For Asia

You asked for so little, yet you gave so much,

Your utmost love, for just a friendly touch;

Devotion without stint and without flaw,

My least command at once your constant law.

Ever beside me, mine through joy or woe.

Bearing your love so all could see and know.

You never failed me, faithful to the end;

Companion, Silent Worshipper and Friend.

Death has set us far apart,

But you live forever within my heart.




February 10, 1998 - December 20, 2001

Waiting for Joanne, Billy and Lucy




I didn't set out to add a new pup to my family.  I was simply doing what I always do on Christmas morning....take boxes and boxes of Milk Bones, squeak toys, balls and chew toys out to Doberman Rescue and play with the pups waiting so patiently for homes.  It's a wonderful way to spend a morning...

I was in the yard handing out Milk Bones and tossing balls to a few Dobes dashing about trying to catch their prize on the fly.  I didn't see the little pup who came up for a Milk Bone until she was next to me.  Her resemblance to Pooh Bear startled me but her demeanor concerned me.  I reached out to give her a cookie and she cowered.

I dropped the cookie on the ground and she tentatively took it.  I reached out to pet her and she cowered again.  An abused child!  Not only that but I could see that she was malnourished.  She was all skin and bones.  She was beautiful and sweet but I wasn't looking for a pup.  I was just there to play with them because it was Christmas and I come here every holiday during the year.

All the pups were having a wonderful time gobbling up Milk Bones and chasing others that had run off with their new toy.  The little girl stayed close to me but beyond reach just looking at me with big eyes.  Beverly came over and mentioned that the little girl seemed to like me.  I laughed.  "They all like me.  They just want to come home with me for more Milk Bones.  She's young and beautiful so you'll have no problem finding her a home."

Beverly responded, "I don't think I will be able to place her.  Not only has she been abused and malnourished but she has seizures.  Someone broke her leg and didn't set it and she has a bad limp"  No, I couldn't go through that again.  It broke my heart in a million pieces with Pooh Bear's seizures.  I couldn't leave myself open for that deliberately.  I went home alone that day, but the little ten month old girl with uncropped ears wouldn't leave my thoughts.  I talked to my friends.  They said to follow my heart.

I went back the next day because she simply tugged at my heart for every waking moment.  I knew what I was letting myself in for, but it was not as if I had a choice.  The reality was that no one else was going to adopt her.  She had too many problems....but obviously not too many for me to handle.

She has found a place in my heart where she will forever stay.  This little girl has rescued me along with my rescuing her.  I will call her Asia because her heart is as big as that continent.

Christmas 1998