Dave and Boomer:  Boomer is a 110 pound neutered, Black lab.  Boomer began seizing in November 1997 and clustered in December 1997 when he was started on Phenobarbital.  In May 1998, after clustering again, he was started on Potassium Bromide and has done very well since then.  205 days is the record between seizures, but average is 4 to 5 months.

Medications and Food:  50 mg. Phenobarbital twice a day, 650 mg Potassium Bromide twice a day and all the love Pepper and I can give the big guy.  Sensible Choice Lamb and Rice is the food Boomer demands twice a day.


David and MaxMax is a three-year-old neutered German Shepherd Dog who had his first seizure on August 30, 2002. He has had a total of six seizures since then. As of today (11/27/02) the latest one was this past Sunday night - at that time he had gone 31 days seizure-free. The seizure on Sunday night was only 30 seconds. We gave him vanilla ice cream and he had no post-ictal symptoms. He has had his thyroid function tested and is to begin thyroid medicine this week.

Max is currently taking 100mg. Phenobarbital twice daily.


Ollie.gif (37007 bytes) Deb and Ollie:  Oliver is an 11 yo English Setter with inflammatory colitis, born 5/31/92 and rescued nearly 3 years ago from a UK shelter. In October 2001 he collapsed whilst out on a walk, and had his 1st GM. He suffered several more, varying in severity, over the next fortnight, and blood tests, a chest xray & ECG prompted a cardiac root diagnosis. Not convinced that it was the whole picture, I approached another vet who tested for Addisons: - negative result. Heart meds prescribed, and though his collapses lessened in frequency for some months, the severity of the seizures fluctuated. However everything suddenly increased again in March 2002, and his colitis flared up with a vengeance. Not prepared to take a final heartrending diagnosis of "he'll just go down one day and that'll be it!" - I hit the web in desperation and bingo - Guardian Angels! - Sound advice at last! A new vet practice - and a sympathetic vet who listened and is prepared to go out on a limb for us. Thyroid tests done, with very positive results, and a surprise finding ~ he is severely hypertensive to boot, although the vets are waiting to see how the thyroid reacts before treating the hypertension, as it seems to be coming down on it's own.

Ollie's regained his appetite, having lost both it, and 9 kilos, is now on the liver cleansing diet, thanks to Jan T, and thriving. His colitis seems to have settled down properly for the first time since I've had him, and though he still has the occasional "fainting" episode, brought on by exercise intolerance, they are relatively minor and infrequent, and the seizures that accompanied them have been replaced by mild twitches or nothing at all. We've got sunshine at the end of the tunnel, but boy was it a struggle to get there...

Meds: Vetmedin 5mg bid, Soloxine 0.8mg, and Sulfapyrazin 500mg bid

Food: the Liver Cleansing Diet.


Debbie and Baxter:  Baxter is a 55 pound rescued male Dalmatian.  He was born June 19, 1992.  He came to us when he was 2 years old and no one had mentioned seizures to us.  After coming to us he began to have cluster seizures but they were infrequent, only 1 per year, so we really thought nothing of it.  At the beginning of 1999 I had to change his food and things changed for the worse.  He started having seizures every 2 to 4 weeks, then he went longer and longer between seizures, having them every 2 to 4 months.  At the beginning of this year the same thing happened, once only going 3 days between seizures.  My vet wants to see if this is a pattern before putting him on any medications.  We use the valium protocol to stop his clusters and it works very well for him.

Medications and Food:  Rectal and oral valium to stop cluster seizures.  Rescue Remedy.  Milk Thistle.  Adult and reduced calorie chicken and rice Pro Plan. 


Debbie and Simba:  Simba, a male golden retriever, was born on June 4, 2000 and became the newest member of our family that August.  He grew not only in size but also in our hearts with all of the extra joy, laughter and love that he brought to our family. 

All was well until June 17, 2002 when Simba had his first seizure.  His second was July 9th and after the third on November 12th we found Joanne and the guardian angels.

Thyroid testing turned up negative and no apparent reason for the seizures was evident.  Simba's food was changed to Solid Gold Millenia and he also continues to receive lots of fruit and veggies daily.

Again all seemed well until January 3rd, 2003, Simba had his 4th seizure.

All of his seizures presented the same - he falls to the ground, his body stiffens, his hind legs cramp up and he has a panicked look on his face.  This lasts for between 3-4 minutes at which time he comes out of it and is perfectly fine; he runs around and plays and acts as if nothing has even happened.

Trying to determine what could be causing the seizures Simba went to a neurologist the end of January 2003, but again nothing definite was determined other than it was probably idiopathic epilepsy.  We decided to try using KBr to control the seizures.

Simba started taking 2 1/2 cc of KBr daily but after checking his blood work after being on KBr, we lowered his dose to 2cc once a day.

At this point Simba is doing great!! No more seizure activity - he weighs 70 lbs, is almost 3 years old and is an absolutely wonderful, loving, gorgeous golden retriever who is doing something daily to bring a smile to everyone's face.

We hope to always bring a much joy to his life as he brings to ours!

Debbie, Rob, Richard, Mathew & Krysten and Simba


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