Sandra and Mitzi:  Mitzi is a 9 year old 8.4 pound Pomeranian.  Mitzi has been having clusters of focal/generalized seizures for the last five years since she has owned me.  These seizures were happening every day or two until starting her on medication and changing her diet.  Now the seizures are much briefer and at least a week apart.

Medications and food:  15 mg. Pb two times a day, Kbr 100 mg. daily.  Milk Thistle.  Rescue remedy as needed.  Innova kibble and homecooked foods at least twice per week.


Xena.gif (37829 bytes) Shirley and Xena:  Xena is a 3 year old, spayed female, 100+lbs, half Black Labrador Retriever/Rottweiler. She came to me from being closed in a dark basement at about 12 weeks old. She was sick and full of worms. After getting her straightened out at our vet's, she blossomed quickly.

Her first seizure was at the age of about 10 months old. It was a grand mal, lasted about 10 minutes, beginning with heavy vomiting, quickly followed total loss of bowel, bladder, and body control. Although her seizures were often spaced out by about 3-4 months, they were always intense like the original one. After the first 16-18 months without medication, her seizures became more violent and closer together. Finally, in June 2001, she collapsed on the kitchen floor and this time she couldn't stop the seizure. It lasted an hour becoming controlled by IV Valium at our vet's. This was when he put her on a very low dose, 1/2 gr. Pb twice a day. She did fairly well on that dosage for nearly 1 year. Although she had a couple of grand mals in this time period, they reduced in their length and severity.

Then, one night, May 2nd 2002, when no vet's were available, Xena went into a seizure I thought would certainly take her life. By the time I could round up help and transport her to the nearest emergency, after hours vet clinic, she had been going in and out of grand mal seizures for 3 hours. That's when I began looking for help and found this place of help and solace. We have increased her Pb to 1 gr. twice a day and have acquired as much Valium as possible so as to follow the Valium protocol should such a horror ever happen again.


Mattingly.gif (35584 bytes)

Stephanie and Mattingly: Mattingly is a neutered blue eyed Siberian Husky.  He was born on August 7, 1999 and currently weighs 75lbs.  He had his first seizure on December 26, 2000.  He first began having his seizures at a rate of once a month.   They would last about 30 to 40 seconds and they were grand mal seizures.  In June 2001, Mattingly had his first of a string of cluster of seizures.  This landed him in the hospital for the first time.  He continued to have cluster seizures and hospital stays for the next three months where they would sedate him with valium.  In late September, Mattingly’s seizures got considerably worse.    He was at a rate of three days with seizures and three days without.  There was one 17 hour period where he had 23 seizures both focal and grand mal.  In October 2001, we were at our wits end both monetarily and mentally.   We decided to take Mattingly to a well known neurologist in nearby Philadelphia, PA.  He had given us hope and altered Mattingly’s medicines to try to make the seizures less frequent.  It got his seizures from every three days to once every six to seven days.  In between we discovered the Guardian Angels and the valium protocol.   We have been using the protocol ever since & have saved a considerable amount money from not having to go to the hospital every time he clusters.  We have also discovered that Mattingly has a low thyroid with Dr. Dodds six panel thyroid test.  We use honey and all natural vanilla ice cream to bring up his blood sugar after exercise.  Currently, Mattingly is averaging a seizure every ten days but his longest stretch since November 2001 has been 18 days.  We are also going to start Mattingly on DMG - Dimethylglycine (Amino Acid).  Our neurologist is trying to get Mattingly’s seizures to twice a year.  Mattingly is truly one of a kind.  He brings a lot of joy into our lives.  He is a happy and energetic baby who loves laying in his “puppy pool” on warm days, digging holes, running and eating things he shouldn’t be.

Nutro All Natural Dog Food
Phenobarb 150mg BID
Levothyroxine .4mg BID
Potassium Bromide 1,500mg BID

Melatonin 3mg nightly
Valium Protocol
Rescue Remedy and all natural vanilla ice cream as needed


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