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Tyler, Mr. T., Rocket Butt, T.T., and our Stripey Boy

4/1/92 – 4/16/02

Forever Loved by Anita and Frank Vlchek

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When and where, where and when
When and where will we ever touch again.

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After Tyler passed, an animal communicator told us
that Tyler’s mission in life was to become a famous racing dog
so as to inspire people to be the best they could be.
He was a good racer but was retired at 3 due to seizures.
He lived for 7 years with seizures and he never let them bring him down.
He inspired us to fight along side him and not give up.
Tyler was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in June of 2001.
With only the help of alternative remedies, prayer and positive attitudes,
Tyler lived happily for almost another whole year.
Indeed he inspired us to be the best we could be
in the three short years he shared our lives.
He was our miracle dog.

This is a poem I had written for Tyler when I first adopted him.
I feel our connection as strongly today as I did when I first wrote it.
A connection that will never be broken.

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Far, far and from the sea
shell did come to beach
And nothing can take it back again
Except the sea itself

It is my beach your heart has found
I don’t know why it came
But the sea will never get it back
I’ve tricked the tide for thee

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Forever and always,


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July 15, 1996 - November 10, 2002

At the Rainbow Bridge
waiting for
Marie, Steve, Karina, Rebecca, David, Susie and Max.

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A letter to Mickey

To my very best dog Mickey,
Over all these years you've been living here you played with us and kept us company.
you dont bite your family, you play soccer, you love playing with me with the hose,
youve been the best dog ever,  even when you kept an eye on Max  (max is our cat)
When im sad you come to me and lick me on the face and look after me.
You walk on a leash very very good and when your on a leash and dogs bark at you
you dont bark back, you are a very very very very good dog.
Everyone will miss you mickey.
  With all my love Karina
  Good bye Mickey.

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