Robin and Missy:  Missy is a smooth coat "cute-as-a button" Jack Russell Terrier, who came into my life in October of 2000.  She was pickup up as a stray by our local Humane Agent and I was asked to foster her until a new home could be found.  He age was determined to be approximately 3 to 5 years old.  She was such a beautiful, sweet little girl that she captured my heart and made herself a permanent home with me and my three other dogs.  Her grand mal cluster seizures began two weeks later and continued to plague us every 14 to 16 days for several months.

Finally, with a combination of Phenobarbital and potassium bromide the seizures began to wane.  In April 2001, she tested to be severely hypothyroid is is now also on Soloxine.  Happily, her last grand mal cluster seizure was March 14, 2001.

She thrives on loving attention and companionship from dogs and humans alike and although she is deaf, I consider her to be a wonderful little ball of energy who has brought many blessings in to my life.

Medications and Food:  60 mg of Phenobarbital and 0.15 mg of Soloxine twice a day, 450 mg of potassium bromide once a day.  2 mg of Melatonin nightly.  Home cooking including chicken, eggs and veggies.



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