Alice and Sara:  Lady Sara is a 10 year old rescued female, spayed Dalmatian that had her first seizure last June, 1999.  She has not had a seizure since September of 1999 except for 4 or 5 light focals at night since increasing her dosage of Phenobarbital.

Medication and Food:  98 mg of Phenobarbital and 0.25 mg Soloxine twice a day.  Rescue Remedy as needed.  Nutro Natural Lamb and Rice for weight control.


Flic.gif (39464 bytes) Andrea and Flic: Flic turned 6 years old on December 17, 2001. He had never been sick a day in his life until January 1, 2002 when he had a grand mal seizure at 3:45 am. Nothing like that to start the new year! He began clustering his grand mal seizures (never anything less) on January 11, 2002 and was put on Phenobarbital like his feline brother has been for the last 6 years. Flic continued to cluster and because he had never been sick before, we feared that something was horribly wrong. We took him to a specialist for a CT scan and spinal tap. The neurologist found mild to moderate hydrocephalus (thankfully no brain tumor), but he did not feel that this was necessarily causing the seizures and thus it was labeled as general adult onset epilepsy. We have a houseful with 4 pugs and 2 cats and this just adds to the chaos, but we would never trade one minute of the joy Flic has brought us over the years. He has the most gentle soul and wonderful personality. We have had many sleepless nights and shed many tears which Flic continues to lick away. We hope to have his seizures under control at this point, but we keep supplies by the bed just in case.

Food and medication: 45mg Phenobarbital twice daily, Rescue Remedy and Bryer's Vanilla ice cream on hand if needed, home cooking 3 times per day, raw carrots for treats.
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