Sue and Alex:  Alexander the Greyt came into my life on 3/20/00.  He is a three year old Greyhound that we adopted shortly after my 11 year old Casey Sue went to the bridge.  Alex has kept me busy and has filled my heart with love for this bad boy!!!!  A week after Alex arrived, he suffered a grand mal seizure.  30 days later he had a second seizure and another one three hours later.  We tried Phenobarbital but Alex was still having seizures every two to four weeks.  We then added potassium bromide and Alex is now 55 days seizure free.

Medication and Food:  1 1/2 grains of Phenobarbital and 583 mg of potassium bromide twice a day.  Pro Plan Lamb and Rice and Alpo canned food.

Sue and Lea:  Lea has had a rough life so far.  She was found abandoned in someone's front yard along with the rest of her litter before their eyes were even open.    She was normal in developing and was quite happy.  When she was around 3 years old she started having
seizures.  We found out that several of her littermates also had seizures. 

She was put first on Phenobarbital, which didn't work, and then Primidone.  She was having terrible clusters that lasted for days.  She was also physically sick from the Primidone.  We knew we would have to put her
down if we couldn't find someone who could help her.  After a terrible cluster that lasted for 2 weeks we finally found a vet who had experience with hard to control seizure patients.

He immediately removed Lea from the Primidone and put her on Potassium Bromide and Phenobarbital.  She had liver damage from the Primidone and it took a number of months to get her on her feet again, but Lea recovered.  She became her old "excessively happy self."  The vet later told us that Lea was the worse case he had ever seen and she is now his "star" epi-patient.  Lea has been plagued with other health problems, disc problems in her back, vestibular disease, but she has always fought her way back.  She had
gone 410 days without a seizure, but now occasionally gets very mild seizures.  We take one day at a time and appreciate everyday that we have with her.

Medication and Food:  65 mg Phenobarbital three times a day and 1500 mg of Potassium Bromide once a day.  Rescue Remedy as needed.

Sue and Tara:   Tara is now 13 years old. She is a rescue dog. We have had Tara since she was 5 months. She had always been a lively and active dog. In September, 2001, Tara had her first fit, we didn't realize this at first. This episodes were few and far between, gradually increasing. On the 26th. December, 2002, boxing Day, we were walking our 3 "babies" in the evening, it was dark, cold and wet, when Tara just dropped to the ground and had a bit fit. We managed to get Tara home very slowly and this was the start of many more to come. The worst Tara has been, was 1 1/2 weeks ago, when she had 3 fits in one day. My vet put Tara on Phenobarb to begin with but as these fits increased he also added Bromide to her treatment. The original dose of Phenobarb was 1 tablet twice a day but now this has been reduced to 1 tablet a day. So far, so good. Tara has not had a fit since this reduction in her medication. My vet is hoping to be able to completely stop the Phenobarb in due course, which would be great, if Tara can manage. Tara's diet consists of Butchers' Tripe and Nature's Menu and Nature's Diet.

Tara has been a difficult dog in the years we have had her. She has to be kept on a lead because she is not all friendly with other dogs. Tara has always been used to being one of a pack of dogs'. We currently have 2 Golden Retrievers, who are sisters', Mica and Sophie, they are 2 1/2 years old. Tara gets on very well with them and I am convinced they help her cope. there is such a bond between them, that if Tara is in the garden and has a fit, they will alert me by barking until I get out to her.

Tara is very special to us and we love her very much. We will do whatever is necessary to make her life as full and fun as possible, for as long as necessary.


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