Carol and Koji:  Koji is a 27 pound Shiba Inu.  He was born July 19, 1993 and took over our family 8 weeks later.  He is extremely active, always ready for a game of any sort and loves all toys - especially tennis balls and frisbees.  But it's not all play, he also has to keep track of his family members, Bill and Carol, Lizzie and two felines.  We affectionately refer to him as "The Boss" since he seems to have a need to control.  He is on the other hand, very sweet and affectionate, loved and spoiled.

Koji had his first Grand Mal seizure in November 1996 and in the next 10 months he had 3 more.  In September 1997 he was put on Phenobarbital and has only had two seizures since then.

Medication and Food:  22.5 mg of Phenobarbital twice a day.  Kibble and canned food without preservatives or by-products and meat, chicken or fish almost every day.  He likes carrots and gets some vegetables in his food but avoids the veggies if he can.


Cathy and Zak:  Zak, our 34 pound, Lhasa Apso was born on May 19, 1997.  He joined our family in July 1997 when he was 8 weeks old.  He has one fur-sister, Mogie Michelle, one human brother, Chase and his mommy and daddy, Cathy and Mike.  Zak is an active mischievous little guy.  We call him our "treasure" because he is indeed a treasure to us.

Zak had his first seizure in December 1998 and has Grand Mal cluster seizures every 4 to 6 weeks.

Medications and food:  60 mg. Phenobarbital three times a day, 375 mg Potassium Bromide in the morning and 450 mg Potassium Bromide at night, and 0.3 mg Thyrozine twice a day.  Rectal and oral Valium as needed to control cluster seizures.  Flint River Ranch Senior and Milk Thistle daily.



Char and Rudy:  Rudy is a two year old German Shepherd who had his first seizure when he was just six months old.  He had a rough time at first, but with the help of Phenobarbital, potassium bromide, Soloxine, and rectal and oral valium to stop clusters, he averages two seizures a month.  Rudy also had gold bead implants when he was 7 months old.  Rudy is very shy, but also very sweet--a quiet, intelligent, "thoughtful", dog.   Sadly he just lost his protector and mentor, a 13 year old Shepherd female, but has been cheered up some by the recent arrival of Skete, a wild and crazy Shepherd puppy.  Skeet torments Rudy mercilessly, but Rudy adores him.  Probably because, like the rest of us, he appreciates the constant entertainment.

Medications and food:  120 mg Phenobarbital, 700 mg Potassium Bromide and 0.8 mg of Soloxine for thyroid twice a day.  Oral and Rectal valium to treat clusters, DMG, vitamins E, C, and B-complex, taurine and Prozyme.  He eats Canidae mixed with ground beef and cottage cheese.





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