raleigh_annette.jpg (119768 bytes) Annette and Raleigh:  Raleigh is an almost 5 yo neut Australian Shepherd. First seizure in March, tried acupuncture, changed diet from FRR kibble to Innova, seizures got closer and closer with clustering in June and started on Pb. Consulted with a neurologist in August and she added Kbr because of seizures still coming in 21day cycle plus clusters and we had 8 weeks S free. Was also given rectal Valium suppositories to use at first seizure. Last seizure 4 weeks ago and Kbr was raised now on 15mgs Pb am/30mgs Pb pm / 4.2mls Kbr sid. We also use Bcomplex / C / E / Magnesium / MSM / AnimalLife / Calcium+ / Lecithin / kelp / salmon oil / olive oil / raw honey. I feed raw ground chicken necks with mixed raw veg pulp / juice in the am and in the late afternoon steamed fish / sweet potato / zucchini / greenbeans and at bedtime organic plain yogurt. I make my own dog biscuits with organic grains. I feel that Raleigh's first seizure was triggered by a supplement I was using that included rosemary and sage, I was also adding those herbs to his dog biscuits. I believe his last seizure was triggered by Interceptor heartwormer administered 2 weeks prior - came to my attention (too late) that since he had started seizing he would have one within 2 weeks of Interceptor, he will never get it again. Blood was sent to Dr Dodds prior to starting meds to check the thyroid - was fine. He has been titered this year instead of vaccinated.
 Tot Annette and Tot:  Tot was born on July 8th 1998, the second smallest in a litter of 7 Border Collies.  The smallest died at 24 hours old so Tot was given special attention to make sure she survived.   None of the others are showing any signs of epilepsy, however, her famous sire has, as far as I know, thrown 2 other epileptic pups.  Tot had her first Grand Mal cluster seizure at 9 months. Unfortunately I allowed her to come into season and that really upset things.  She started having GM cluster seizures every 4 - 6 days.  It has taken 6 months, and a complete change of all foods and anything else that Tot comes into contact with to get some sort of control back again.  Presently Tot is having seizures once a month.

Little Miss Tot is leading a life full of fun and excitement.  She herds sheep, although she has had no formal training, loves to hunt kits goes to the horse-barn every day.  Little Miss Tot is the love of my life,  and I would do anything for her.  She is my very precious little girl.

Medications and Food:  60 mg Phenobarbital three times a day and Potassium Bromide twice a day.  Tot is fed a natural diet.   Home baked cookies.  Epi-Plus, Mega Pet Daily and Milk Thistle. Rectal and oral valium to control cluster seizures.


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