Dee and Wally: This is my 4-1/2 year old Sheltie, Wally. As you can see, he just loves the snow up here in Utah. But don't let this cute picture fool you--he's a little devil-child at times. He is the third Sheltie for me, and by far the most hyper of all. When he gets excited (which is most of the time) he jumps around in circles (I call them loop-de-loops). The really funny thing about it is he has taught one of my rabbits the same maneuver! Whenever they play chase, both of them will stop and take a turn at a loop-de-loop. It's the cutest thing you've ever seen.

Wally began seizing August 2002. All his seizures have been grand mal with a very short recovery period. He averages a seizure every 3 weeks, and one time he actually went 6 weeks without one. He eats a preservative-free dry and canned dog food, along with the epi-peanut butter cookie treats. I add 100 mg vitamin C and a few drops of vitamin E daily to his food. He was started on 7 mg. Pb twice a day and has been increased to 60 mg. Pb and .2 mg Soloxine, twice a day. (He had a cluster of seizures the beginning of January when his Pb was 35 mg, twice a day so the vet increased it to 60 mg. when his bloodwork showed he was not at a therapeutic level). We are now in a waiting period to see how long he will go with this new increase and I will have his blood and bile checked in another month.

Deena and Jake: My Australian Shepherd, Jake, will be 4 yrs old on Nov. 3. He came to live with us along with his litter mate, Sammo, at 4 months old to be playmates for Tori our 7 month old Aussie. He has been a funny, lovable, bouncy addition to our family, so it was pretty devastating when he began having seizures late March of this year. Our vet was great, calling back on Sunday with the diagnosis and calling in prescriptions to a local pharmacy. We started 120 mg Phb daily and slowly weaned him off as he began Kbr and got the levels up where needed. Until about Sept. 7th the seizures were controlled to 1 every 3-4 weeks. Then all of a sudden he had 3 within 8 days. We added Phb back into his regimen and have been seizure free since Sept. 16th. His vet recommended 60 mg Phb twice a day along with the 150 mg Kbr, but I decreased this slightly since Jake and both his siblings were suffering from what turned out to be a nasty viral infection. That much medication made mad dashes to the back yard dangerous when his hindquarters kept slipping out from under him. They are all now on the mend, and I will increase the Phb back to the recommended dosage. Right now our main concerns are just finding the right medication combination to keep seizures at bay without sacrificing his mobility and bouncy nature. All three are on a diet of Nutro Lite with Glucosamine and Chondroitin, along with whatever treats they manage to con out of their parents. We try to keep people food to a minimum except for fresh fruits and vegetables. This they love so much they will even harvest their own when allowed into the garden.
I was really glad to find this website and look forward to corresponding with other epi-parents.

Denise and Hunter:  Hunter is a six year old chocolate lab.     He began having seizures when he was almost two years old.  He has been on Phenobarbital for three years now.  Hunter was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and is taking Soloxine to supplement his thyroid.   He has seizures about once or twice every two to six months.  He loves to play ball any chance he gets.  He also loves riding in the car to grandma's every day.

Medication and Food:  30 mg of Phenobarbital and 0.4 mg of Soloxine twice a day.  Nutro Natural Choice Chicken and rice adult formula for large breeds, Milk Thistle daily.


Diana and Claire (and Angel):  Claire (who is in the front of the picture) is a 57 pound mixed breed dog.  We adopted her from the Humane Society in 1995.  She was so adorable.  I can't believe how big she is considering she was so small when we got her.  She is our little bear.

Medication and Food:  65 mg Phenobarbital once a day.  Pedigree dry.

Paige.JPG (21970 bytes) Diana, John and Little Miss Paige:  A little dog named Oscar came to our home as a lost dog in 1988.  He was a laso opso.  He got under the fence one day to a silver haired yorkie terrier.  Their unity came to us weighing 8 ozs at 6 wks old.  We named her PAIGE.  She was born 11-2-92.   That Christmas she sat in a coffee cup under our Christmas tree.  Never any health problems,  just always so tiny and delicate.  She lost her daddy, Oscar in January of 2000.  Little Paige grieved for at least 6 months.  She had never, ever been away from him. 

On January 10th, 2002,  Paige had her first onset of seizures.  They were, as we have learned,  status grand mal clusters.  She was put on pb, changed to primidone then off primidone and back on to pb after a change of vets.  To date she has had bile acid studies, 6 panel thyroid, x-rays, liver ultrasound and one subnormal pb level.  She is currently on 2.5 mg pb twice a day, mylicon pediatric drops for bloating and gas.  We have the valium protocol at hand and R&R.  After her bloodwork for her pb  level on Monday, March, 18th, 2002 she will be considered for kbr and possibly soloxine. 

Paige is a little 3.5 lbs of utter joy.  She is not a dog to us,  she is our baby,  our child.  She is totally dependent upon us.  We have been blessed with having the Guardian Angels cross our paths.  We met under some pretty devastating circumstances but have come to share an unconditional love with each and every one of them and all their precious babies.  We will all continue to share our experiences, our knowledge, our tears, our moments of happiness with each other.  All of our hearts seems to be as one.


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