Patricia and Amber:  Amber Dawn of the Desert Sky, is a female, spayed, Yellow Labrador who is almost 16 months old.  She started seizing at two months old.  Amber's seizures begin with focals and then progress to clusters of Grand Mal seizures.  She has been in status five times but has always pulled through.  Amber seized every two weeks until we added Soloxine.  She has now been 150 days seizure free.  We are very proud of our Amber Dawn of the Desert Sky.

Medications and Food:  60 mg. Phenobarbital four times a day, 1500 mg of Potassium Bromide once a day, 0.3 mg. of Soloxine twice a day and PPA for the incontinence.  Oral and Rectal Valium to control clusters.

Patti and Rainbow:  Rainbow is a 5 year old, 76 pound, retired Greyhound.  We adopted her in April 2000 as a special needs Greyhound from an adoption group who got her after her previous owner died.  Rainbow started having seizures at approximately 2 years of age while she was still racing.  She was taking a low dose of Phenobarbital when we got her, but continued to have cluster seizures.  He Phenobarbital was raised, we added Potassium Bromide and had her tick titered for tick diseases.  She was treated for 8 weeks on Doxycycline in August, 2000 for tick disease and has been seizure free since.  Rainbow is also deaf, but responds well to hand signals.  She loves to run and play with her adopted Greyhound brothers Sly, Sparky and sister Queen.

Medication and Food:  130 mg Phenobarbital and 750 mg Potassium Bromide twice a day.  Rectal and oral valium as needed for cluster seizures.  Supplement - NuPro powder.  She is fed Purina One Chicen/Rice mixed with Wysong Synorgon, cooked vegetables, tuna or ground beef.  She also eats bananas, apples, no fat yogurt and no fat cottage cheese along with any extra food she can steal.

Paula and Alex:  Alex is a black Yorkie-poo born on 12/22/96.  She is a spayed female and we noticed seizure activity around the age of 18 months.  She started with focals-clustering big time!  She was started on Phenobarbital in March of 1999.  Alex weighs 12 pounds.  Alex thinks she is mother hen to her brother Little Guy (same parents, different litter).  I can't do anything to him without her permission.

Food and Medications:  Phenobarbital 15 mg three times a day.  We are currently weaning off of Mighty dog and on to Nature's Recipe Lamb and Rice and home cooked.  For treats she would die without her pupperoni.


Renee and Snowball:  Snowball is an 8 year old American Eskimo Dog, who was adopted 7 years ago from the Humane Society.  She is a sassy, fun loving and devoted girl.  Snowball developed epilepsy 2 years ago, and after 2 grand mal seizures we started giving her Phenobarbital.  She has been very well controlled and has gone as long as 23 months without a seizure.  This picture was taken after winning the happiest dog contest.

Medications and Food:  Phenobarbital



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