says, Bren my heart aches for you!!!

scarlet655 says, I know, Brenda, I know.  Duncan will meet your Lady and take good care of her. He is a gentleman.

my_mitzi  says, (((Brenda)))

spartanscarol says, She's with you always, Brenda.

woofwoof_ca says, she was so special , sweet smart, sassy beautiful and the love of my life

bomolly says, So very sorry Brenda

lindaxan says, she was your shining star

rhetthartnett says, We're so sorry for your loss

mj_maggie says, (((((Brenda)))))

diflorio523 says, My condolences are extended to you also

pat_dixie says, So sorry, Brenda

MischaLou says, I am so sorry, Brenda

nanz_tahoe says, she was loved very much

pa_big says, Sweet little Lady....I know she was your treasure.

my_mitzi  says, And now she really IS your shining star!

woofwoof_ca says, I can't believe she is gone, it's only one month today and I want her back so bad

dale_sam_2000 says, She is free and doing what she loves best!

scarlet655 says, That lovely white tip on her tail.  She knows she was treasured.

lindaxan says, What a beauty

my_mitzi  says, Look up in the sky on a clear night and you'll be able to see her, shining down on you

JudiKeno says, Brenda, Keno's three years, and we STILL want him back!

lorianne33 says, one month ... (((BRENDA)))

woofwoof_ca says, I really truly believed that she and I were going to beat this damned disease

lindaxan says, She is still with you Bren and always will

DebDudePup says, but you did, Brenda

nanz_tahoe says, Dozen of stars shining this morning, all our babies smiling down on us

diflorio523 says, I believed it too, Brenda

JudiKeno says, You did beat it - you gave her a life.

rhetthartnett says, I still miss Rhett every day!

maresdog says, I don't think you ever get over missing them.  They are a part of us.

lindaxan says, she knows you fought a good fight for her

scarlet655 says, She fought hard, Brenda, and no more seizures for her now.

spartanscarol says, She did beat it, Brenda.  The day she found you!

diflorio523 says, I tried so hard

tbboorn says, Brenda-----Lady Pup is waiting for you!!!!

woofwoof_ca says, no we didn't, it beat us.....she laid on my lap as she died, we were so in tune with each other

nanz_tahoe says, She was lucky to have you and Wayne

Bert_Jas says, You ALL gave your pups such wonderful times while they were with you!

cathy_n_zak says, Brenda you will never ever forget your Lady--she will be in your heart forever

rich_dusty says, Brenda...every day was a gift!  I am so a candle for Lady

woofwoof_ca says, life just isn't worth living without her

tbboorn says, God sent You to HER!!!!

my_mitzi  says, It didn't beat you - you gave her a wonderful life

JudiKeno says, No, Brenda, it didn't beat you; she was here for the time she was supposed to be, but what she had that made a difference was YOU..

diflorio523 says, It was time for her to go, she knew that

marirose27 says, she was a sweet doggie girl

lindaxan says, close your eyes she is there

tbboorn says, Lighting a candle for Lady Pup!!!

nanz_tahoe says, Look how much you learned through her Brenda

Bert_Jas says, And they'll be waiting for you and loving you all the more for letting them go.

dale_sam_2000 says, Brenda, so many other dogs need is worth living!

woofwoof_ca says, everyone who met her loved her, you couldn't help but love her and i am dying inside

nanz_tahoe says, And how much you do for other epis that come into our life

nanz_tahoe says, you are truly special

DebDudePup says, that's could not help but love Ladypup

my_mitzi  says, And she gave you the knowledge to help other pups like her too, Brenda

lindaxan says, she wants you to go on!!!!

tbboorn says, Right!!!!

woofwoof_ca says, she was special, Deb met her and Dale, they know

spartanscarol says, Brenda, a part of you has gone with her, but a bigger part of her has stayed with you.

my_mitzi  says, That's why you're still here

scarlet655 says, Brenda, she was so sensitive, she wouldn't want you to suffer like this.

DebDudePup says, oh yes!

tbboorn says, She fought to the very end, so you have to fight too.

cynbogiebit says, Yes, we honor their love when we refuse to run from hurt, and love others

maresdog says, You'll never replace her Brenda, but you can be a mom to another, special dog.  A dog who will love you and have a relationship with you that is unique. 

lindaxan says, yes go on

lorianne33 says, Lady will find the perfect pup for you

scarlet655 says, She didn't give up, Brenda, and neither will you. 

DebDudePup says, she kept all of the other pups in line at Darienne's farm during the games

lorianne33 says, You'll know when it happens

diflorio523 says, yes, i must speak from experience, Chelsea has sent me Taylor

woofwoof_ca says, we knew each other's every thought, need and desire, there will never be another Lady Pup

cathy_n_zak says, The pain will lessen in time Brenda and you will only remember the good times.

my_mitzi  says, Heart dogs are few and far between

lindaxan says, we are here for you girl

diflorio523 says, you can see it in their eyes, it is true

JudiKeno says, No, there'll never be another Lady, but another whose life and love will be the better because you loved Lady, and your life will be better for it, too.

lobowolf72 says, you have all been angels to angels

woofwoof_ca says, thank you all for being here.....I still can't believe I'm at a memorial for my baby girl

maresdog says, A big hug for you, Brenda. 

lindaxan says, Its better to have loved than not loved at all

nanz_tahoe says, Beautifully said Judi

JudiKeno says, She lives forever, in our hearts, but most of all in yours.

my_mitzi  says, You're at a celebration of her wonderful life!

pa_big says, No there will not be another Lady but You can let your heart expand to help another pup that Lady picks to send to you....

scarlet655 says, I know....remember, the ancient ones said those who had epilepsy were touched by the Gods. We can only have some of them for a very short time.

scarlet655 says, She will never be forgotten.

tbboorn says, (((((BRENDA))))) She fought to the end---so you have to!!!

JudiKeno says, They have a purpose; Lady to teach Brenda, Keno to teach me.

tbboorn says, Right

lorianne33 says, I have always said, "some stars shine so very brightly, they burn out too fast"

DebDudePup says, and we are so lucky to have shared her through you, Brenda

lorianne33 says, it is a saying truly meant for our epis

dale_sam_2000 says, And to have hugged her too!

woofwoof_ca says, I am not sorry I knew and loved her, not one bit

scarlet655 says, Oh, Judi. Yes, and Duncan to teach me.

lindaxan says, we know

JudiKeno says, Yes, Vicky - and to pass on what we learned from them.

tbboorn says, Absolutely NOT!!!

my_mitzi  says, All of us have our teachers, and we all owe it to them to share our knowledge and love

spartanscarol says, And when they've finished teaching us to love even more, they move on to teach the angels above.

woofwoof_ca says, I just wanted one more day......that's all

tbboorn says, that's beautiful

scarlet655 says, I agree, Brenda, I wouldn't have given up a moment of time with Duncan, worry and all.

JudiKeno says, There might not be web mail, if it wasn't for Keno.  That's his legacy.

DebDudePup says, that's a lovely thought Carol

pa_big says, Yes...thank you for sharing..all of you...that's why we each cry for one another..we grow to love one another thru the sharing and caring

Bert_Jas says, And what a legacy that is, Judi

Bert_Jas says, That's how I came to meet Mary and Nicole and Angel Chelsea and now Taylor


Joanne_Asia says, Candles can now be lit for Mary's regal Keeshond, Poppy...  Unfortunately Mary couldn't be with us tonight because it is still too painful for her but she is with us in spirit.

nanz_tahoe says, ((((Mary))))

pat_dixie says, May the Angels smile upon Mary.

tbboorn says, MARY

woofwoof_ca says, so sorry to hear about Poppy

Lo_forde says, hugs in absentia Mary

dale_sam_2000 says, (((Mary!))))

lindaxan says, Mary!!!!

lorianne33 says, (((Mary))) we understand your pain

Bert_Jas says, Beautiful Poppy - what a pupper!

scarlet655 says, Oh Mary, Keeshonds are such special dogs--

DebDudePup says, Poppy had a lovely birthday party just before her journey to the Bridge...a very happy day

dale_sam_2000 says, Poppy is free now!

lobowolf72 says, {{{{{Poppy}}}}}

maresdog says, I can understand that.  This is such a sad time for Mary.  We send her our love.

nanz_tahoe says, Poppy is playing with the other bridge angels

pa_big says, Dear poppy

rhetthartnett says, A lot of us know the pain Mary is feeling. My prayers are with her

marirose27 says, they are so cute and funny and fur balls

spartanscarol says, ((((Mary))))  Poppy's spirit flies now!

MischaLou says, Hugs and prayers for Mary and Poppy

scarlet655 says, Poppy, what a lovely beautiful name.

JudiKeno says, {{{{Mary and Poppy}}}}}

marirose27 says, love the name, Rosie will have fun with her

scarlet655 says, Wishing you All Good, Mary.

Bert_Jas says, Roses and Poppies!

my_mitzi  says, ((((Mary & Poppy))))

DebDudePup says, Beautiful blossoms

scarlet655 says, What a beautiful picture, Bert!

marirose27 says, so true

Bert_Jas says, I picked that up from Marian!

marirose27 says, no, I'm not that clever

Bert_Jas says, You gave me the cue though, Marian

scarlet655 says, Well, Marian is an author. 

marirose27 says, I hope to be

mj_maggie says, (((((Mary)))))

Joanne_Asia says, I would like to have Cynthia read the poem "A Million Times I Will Miss You"...

cynbogiebit says,

"They say memories are golden

Well, maybe that is true.

I never wanted memories,

I only wanted you.


A million times I will miss you,

a million times I will cry

If love alone could have saved you,

you never would have died.


In life I loved you dearly,

In death I love you still.

In my heart you hold a place

no other pup could ever fill.


It broke my heart to lose you

but you did not go alone

For part of me went with you

the day God called you home.


Your precious memory is my keepsake,

with which I'll never part.

God has you safe in His keeping

But I'll have you forever in my heart.


If tears could build a stairway

and heartache make a lane

I'd walk the path to heaven

and bring you back again.


Our family chain is broken

and nothing seems the same.

But as God calls us one by one

The chain will link again."

Joanne_Asia says, I would like to ask for a moment of silence for prayers for these 9 special Angel Pups before we continue...


lorianne33 says, Beautiful, Cynthia

Lo_forde says, Thank you Cyn, lovely words

lindaxan says, beautiful

rich_dusty says, Thank you, Cynthia...that was beautiful!

nanz_tahoe says, Beautiful poem

Bert_Jas says, Always lovely, Cynthia!  Welcome, Jen & Susan!

jen_zoe2001 says, thanks Bert

Bert_Jas says, So glad you could get here, Jen and you my special Susan!

susan_and_jas says, Hello.....I apologize for the late arrival

Bert_Jas says, No problem, Susan....we're just glad you're here.

scarlet655 says, Cynthia, thank you for the poems.

pa_big says, Thank you Cynthia

my_mitzi  says, From me also Cynthia - thank you so much

cynbogiebit says, Joanne selected the poems ... you can tell her heart has been broken, too ... but so much love and help to all of us because she wouldn't stop loving.

JudiKeno says, Cynthia, it was beautiful.

Bert_Jas says, We are VERY glad you're here too, Cynthia!


Joanne_Asia says, Candles can now be lit for Marian's wonderful Rough Collie, Rosie...

rhetthartnett says, Well, that got the tears really flowing.

nanz_tahoe says, Millions of tears falling here

Bert_Jas says, Rosie - what a girl she was!

DebDudePup says, Rosie has got pretty Happy Feet now, Marian

woofwoof_ca says, so sorry for your loss

marirose27 says, I will miss her forever but she did so many wonderful things for me and for others

scarlet655 says, {{{{{Marian}}}}}

tbboorn says, ((((Marian))))

nanz_tahoe says, Aww Rosie

lorianne33 says, so sorry about Rosie, Marian

lobowolf72 says, {{{{{Rosie}}}}}

mj_maggie says, (((((((((Marian)))))))))))

scarlet655 says, Duncan was there to meet her, Marian, and they are dancing in the meadow!

my_mitzi  says, I'm so sorry Marian

JudiKeno says, Marian, I was so sorry to hear about Rosie; my husband told me when I was in Boston.  I cried.

marirose27 says, I have to think about all the dogs who are getting help because of her

rhetthartnett says, so sorry, Marian

Lo_forde says, Special hugs to Tartan's big cousins

MischaLou says, I'm so sorry Marian,  Rosie was a special girl

bomolly says, So very sorry Marian

marirose27 says, thank you everyone, she was a gift from God

rich_dusty says, Marian, a candle for Rosie

marirose27 says, I'm eternally grateful for all the support

rhetthartnett says, A special gift

mj_maggie says, Sorry I have to leave, Maggie is sick. My thoughts and prayers continue for everyone!

DebDudePup says, Hugs, Mary Jane

tbboorn says, Give Maggie BIG HUGS!!!!!!

Bert_Jas says, Hugs to Maggie, Mary Jane

JudiKeno says, Our prayers for Maggie.

scarlet655 says, Kisses to Maggie, MJ.

lorianne33 says, Prayers and hugs for Maggie

nanz_tahoe says, No one understands better than another epi parent how strong the bond is with our babies

marirose27 says, take good care

mj_maggie says, Thank you ALL!

lindaxan says, take care Mary Jane give Maggie hug

spartanscarol says, I must go everyone. Hugs to all of you, especially those who have lost puppers.

pat_dixie says, Prayers for Maggie!

my_mitzi  says, Mitzi sends Maggie little Pom get better licks

bomolly says, Kisses to Maggie

nanz_tahoe says, and how great the loss we feel

marirose27 says, but think of how much they are needed up there now

maresdog says, Thanks to all of you.  Goodnight!

marirose27 says, Rosie is being a therapy dog up in heaven

spartanscarol says, Sweet dreams all.

rich_dusty says, Someone told me a story of a little boy who had just lost his dog...and the little boy said that everyone was on earth and had to earn their wings...but dogs were good and loving and that was why they weren't here on earth as long...they didn't have to try hard to earn their wings...

nanz_tahoe says, sweet story Rich

DebDudePup says, Oh Rich...that's very healing

JudiKeno says, Epi-pals are important to our epis. 

tbboorn says, That was beautiful Rich

Joanne_Asia says, Thank you Rich...

rhetthartnett says, We have lost so many recently.

jen_zoe2001 says, i love that story rich

pat_dixie says, Yes, Rich

marirose27 says, very nice, truly

Bert_Jas says, That is beautiful Rich and so true!

lobowolf72 says, sweet, Rich


Joanne_Asia says, Candles can now be lit for Denise's special epi-pals Mandy and Pandy...  I don't see Denise here but I know she is with us in spirit...

Lo_forde says, (((Denise)))

DebDudePup says, Sending hugs to Denise

woofwoof_ca says, so sorry for your loss and two at very sorry

tbboorn says, (((((DENISE)))))

lorianne33 says, Denise, so sorry

scarlet655 says, Sorry, Denise, for your loss.

nanz_tahoe says, Mandy and Pandy, special hugs to you Denise and family

scarlet655 says, Epi pals bring such comfort to our epis and are very, very special.

pa_big says, Hunters Pals...I am sure they were very special.

MischaLou says, so sorry Denise

rich_dusty says, Lighting a candle for Mandy and Pandy....


Joanne_Asia says, Candles can now be lit for Susan's beautiful Lab Shepherd mix, Jasmine...

tbboorn says, (((SUSAN)))

Bert_Jas says, My Jasmine

nanz_tahoe says, (((Susan))))

Lo_forde says, epi pals are just as important as their buddies, they often come second in attention yet never hate us for it

JudiKeno says, I can't imagine two at once.  Devastating.

lindaxan says, Oh Susan

my_mitzi  says, ((((Susan)))) 

lorianne33 says, (((Jasmine)))

woofwoof_ca says, so sorry Susan

tbboorn says, ****JASMINE****

Bert_Jas says, She was so special to me, Susan!

susan_and_jas says, I miss her so much

rhetthartnett says, Susan, I'm so sorry.

marirose27 says, sorry for your loss

DebDudePup says, pretty golden Angel

scarlet655 says, Susan, I wish I could hug you in person. 

lobowolf72 says, {{{{{Saskatchewan Jasmine}}}}}

bomolly says, So sorry Susan

susan_and_jas says, thank you

Bert_Jas says, Exactly, Don - I just can't ever spell it right

JudiKeno says, Susan, my heart is with yours.

scarlet655 says, Jasmine is at the Bridge, greeted by so many, with kisses and play bows.

marirose27 says, it's so difficult to lose your baby

rich_dusty says, and a candle for Jasmine....

susan_and_jas says, yes it is

MischaLou says, Susan, I'm so sorry

susan_and_jas says, But being part of such a wonderful group has helped so very much

my_mitzi  says, Susan, we'll always remember your Jasmine

Bert_Jas says, Always, Susan!


Joanne_Asia says, Candles can now be lit for Louise and Mischa's special epi pal Hallie...

nanz_tahoe says, ((((Louise))))

Bert_Jas says, Sweet Hallie - what a wonderful friend to Louise and Mischa

tbboorn says, (((Louise*Mischa*Hallie)))

woofwoof_ca says, Louise , so sorry for you loss

lorianne33 says, (((Hallie)))

DebDudePup says, Louise, Hallie's sweetness drifted through to my heart on your words

lindaxan says, Louise!!!

lobowolf72 says, {{{{{Hallie}}}}}

rhetthartnett says, It's so hard to lose a friend

marirose27 says, sweet Hallie

nanz_tahoe says, Hallie joining the others for playtime at the bridge, herding, chasing bunnies and butterflies

susan_and_jas says, I'm so sorry Louise

my_mitzi  says, (((Louise)))

scarlet655 says, So very sorry for your loss, Louise. 

JudiKeno says, Sending hugs your way, Louise, and for Mischa too.

lindaxan says, There all free and having fun

rich_dusty says, I am sorry, a candle for Hallie

bomolly says, So sorry for your loss Louise

MischaLou says, The loss of my beautiful Hallie-Girl has left such a painful void in all of our lives but I know she still watches over her baby, Mischa just as always

marirose27 says, running free, Rosie can walk and run now, that helps, it's comforting to think of them whole and free

scarlet655 says, She will be waiting for you, and until then, she is in your hearts.

nanz_tahoe says, Yes it is Mare

Bert_Jas says, Of course she does, Louise and she watches over you too!

JudiKeno says, Now she's Mischa's special personal Guardian Angel.

scarlet655 says, She is watching from the meadow.

my_mitzi  says, And in the night sky!

MischaLou says, Thank you so much for including her tonight

DebDudePup says, Oh yes, and she has no doubt chummed up with another sweet GSD Angel, Mary's Chelsea

Bert_Jas says, She's part of our family, Louise

nanz_tahoe says, That's the only way I can deal with the loss, is to envision such a beauteous place for these babies

my_mitzi  says, All our fur babies are special

Lo_forde says, thank you for sharing her with us

scarlet655 says, Oh yes, and I know it is there!

diflorio523 says, Yes, I am sure they are together watching over us

marirose27 says, and sometimes you can feel them very close by

cynbogiebit says, I agree, Nancy, that and thinking of no more seizures or other illnesses

nanz_tahoe says, Just at heaven's gate is the rainbow bridge

Bert_Jas says, That's the best part, Nan and Cyn!

scarlet655 says, That is so true, sometimes I think I can almost smell his special smell, you know?

scarlet655 says, Or  catch sight of his tail out of the corner of my eye...

DebDudePup says, no almost about it, do

pa_big says, Heaven wouldn't be Heaven without our beautiful babies...

MischaLou says, thank you all so's a help to have so many friends to cry with

my_mitzi  says, Our pups never really leave us

scarlet655 says, Deb, I truly do think so.

DebDudePup says, I believe it with all of my heart

JudiKeno says, I KNOW so.

nanz_tahoe says, me too Deb

marirose27 says, not a doubt in my mind

 tbboorn says, me neither

woofwoof_ca says, nite all and thank you especially Terri and Linda

my_mitzi  says, It's been years since I lost my Sophie, and I still hear her pad-padding across the floor every now and then


Joanne_Asia says, Candles can now be lit for Cynthia's precious little Yorkies, Devon and Serena.  Cynthia cannot be with us but is here is spirit...

DebDudePup says, In fact, I feel the sweetness of the Angel pups whose lives we celebrate tonight fillling the room right here

tbboorn says, (((Cynthia)))

nanz_tahoe says, Sweet lil Yorkies

marirose27 says, Yorkies are so cute and funny

Bert_Jas says, Little Devon and Serena - so happy together that they left together

my_mitzi  says, Oh Cynthia, I know it's so hard

lindaxan says, Cynthia

nanz_tahoe says, so dainty!

lorianne33 says, (((Devon))) (((Serena)))

JudiKeno says, Cynthia's an angel herself, to love so many epi's.  Just one tears at your heart.

scarlet655 says, They are little lions!

pa_big says, Devon and Serena...Yorkies are so very special to me...

DebDudePup says, Cynthia, when you read this, please accept my warmest hug.  I am so sorry that I did not know sooner....

rhetthartnett says, Prayers to Cynthia

Lo_forde says, The Yorkies are always in our hearts, we learned to love that gang really quickly

scarlet655 says, So sorry to hear of your loss.

rich_dusty says, Thinking of Cynthia and lighting a candle for Devon and Serena

JudiKeno says, Cynthia, they are holding the door to Heaven open for you.

jen_zoe2001 says, Cynthia, I am so sorry

DebDudePup says, true, Lo....remembering with fondness many lovely chats in years of yore

scarlet655 says, They are dashing about in the meadow, chasing butterflies

marirose27 says, think of them running around the big dogs

my_mitzi  says, Little dogs have a special place in the scheme of things

my_mitzi  says, Just ask Mitzi and she'll tell you!

scarlet655 says, Yes, running between their paws, making the big dogs look between their legs!  Waaa?


Joanne_Asia says, From our website correspondence is Mary Di Florio.  I would like to light a candle for her sweet German Shepherd Chelsea who has gone to the Bridge.

Bert_Jas says, Sweet Chelsea

diflorio523 says, Thank you Joanne

MischaLou says, Prayers and hugs to Cynthia

Bert_Jas says, so much love for her Mary and Nicole

lorianne33 says, (((Chelsea)))

tbboorn says, (((Mary*Chelsea)))

marirose27 says, got to love those shepherds

diflorio523 says, My life was ripped apart when I lost my girl

JudiKeno says, Mary, your first letter broke my heart; you did everything possible for Chelsea.

DebDudePup says, sweet Chelsea.....

Bert_Jas says, And they love her so!

my_mitzi  says, And hugs to Mary

lobowolf72 says, {{{{{Chelsea}}}}}

scarlet655 says, Mary, shepherds are such regal, loving dogs. 

DebDudePup says, And mine as well when I was monitoring web mail too, Mary

rhetthartnett says, Prayers for Mary and Chelsea

marirose27 says, I'm sure Rosie and Duncan will share the sheep

nanz_tahoe says, (((Mary)))

jen_zoe2001 says, my prayers are with you tonight Mary

scarlet655 says, So strong, so brave.

bomolly says, Mary, prayers to you

diflorio523 says, Thank you all, I was not right for a long time

nanz_tahoe says, I am sure she is watching over her flock and you

Bert_Jas says, Me too - you know how it tore me up when Chelsea went to the Bridge!

my_mitzi  says, I'm sure that Chelsea is keeping an eye on all the little dogs there

rich_dusty says, Mary, you are in our thoughts and a candle for Chelsea

scarlet655 says, You will heal, Mary, she will help you.

lorianne33 says, there's nothing harder, Mary

marirose27 says, such courageous dogs

my_mitzi  says, GSD's are good about taking care of the littlest ones

MischaLou says, I'm sure Chelsea and Hallie have found each other and have become friends while waiting for us at the Bridge.

Lo_forde says, Mary, how can anyone be "right" when you lose part of your heart?

Bert_Jas says, And Taylor will help too!

JudiKeno says, We're none of us every 'right' after they go to the Bridge, I don't think - but then again, we grow more 'right' because of having loved them.

diflorio523 says, There was nothing more they could do, my Vet kissed and hugged me

pa_big says, Chelsea..She'll be watching over you...

scarlet655 says, It's so good you were there, Mary.

diflorio523 says, I must go back and re-read all of your beautiful comments, thank you from the bottom of my heart

JudiKeno says, Of course!

Bert_Jas says, We're so glad you were with us, Mary

JudiKeno says, Mary, I'm so glad you came.

Bert_Jas says, and Nicole and Taylor

DebDudePup says, Me too, Mary....


Joanne_Asia says, Candles can now be lit for Dawne's elegant Irish Setter Pandy.  Dawne planned to be here but I think she couldn't get in for some reason. 

JudiKeno says, Oh, Irish Setters are sooooo beautiful!

marirose27 says, that is so true

Bert_Jas says, Beautiful Pandy - Irish Setter are SSSSSOOOO beautiful

Bert_Jas says, great minds, Judi!

DebDudePup says, Beautiful red headed Angel Pandy

lobowolf72 says, {{{{{Pandy}}}}}

rhetthartnett says, Dawne, so sorry

lorianne33 says, I'm sorry Dawne couldn't be with us.  Prayers for Pandy.

bomolly says, so very sorry Dawne

nanz_tahoe says, Love that long red flowing coat

my_mitzi  says, ((((Dawne))))

tbboorn says, (((DAWNE*PANDY)))

scarlet655 says, Oh, what a beautiful name, Pandy!

JudiKeno says, Elegance on four paws.

my_mitzi  says, Irish are a wonderful package of elegance and goofiness

scarlet655 says, Dawne, Pandy will have many playmates at the Bridge while she is waiting for you.

marirose27 says, and a sense of humor

DebDudePup says, very true, Sandra!

Bert_Jas says, and that wonderful spirit of the Irish

DebDudePup says, Gotta love an Irish redheaded gal

Bert_Jas says, no doubt about that, Deb!

my_mitzi  says, There was a wonderful Irish setter that used to live up the road from me - he'd wait until garbage day, go steal the garbage out of the cans, and play keep away with the garbage man

scarlet655 says, They have wonderful spirits!

rich_dusty says, While you couldn't be here tonight, Dawne, know when you read this that you were in our thoughts and a candle for Pandy

JudiKeno says, And such an innocent look, like "Who, me?"

Lo_forde says, untamed spirits the Irish Setters

scarlet655 says, Wishing you All Good, Dawne.

JudiKeno says, {{{Dawne}}}

Joanne_Asia says,  I would like to ask Cynthia to read the poem "When I Got To The Gates Of Heaven"...

cynbogiebit says,

"When I got to the gate of heaven

after we said goodbye,

I began to miss you terribly,

because I heard you cry.


Suddenly there was an angel,

and she asked me to enter heaven's gate.

I asked her if I could stay outside

for someone who would be late.


I wouldn't make much noise you see,

I wouldn't bark or howl,

I'll only wait here patiently

and play with my tennis ball.


The angel said I could stay right here

and wait for you to come,

Because heaven just wouldn't be heaven

if I went in alone.


So I'll wait right here, you take your time,

but keep me in your heart,

Because heaven just wouldn't be heaven

without you to warm my heart."

Joanne_Asia says, Thank you Cynthia...    I would like to have a moment of silence for prayers for these special 9 Angel pups before we continue...


Bert_Jas says, I love that one especially!

pat_dixie says, That is SO beautiful!!

Lo_forde says, I think that one is especially sweet

nanz_tahoe says, That is so sweet

my_mitzi  says, That's one of my favorites too

rich_dusty says, Very beautiful!

jen_zoe2001 says, all I have done is cried.  I wish I had more to say.

lobowolf72 says, beautiful, thanks for sharing

pa_big says, Oh that makes me cry even is so beautiful

Bert_Jas says, (((((JEN)))))))

nanz_tahoe says, Jen, we are so happy you are here

pat_dixie says, Here are some Kleenexes, guys...

Lo_forde says, thanks

scarlet655 says, Wow, that is just a wonderful, wonderful, my nose is running!

nanz_tahoe says, I am out of Kleenex and using my shirt

lindaxan says, Jen!!!

marirose27 says, boy, I need them

Bert_Jas says, Jen, just keep believing that Zoe is safe and well

pa_big says, I'm beyond Kleenexes.

jen_zoe2001 says, i know.

marirose27 says, I am going to have to build a canoe I'm crying so much

jen_zoe2001 says, still hard

scarlet655 says, Jen, I pray to St. Francis every day for Zoe. 

DebDudePup says, Jen, she simply has to be.....she is kept close in the hearts of all of us

marirose27 says, and to St Anthony who finds the lost


Joanne_Asia says, I would like to ask that a candle be lit for the safe return of Jennifer's sweet Zoe and for her well-being wherever she is. 

lobowolf72 says, {{{{{Zoe}}}}}

pat_dixie says, Prayers are said...

jen_zoe2001 says, thanks you guys.  so hard for me still, I'm sorry.

nanz_tahoe says, ((((Zoe)))) ((((Jen))))

lorianne33 says, Jen, the name Zoe means "life"

Bert_Jas says, Sweet, sweet Zoe with her pack of male suitors!

tbboorn says, (((JEN*ZOE)))

JudiKeno says, With all these friends at the Bridge watching over her, how can she not be all right?

lindaxan says, Zoe we are praying for ya

lorianne33 says, I think that has to be fate

scarlet655 says, Hugs to you Jen!

jen_zoe2001 says, I know, I pray every night of my life for a sign just to tell me she's ok

pa_big says, I continue to pray for Zoe

MischaLou says, Zoe is still in my prayers, as are you Jen

nanz_tahoe says, She will be guided home to you by all these candles

DebDudePup says, Whenever I think of her (which is often), I have a vision of her safe, happy and healthy, Jen

my_mitzi  says, You're an incredibly strong person Jen  ((((hugs))))

scarlet655 says, Absolutely!  I think she is somewhere resting until she can get back to you.

Bert_Jas says, Me too, Jen - I see her running free with all her new friends!

pat_dixie says, Yes, Jen, I agree with Debbie... Safe and healthy!

rich_dusty says, Jen, I will say a special prayer for the safe return of Zoe and light a special candle...

bomolly says, still waiting for Zoe to return home

Bert_Jas says, And think of all the friends you met and the help you gave while searching for her!

jen_zoe2001 says, thanks everyone so much, thanks deb. i want to believe still

DebDudePup says, I believe it very much.  There are no doubts in my mind or heart, Jen.

pa_big says, God knows she's needed somewhere else for the moment and when that need is gone she will be back home where she belongs.

jen_zoe2001 says, I know, 7 months, very hard still on me...

Bert_Jas says, I can only imagine, Jen!  You are VERY strong!

nanz_tahoe says, There are true stories of dogs returning home after longer than that, so keep having faith

JudiKeno says, It's the unknown that makes it so hard, Jen - believe, just believe that she is where she is supposed to be.

DebDudePup says, And perhaps even she has guided her friends to a place where they are all safe.

my_mitzi  says, A dog in my city recently came home after FOUR YEARS Jen - don't ever give up hope

jen_zoe2001 says, yes, I try to believe, every day, and thanks you guys, I just went quiet on the list, but I still hurt for all the pups and pray for them

Bert_Jas says, The unknown has to be the hardest!

cynbogiebit says, Yes!

JudiKeno says, Always.

Lo_forde says, it is Bert

diflorio523 says, Your dog may have taken an Incredible Journey, Jen

jen_zoe2001 says, the unknown is a dark pit that just sits inside me

Bert_Jas says, I know...

DebDudePup says, And Jen, believe me, I want to ask you every few days if there is any word, but maybe others feel like me...that the continual asking stirs up the pain

nanz_tahoe says, I understand

tbboorn says, me too

cynbogiebit says, Yes, Deb.

nanz_tahoe says, Did you ever contact Lydia Hiby?

nanz_tahoe says, Animal Communicator, psychic?

DebDudePup says, not that it is ever off your mind

jen_zoe2001 says, no i understand...people at work just dropped it, i tell them too that I would do the same...thanks you guys so much

Lo_forde says, just know we will always be here for you Jen

DebDudePup says, but if it helps you to talk about it often, please let us know now?

cynbogiebit says, Can't wait for the message that tells us when she comes home!

jen_zoe2001 says, thanks you guys, more than i can ever say

nanz_tahoe says, we remain faithful she will come back to you

Bert_Jas says, I do have people write often asking about you and Zoe, Jen - no one has forgotten you or her!

diflorio523 says, Pray to St. Anthony, he finds everything

marirose27 says, things do get found, I found someone in my research who had been missing for 130 years.

marirose27 says, You just have to believe and I know you do


Joanne_Asia says, I would like to light one last candle for the health of our epi pups still struggling with this devastating disease and while we do that I would like to have Roberta read a poem for all our special Angel pups who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  I would like to dedicate this poem to Fred's little man Zeke who we lost today...

Bert_Jas says,

"Fly, fly, little wing

Fly beyond imagining

The softest cloud, the whitest dove

Upon the wind of heaven's love

Past the planets and the stars

Leave this lonely world of ours

Escape the sorrow and the pain

And fly again, precious one

Your endless journey has begun

Take your gentle happiness

Far too beautiful for this

Cross over to the other shore

There is peace forevermore


Fly, fly, do not fear

But hold this mem'ry bittersweet

Until we meet

Don't waste a breath, don't shed a tear

Your heart is pure, your soul is free

Be on your way, don't wait for me

Above the universe you'll climb

On beyond the hands of time

The moon will rise, the sun will set

But I won't forget.


Fly, fly, little wing

Fly where only Angels sing

Go now, find the light...."

Joanne_Asia says, The candle lighting memorial service is now concluded.  The room is open for comments and sharing....

bomolly says, very beautiful Bert thank you

lorianne33 says, Barb, you're here!

nanz_tahoe says, That was very nice Bert

nanz_tahoe says, Thank you

nanz_tahoe says, (((Barb))))

my_mitzi  says, Oh Bert - now you've made me cry

scarlet655 says, I pray to St. Francis every day for all the epi-pups on the list, and for those epis who have not found the list  yet, that they find it.

tbboorn ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~Angels ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

DebDudePup says, Beautiful, Bert

Bert_Jas says, Thanks, Bonnie

JudiKeno says, Hi, Barb!  Bert, that was so beautiful.

Lo_forde says, hey Barb

lindaxan says, so nice Bert

Joanne_Asia says, Thank you all for coming and for caring so much about our lost pups....

barbirie says, hello all

scarlet655 says, Thanks Bert!

Joanne_Asia says, Hi Barb

pa_big says, Oh that was beautiful....I didn't think I had another tear for the night....

marirose27 says, thank you everyone

diflorio523 says, Bert you are the best

marirose27 says, it was lovely

lorianne33 says, My prayers go out to all of you

rich_dusty says, Thank you, Bert!

Bert_Jas says, Someone just sent me that the other day and I just loved it!

Joanne_Asia says, Thank you Roberta, that was so lovely

Bert_Jas says,  Welcome, Barb!!  So glad you're here!

scarlet655 says, Thank everyone, for this lovely service.

pat_dixie says, That was all so beautiful, Joanne and Bert. Prayers to all the pups!

tbboorn says, It was very moving

rhetthartnett says, We've lost so many Pups lately, I have to think that they were needed for the many arrivals on 9/11. What a beautiful ceremony. I know first hand how much all this helps.

my_mitzi  says, That reminded me of my baby cockatoo that I lost a few years back :-(

nanz_tahoe says, My heart aches for you who have lost a loved fur kid

MischaLou says, Thanks Bert   that was beautiful

lorianne33 says, Yes, thank you, Joanne & Bert

nanz_tahoe says, Too many losses this year

Bert_Jas says, Yes, Sandra - the first person I sent it to was Roxanne

tbboorn says, Thanks all

nanz_tahoe says, Too sad

jen_zoe2001 says, thanks so much Bert

Bert_Jas says, She had a little Twinkie birdie who had seizures

Joanne_Asia says, I want to thank Cynthia and Roberta who read the poems so beautifully

JudiKeno says, Any loss is one too many.

lobowolf72 says, our hearts are filled with empathy for all of you who have lost your fur babies and for those of you who are fighting this hard battle

Bert_Jas says, Twinkie was our mascot

tbboorn says, Thanks

nanz_tahoe says, Awww Twink

jen_zoe2001 says, yes, and thank you Joanne for thinking to include my baby.

scarlet655 says, you are right, our pups had to great those souls coming on 9/11

rich_dusty says, Thank you all for the honor of being part of this ceremony, remembering Barnaby and all our pups

tbboorn says, (BERT)

lindaxan says, this was so beautiful

tbboorn says, Rich

nanz_tahoe says, Thank you Rich for your descriptive candle lighting. It was a nice touch

DebDudePup says, Rich, we all love you and your family, 2- and 4-legged

Joanne_Asia says, Rich, if it wasn't for you we would have many more pups to light candles for tonight.  Your valium protocol has saved many , many lives

lobowolf72 says,

I walked a mile with pleasure, she chattered all the way,

but ne'er a thing I learned from her, for all she had to say.

Then I walked a mile with Sorrow, and ne'er a word said she,

but oh the things I learned from her, when Sorrow walked with me.

nanz_tahoe says, that is nice Don

tbboorn says, Beautiful Don!!

marirose27 says, someone once said Rosie must have been a challenge when she first started having seizures, she was never a challenge, just a good dog who everyone loved

JudiKeno says, I can attest to that, personally - and for those it couldn't save, it made life much easier to bear.

nanz_tahoe says, I know it has saved us a fortune in trips to the ER! LOL

cynbogiebit says, Yes, Joanne--thanks, Rich, for being a "pioneer" and finding the way for so many.

Bert_Jas says, Yes, Rich - thanks you for all our successes!

tbboorn says, Thanks Rich

scarlet655 says, Such a comfort knowing it was there, the protocol. Thank you.

Lo_forde says, thank you Rich for caring so much

diflorio523 says, I would like to thank you all for extending me the invitation and for all of you who tried to help Chelsea, I shall never forget this experience.

Bert_Jas says, Thank you, Mary

marirose27 says, valium is keeping Mama Kitty out of kitty jail, lol

Joanne_Asia says, Mary, there is a bond between all of us who love and care for epi's

Bert_Jas says, We are so glad you were able to be here!

MischaLou says, Thank you Rich, Joanne and all the  Angels

JudiKeno says, Mary, stay in touch.  You can honor Chelsea's memory by putting up the flyer from the website at any place you can think of, so that people can find us.

DebDudePup says, Mary, can Bert share your Taylor tales with us?

lobowolf72 says, nite all, god bless. may you walk ever with peace at your sides.

marirose27 says, You are so right about the bond, Joanne

scarlet655 says, Thanks to all for this wonderful ceremony.  It is very healing.

Bert_Jas says, I want a PICTURE of Taylor!

diflorio523 says, Yes, I will share my new baby with all of you

Bert_Jas says, Wonderful, Mary!

Lo_forde says, thank you Joanne for being our Angel godmother

pat_dixie says, I think I am going to log off, also. Thank you all for a touching evening!!

jen_zoe2001 says, thanks you guys from the bottom of my heart, for thinking to even include us.  I cried for every single loss this evening.

diflorio523 says, I will try and put pictures on my e-mail for all of you to see

lorianne33 says, puppies can make such a difference in life!

nanz_tahoe says, Jen, I am glad you got in Yahoo, and all

pat_dixie says, Yes, thank you Angel Superior, Joanne!!

tbboorn says, Jen take care!!! BELIEVE!!!!

Bert_Jas says, Hugs to the pack, Jen!

lorianne33 says, (((Jen)))

jen_zoe2001 says, I will keep believing

rich_dusty says, The losses of Jake, Boca and now Barnaby have been very hard, but we have learned so much from them....from "Things You Can Learn from Your Dog"...Be loyal...Delight in the simple joy of a long walk...Never pretend to be something that you are not...Bond with your pack...and most of all...When loved ones come home, always run to greet them!

Joanne_Asia says, That is beautiful Rich, thank you for sharing that

nanz_tahoe says, Right on Rich!

JudiKeno says, Rich, so true; for us with epi's, and with our human families too.

scarlet655 says, Thanks to all!  Thanks again Joanne and Bert and all who shared tonight.  Wishing you all good!

rhetthartnett says, Good night and God Bless

lorianne33 says, (((Vicky)))

DebDudePup says, Hugs, Linda...and sending some for Carol Too!

diflorio523 says, I would advise all who lost their beloved pets to please even though it hurts and you don't want to do it again, try and get another dog, it will heal you immensely.

Bert_Jas says, There's nothing quite like a puppy to take your minds off everything else!

marirose27 says, my vet sent her dog to the bridge, 15 years old, 2 days after Rosie and she has a new puppy

barbirie says, "May the circle be unbroken.  By and By, Lord. By and By.  There's a better place a waiting, In the sky, Lord.  In the sky"

rich_dusty says, Good night everyone!

MischaLou says, Good Night everyone.  Thank you all again for remembering Hallie.  It really means so much to me.

DebDudePup says, Hugs to you and Mischa, Louise

Joanne_Asia says, I want to thank all of you for making the effort to be here and share your thoughts with us...

cynbogiebit says, It's just not fair that they go on so much sooner than we do!

Bert_Jas says, It was a wonderful ceremony, Joanne

Joanne_Asia says, Thank you Roberta!

cynbogiebit says, Bye, all!

Bert_Jas says, Thanks, Cyn!

JudiKeno says, I think we all need this.

Joanne_Asia says, Cynthia, thank you for those beautiful poems

marirose27 says, Thanks  again to Joanne, Roberta, Judi and Deb

bomolly says, thank you all it was very beautiful

marirose27 says, and everyone else here, I found it incredibly moving

Joanne_Asia says, Judi, your little Tigger was your shadow and I know his spirit is following you still

JudiKeno says, Yes, Joanne, he is -- I still hear his little prance.

Joanne_Asia says, Judi, I can still hear his little bark telling everyone he was in charge

JudiKeno says, 'The Mouth' was one of his nicknames.

Joanne_Asia says, Yes, I heard him over the phone giving orders

JudiKeno says, Absolutely - even to Keiko!

my_mitzi  says, It was a beautiful ceremony!!!

Joanne_Asia says, Barb, you should let Fred know that the transcript will be on the website in a few days

lorianne33 says, Thank you for a beautiful ceremony

diflorio523 says, When I first spoke with all of you i was surprised as to how loving and caring you all were.  I have been blessed to know you.

pa_big says, This was a beautiful ceremony.

Joanne_Asia says, Goodnight everyone. I really appreciate your taking part in this candle lighting ceremony, it means so much to those who have lost their pups.

Memorial Ceremony attended by:

Barbara & Irie

Bert & Jasmine

Bonnie & Molly

Brenda & Angel Lady

Carol & Spartan

Cathy & Zak

Crystal & Woody

Cynthia & Bogie

Dale & Sam

Deb & Dude

Don & Shishi

Jennifer & Patch missing Zoe

Joanne & Asia

Judi & Angels Keno & Tigger

Linda & Angel Rhett

Linda & Xander

Lo & Tartan

Lorianne & Angel Harley

Louise & Mischa & Angel Hallie

Marianne & Sage

Marian & Angel Rosie

Mary & Nicole & Angel Chelsea

Mary Jane & Maggie May

Nancy & Tahoe

Pat & Dixie

Paula & Alex & Little Guy

Rich & Coby & Angel Barnaby

Sandra & Mitzi

Susan & Angel Jasmine

Terri & Sadie

Vicky & Angel Duncan