Diana and Lance:  Lance is a 6 1/2 year old German Shepherd who weighs 95 pounds. On Friday March 27, 2002, Lance received his shots which included Parvo/Corona, Distemper and Pro Heart. This is the first time he received the Pro Heart shot and if his doctor had showed me the pamphlet on this product he would have never gotten it. His doctor knows all the medications that Lance has ever received. On Tuesday, April 9th, which was eleven days after his shots, I came home from work to find my dog acting very strange. He had been in every room of the house panting and pacing; he acted paranoid. This continued ALL night; he never sat down or slept. I stayed up with him and by 5:00 am, he was salivating and worse. I brought him to his Vet as soon as they opened. When they took him they said he had lost 5 lbs. I asked how? When he was there for his shots, he weighed 90 lbS.  I asked if it could be a reaction to a shot. They said yes, but had no way of telling. They watched him all day and told me he was fine and so were his blood tests. When I got there after work he looked horrible. Within minutes of me being there, he suffered a seizure of some sort. His hind legs were shaking and his pupils dilated; his temperature shot up to 105 1/2 they put him in a tub of ice cold water and sedated him. When they got his temperature back down I rushed him to Veterinary Specialty Center. This is where all the tests were done. They also told me his tests were all fine, that they could not find anything, and that he was better. They told me it could be a reaction to the shots or one in particular or epilepsy, but they found nothing that would point to epilepsy. 

When I got him home, he still was not the same; still acting paranoid. I was very scared and brought him back the next day. They did a few more tests and watched him for three days. I picked him up Monday April 15th. Day after day he seems to get better. The first four days he was home he relieved himself in my house which he never did. I video taped him and he barked and howled the whole time we were at work. I am now crating him and in the last two days he has not barked or howled nor has he relieved himself in the house. Every day that goes by he seems to act more like himself. It is as if something is working its way out of his system. His stool his still soft every now and then.

Lance took about a month to return to normal. I mean not acting weird or having to be created when we were gone.  Then suddenly in June of 2002 he had a GM at 5:00 am. He returned to normal within about a half hour. Then in July it happened again. 

In August we moved into a new home and that day he started to really seizure almost every other day. I started him on Kbr; he was good for forty days; then seizured again. Since then itís been all trial and error. We are currently at 1600mg of Kbr a day and he has been monster free for thirty-six days. Every time I try to change his food, his colitis acts up so I keep his diet as natural as possible other then his dry WD food. He has bad allergies that seem to only flare up from late August through March. This year they were really bad due to not giving him anything for them because of the epilepsy. He takes 6mg of Melatonin at night but still is up every few hours.

Good luck to everyone and may God bless and watch over all of our precious Fur Babies.


Diana and Sammy:  Sammy is a 73 pound plott hound/lab mix who started having seizures at 5 months old.  He is a ham in front of the camera and this picture is my favorite.  This was taken right before he decided to tear up the blanket in the background.

Medication and Food:  80 mg Phenobarbital twice a day.  Pedigree dry

Dianna_and_Taro_Bear.jpg (6137 bytes) Dianna and Taro-bear:  Taro-bear is a golden retriever, who had his first seizure two days before his third birthday.  He was tested and we found he was hypothyroid.  His seizures have been about every 2 or 3 months, but sometimes as often as twice a month.  He is now 6 months seizure free, which makes us both very happy.  He also has allergies, which we keep under control with Benadryl and antigen shots.

Medications and food:  Taro-bear  takes 0.5 mg Soloxine and Benadryl twice a day. He eats Solid Gold food, with seameal and bone meal added.  His favorite foods are the veggies I add. He also gets an antioxidant twice a day. 


Don and Linda's Shishi:  Shishi is a  purebred Siberian Husky, spayed female.    She was born July 15, 2000 and came to live with us when she was 6 weeks old.  We also rescued, 2nd Chance, a lab mix female and Powderpup a Siberian male so that Shishi would have playmates.  

Shishi had her first grand mal seizure on January 19, 2001.  She has had 3 grand mal seizures, and several focal seizures.  She spent time in the hospital twice, the last time for 3 days.  She is very special to us.  Linda is now home with her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Since starting on Phenobarbital, she has only had one seizure, which was a focal.

Shishi has the most beautiful little face and the prettiest blue eyes and loves people.  She loves to go to the vets office and give puppy kisses to all the people who work there.  They all give her people kisses back.

Medications and food:  15 mg of Phenobarbital every 12 hours.  Acidophilus 2 times a day, Prozyme, olive-vet, low fat IVD food, low fat snacks, bran, yogurt and white rice.  We are currently using a new technique called Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation to treat her irritable bowel.


Dakotah1.jpg (24043 bytes)

Doretta & Dakotah:  Dakotah came to us in March, 1999 when she was 8 months old.  We “rescued” her from a couple of different homes where she “just didn’t work out.”

Her seizures started in May of 2001 when she had 2 GM’s a day apart.  It was decided to let her go and see if they happened again.  In September they started again coming approximately 18 days apart.  She started on Pb and that was increased about a month later.   She was still having regular seizures, but they were milder.  In December Kbr was added.  She had one more seizure January 3, 2002 and so far has been free.  Soloxine was added the middle of April when her thyroid test came back low normal (T4 and Free T4).  We are now struggling to get the extra weight off.  She has gained 12 pounds since adding the meds.

She’s my “velcro” dog.  Wherever I am you are sure to find a nose and two ears very close by.  She lives for her walks and loves to snuggle in the morning.   Her passion is tearing out the nose and eyes out of stuffed animals.

Medication and Food:  Pb-90mg twice daily, Kbr-4.5 mls, 0.4-Soloxine twice daily, IVD Duck & Potato plus home cooking, Fresh Factors vitamins & Dermcap Omega 3 oil capsule on food once daily.


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