Susan and Emma:  Emma is a tri color Pembroke Welsh Corgi, born July 21, 1996.  She is a rescue, I adopted her in January 1999, after she had her first seizure and her previous owners brought her to the vet to have her put to sleep.  She currently seizures about once every 4 to 6 weeks, having 2 or 3 seizures in a 48 hour period.

Medication and Food:  60 mg. of Phenobarbital twice a day and 450 mg Potassium Bromide once a day.  Oral valium when needed.


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Susan, Mike & Samantha and Sandy:  Sandy is a Yellow Lab born 6/04/1999. Sandy was a throw-away dog who joined our family on June 7th 2001 just two days after the death of my father. My husband knew I had been wanting another dog and he thought she would cheer me up. She had had a seizure when she gave birth to her first litter of pups and so was spayed and put up for sale by the breeder. The breeder only told us she had had one and it was "just the stress of giving birth" that caused it. Little did we know how our lives would change when we brought her home! She joined her new canine sister Scamp and our daughter Samantha (her best bud).

It took her a good 3 months to calm down and accept us. Because she had never been socialized, she had to learn so many new things like living in a house, wearing a collar and leash and going out in public. She is also terrified of men.

Sandy had partial GM's and focals when she first joined our family in June 2001. She is on thyroid medication and KBr but she was still having seizures every three days in January, March and April 2002. I started her on 3mg melatonin nightly on April 4th, 2002, and although it seemed to take a bit of time to work, her seizure episodes lengthened to about 5 to 7 days apart with periods of 9 to 14 days apart. When I increased her to two 3mg pills in November 2002, one in the morning and one at night I saw a great improvement in frequency of her seizures. She even went 182 days seizure free in the winter of 2002 to spring of 2003! Now in 2004 her seizures are over 30 days apart. When I first started her on melatonin there did seem to be an adjustment period where Sandy was hyper and was barking at night at nothing. It was like she was having nightmares. She would jump up out of a dead sleep growling and barking. This since gone away completely. The melatonin is also helping her sleep though the night which is something that seldom happened before. Her night time seizures and focals have completely stopped. She now has only mild GM's.

We have been very lucky to have been blessed with the Guardian Angels. Most of all we are lucky to still have our Sandy around to love and love us. Someone else may have thrown her away but she is a treasure to us.  She has gone from a scared timid dog to a playful puppy (at least at home) in the 2 years she has been with us. This just goes to show that there is hope.

Medication and Food: 1.2 ml 500gm/ml KBr SID;
Eltroxin 0.3 mg tabs 1 1/2 tabs BID
Melatonin 3mg SID; 500 mg Taurine; Rescue Remedy as needed; Home cooking and Nutro Natural Choice Kibble as a treat; 400IU Vit E; 500mg o-calcium + D; Vit C


Susanne and Maxwell:  (and husband Alan, and non-epi Gage too)  Maxwell is an epileptic Chocolate Lab, who was born on 2/22/97.  Maxwell has been seizure free since 3/21/00.  On 3/22/00 we added Potassium Bromide and we hoping that we have found our magic combination of medications.

Medications:  250 mg. Phenobarbital, 800 mg Potassium Bromide and 0.5 mg of Soloxine twice a day.  Maxwell is a clusterer so we have rectal valium on hand but have only used it on one occasion.



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