Cherry and Candy:  Candy is a  Border Collie who was born on November 23, 1996 and started seizure activity in April of 1998.  She is very special and loves to throw rope and play ball.  She sends many woofs and smooches for all her friends.

Medications and food:  Candy is on 120 mg Phenobarbital three times a day, 500mg Potassium Bromide two times a day and .3 mg Soloxine two times a day.
Cherri and Kellie:  Kellie is a 75 pound lab collie mix who we adopted at 8 weeks.  She will be 7 in April of this year.  She had her first seizure when she was 18 months old and literally scared me to death.  She was having seizures about every two weeks and on December 26 and 27th she had her first cluster.  She was put on Phenobarbital then.  She held her own until May 28 and then had another seizure and continued to have them monthly.  We added Potassium Bromide and we managed to go 18 months seizure free.  She started having seizures again on a monthly basis and our vet suggested we add valerian root.  She again went for 7 months with no seizures.

She was having seizures almost to the day on a monthly basis in 2000.  Our records seem to indicate that they coincide with the cycles of the moon on a fairly regular basis.  However without any other medication changes, she's had only one seizure since the first week of November 2000.  It's the only time that she's had just one seizure.  She always has one and then 24 hours clusters with 6 or 7 seizures and then rounds it out with "spells" where she can sense the onset of something and if we can get her up and moving we can get past it.

Medication and Food:  120 mg of Phenobarbital twice a day and 937 mg of potassium bromide once a day.  Valerian Root before bedtime.

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Chris and Tyler: Tyler is an English Springer Spaniel, born on January 14, 1999.  Two months prior to his 3rd birthday, he had four seizures in 50 hours, his first.  He was immediately prescribed Phenobarbital and referred to a veterinary neurologist.  By the end of that week, he was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy and remains on Phenobarbital.  Even on the Phenobarbital, he continued to have an average of 2 seizure episodes per month, each time clustering between 4 and 6 times.  Luckily, Tyler's seizures are focal type and fairly mild.  In March 2002 his Phenobarbital was increased and, at around the same time, he was found to be hypothyroid so he was placed on thyroxine.  So far, he has not had any more seizures (fingers crossed!).

Besides being a handsome boy, Tyler is a great dog and has his Canine Good Citizen certification.  He competes in obedience and earned his AKC CD title in September 2001; he is currently working on his CDX.  Tyler attends training classes 2 to 3 times per week, plus practices at home.  His epilepsy has not interfered with his training or competition in any way.  Tyler has visited Chris' grandmother in her nursing home and Chris hopes to get Tyler certified as a Therapy Dog in 2002. 

Medication and Food: Tyler eats Nutro Natural Choice Lite with Missing Link added, Iams Senior dog biscuits (low fat), raw baby carrots and some training treats.  He currently takes 100 mg. of Phenobarbital twice per day, as well as .4 mg. thyroxine twice per day, wrapped in fat-free cheese.  Tyler does have some occasional allergy problems and takes 50 mg Benadryl three times per day when needed.  Rescue Remedy as necessary.

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