Eric and Harley:  As of May 16th, 2000 Harley has been seizure free for one year.  Harley had his first seizure on April 5, 1999, and clustered on May 15th and 16th, 1999.  After a trip to the Emergency Clinic, he starting taking Phenobarbital.  We had his Thyroid tested about a month later and added Soloxine to his medications.

Medications and Food:  65 mg Phenobarbital and 0.6 mg Soloxine twice a day.  We feed Nutro's Natural Choice Lamb and Rice, with occasional frozen veggies, cooked chicken, rice and barley, baby carrots and ice cubes for treats.  Flax seed oil and Milk Thistle 2 to 3 times a week.


Happi2.jpg (36450 bytes) Gena and Happi:  Happi is approximately 10 years old and is a Rescue Pug. He is on Pb 32.4mg 2x/day, KBr 300mg a day (new to KBr), Valium rectally as needed, Pet Tabs, Glucosamine 1 tab a day, Melantonin 1mg at bedtime, Rescue Remedy as needed. He's eating Premium Edge Senior Lamb & Rice with a little Low fat Yogurt and occasional cooked ground turkey.







Greg and Gini and Suede: We rescued Suede, (our epi chocolate Lab), from an almost certain life of misery and more than likely eventual death. He was two years old when we rescued him from a family that told us that he was too big, and played too rough with their small children. After an investigation into his history we found that this was probably not the true story at all.

A week after we got him he had his first GM seizure. I received a frantic call at work from Gini who said that something was wrong with Suede, and that he was in the backyard thrashing around and raising his front legs above his head. Having no knowledge of canine epilepsy, and feeling he may have been poisoned, I asked her to call our local vet. Not wanting to wait for the vet she somehow managed to get him in the car, meeting the vet at her front gate. After learning what happened the vet said that he probably had a seizure, and stated that: "He may never have another one." It was explained to her in such a light-hearted tone that neither of us thought anything of it until a week later we both witnessed his second GM. We were mortified and felt so helpless. You see Suede had the biggies, lasting for 20 minutes or more and were coupled with severe paddling and flipping off the ground. This is what prompted me to get on the Internet and see what I could find out about this dreaded disease. It was then we discovered, and joined, the wonderful group called the Guardian Angels. Through Bert, (our mentor), and the group as a whole we learned that there was hope in controlling this horrific disease. Suede was taken to a vet in our area recommended by one of the list members. He was given a blood test that was sent to Dr. Dodds, and she determined that he was hypo-thyroid. He was put on .04 mg of Soloxine, and at the advice of the GA's, we changed his diet to an all natural dry food and home cooking. Through these efforts and the support of the Guardian Angels his seizures went from once a week, to once a month, to a (2) year stretch seizure free. In addition to that the seizures became less intense. After the two year stretch he started having them again, (Oct. 2003), but so much milder than when we got him. His last one was in November 2003.

As I mentioned I investigated Suede's background in the hopes I/we could find a cause to his epilepsy. I learned that he was born in a puppy mill, and was purchased by a woman as a gift to her boyfriend. They must have had a violent relationship because even to this day Gini and I can't hug each other without him getting very upset. The girlfriend told me that they had broken-up and Suede had been given to a family friend. For whatever the reason they couldn't keep him and he was given to the family we got him from. This guy is a prison guard and we were told by a neighbor that he was trying to train him to be a guard dog. I strongly suspect that the real reason no one wanted him was because they had witnessed his seizures. In fact I'm sure of it.

We'll never forget the night we picked him. His ribs were showing, and he was afraid of everything. You couldn't even reach-up to scratch your head or he would cower. If we tried to step over him he would run away. Overall, Suede was a nervous wreck.

That was four years ago, and now we're pleased to announce that Suede is only a vision of his past. We have his total and complete trust, and can do anything we want with him. In short, he finally has the life that such a beautiful animal deserves. We owe a large part of his success to the Guardian Angels.

Suede's non-epi Yellow Lab Kassie is with him in this picture. Together they're both trying to "wish" a biscuit off the counter top.

Suede's Care: Flint River Ranch, Home cooking, .05 mg of Soloxine BID, and all the Love a dog could ever hope for.

Gyula Gayle and Thor:  Thor (Thornton) was adopted from a rescue program where he was fostered with his sister "Bert". My cocker spaniel petfriend of 14 years had just been put to rest and I immediately adopted my new bud August 24, 1998. It was not until August 21, 1999 that Thor experienced any seizure activity. He showed abnormal behavior for a couple hours of pacing and sniffing in the evening prior to bedtime, when he started to have spasms where he froze in place, standing or sitting, snapped his teeth and shook. Spasms/seizures occurred frequently over the next 24 hours as often as 10 minutes apart and he refused to be bedded down, continuously pacing and running around basement. In emergency consultation with vet it was thought to be "bee sting reaction", however my vet witnessed his actions the next morning in his office and Thor was diagnosed as having seizures. Blood test was taken, valium administered and I brought him home. Seizures continued and the same afternoon Thor was returned to my vet and sedated overnight to break pattern of seizures and put on intravenous drip for his meds. Thor was returned home the next day and put on 60 mgs. of phenobarbital every 12 hours. From August 24, 1999 until January 4, 2002 Thor was seizure free and he had annual (6 panel) blood chemistry done.

In 2002 he experienced grand mal seizures on January 4th, February 20th, August 18th and September 9th, all under one minute. October 2, 2002 Thor suffered two seizures one hour apart and while he was boarded at his usual kennel while I was away he began to experience several seizures. I returned home because of his condition and he had five grand mal seizures on October 5, 2002. There is a possibility he may have lost some of his medication as he threw up while in the kennel.  Instructions and valium were left with the kennel for seizure activity but it is possible Thor’s system fell behind on his medications, hence the increase in seizures. My vet sedated Thor overnight with his meds being given intravenously and kept him for observation for two days to ensure he was again stable before coming home.  Medications were increased to 90 mgs. twice daily and blood chemistry was done, but on December 30, 2002 Thor had three seizures in a twenty minute time frame. January 11, 2003 was his last seizure at which time he had special blood chemistry done again which indicated increased urea (8.1 Urea Canine from 3.94 in October 2002) and 183 Alk. Phos. Canine (high). I was told this indicated some kidney problem, his medications were increased to 120 mgs. twice daily and it was recommended to change Thor to a senior diet to lower protein content.  If seizures persist potassium bromide will be added.  Since the December 2002 seizures Thor has shown some aberrant behavior in ravenous consumption of chunks of snow. after which he takes chills and shivers.

Thor was being fed Nutro Lamb and Rice but since January seizures have changed him to Nutro Senior.  I have been directed to give him an injection of valium sub-cutaneously if seizures are more than 5 minutes and to double his meds immediately for two twelve hour doses (120 x 2) and then return to normal dose and I have valium pills should I wish to use them.   I have Rescue Remedy at the ready and will initiate using this when/if seizures return. 

Thor is a very gentle, loving dog who has been my best bud and companion.  On August 24, 2002 (coincidentally the same date as Thor) I added a second rescue lab/shepherd to the household, age 1.5 named Jesse and she and Thor appear to have bonded extremely well.  Hopefully we will all grow old together, mom and her dawgs.

"Some see light at the end of the tunnel, Thor went into it."
March 1, 1997 - May 5, 2004
Waiting with Buffy at the Rainbow Bridge
for Mom, Jesse and Sunni Dayz


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