Bonnie and Molly:  Blessings come disguised in many different shapes and sizes-many of which go unnoticed.  Mine came to me in the shape of a 110 pound all black German Shepherd Dog who I named Molly.  I drove to Missouri to get my little black fuzzy baby, who was born on 6/20/95, and little did I know that my life would never be the same from that moment on.

We are nothing less than inseparable.  Of course one of Molly's favorite things to do is go for rides in her car.  She watches every move I make, every button I push and the back of my head and shoulders seems to be the most natural place to wipe her nose.....

Molly's precious face and personality has also won the hearts of jut about everyone in her path.  The ladies at the drive thru bank, drug store, McDonalds, always have a special treat for her.  Loving Molly is very easy to do.  All you have to do is look into those big brown eyes and you're hooked. 

Medication and Food:  Molly was a cluster pup who now takes 7.5 mg Phenobarbital, Kbr and 0.6 mg of Soloxine twice a day.  We use the valium protocol (thank you Joanne).  Molly has multiple allergies.  She continues to have seizures every 30 to 60 days but has gone as long as 128 days.  Molly is a gold bead implant failure.

I will be forever grateful to Joanne Carson and the Guardian Angels; if not for them, I would have no Molly!


Brenda and Miko:  Miko is a Keeshond/Sharpi X from what we can tell (Miko on right, Max non-epi on left). We got Miko from a rescue program that rescues neglected dogs and puppies off the reserves. Miko was a ball of fur and very very shy. She warmed up to our family after a lot of coaxing; she found a very special place in my heart. She still is a very shy dog around people until she gets use to you, she loves all dogs though. Miko is a very energetic dog and can run for hours, especially at the off leash area with other dogs. She also loves the water (except for baths) and her favorite past time in the summer is retrieving rocks out of her wading pool. 

Miko started having seizures this past August when she was a year and 8 months old. I was alone with her and it was very scary for me to watch this. I had an idea that she was having one but wasn’t sure what the outcome would be. It lasted for about 30 seconds but that seemed like forever for me. Within 12 hours she had her second. I was very upset and nervous because. She has had 7 in total. We thought we had them linked to when she traveled with us but then she had 2 with in a week and there was no travelling. After her last seizure on October 30 we took her to our vet. I told him about your web page and I asked him about her thyroid. He had never heard of Thyroid levels having anything to do with seizures especially at her age but he said he would do it. Sure enough Miko’s test came back showing her Thyroid levels were low. He was surprised but thankful because it is something new for him to learn. Miko was put on Thyroid tablets once a day. We brought home Max a rescued pup (Newfie X) to keep Miko company. She has clustered seizures and her meds were upped to 1 tabs of 60mg of Phenobarbital twice daily and 1.5 (250 mg/ml) of KBr liquid. Miko has been Seizure free since December 7/02.
Fred_Jake.JPG (144443 bytes) Carol and Jake:  My name is Carol, and I have been a part of the EPI Guardian Angels e-mail site for a few months.  I am attaching a photo of both my dogs (the black dog on the left is Fred (he does not have epilepsy), and the beige dog on the right is Jake (his epilepsy materialized a number of months ago)

Jake started having seizures in May of this year and seized approximately every two weeks until he finally started cluster seizing (for two straight days) in November. We were having a lot of difficulties with our original vet (he was URGING us to put Jake down). We refused to put him down, and have now found a vet that is helping Jake.

Jake is on 60 mg tablets of Phenobarbital twice per day.


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