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To our brave little boy:

We know you tried to stay with us longer, but your little body just wore out. Even though we are left with this terrible emptiness, you are in a special place now and we are comforted knowing you are at peace. Every moment with you was a cherished "extra" moment these last few months. We were privileged to have been chosen to care for you for 8 wonderful years. Good-Bye our little "Braveheart" Boy.

Love, Always & Forever,

Mommy & Daddy

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Dec. 13, 1993 - May 29, 2002


At Peace At The Rainbow Bridge waiting for

Pat & Ron

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I was graduating college and found this to be the best gift one could ever receive, an Irish Setter Puppy. Long ago I met one who was so majestic and had such compassionate eyes that it's image never left my heart and so I knew this would be the companion for me. I knew a new puppy would take a lot of time and patience and especially love and care which I was ready to offer. He was my first child. He gave me so much love and companionship, not only for me but for my father as well.

Later in my life, when I did have a husband and then our own children, Riley was so attentive and loving and protective. He was an amazing animal that spoke to you in his own ways.

At age seven he starting having seizures and we did all that we could to maintain them but they continued to occur every month. Our vet, who handled many epileptic animals felt it was wise to do a Spinal Tap which we discover he had four discs that were putting pressure on his spinal column causing these seizures. At the age of eight, his body did not filter the anesthesia well and his lung collapsed and he more than likely got a blood clot to his brain and passed away in his sleep. I thought you would be coming home later that day, I never got to say my final good-bye to you when you were alive. You looked very peaceful which made me glad.

Riley will not suffer anymore and our treasured times with him will never be forgotten. My father has requested his ashes to be mixed with his when his day comes and I will always have a special place in my heart for my Riley baby and look forward to reunited with him.

The recent days are tough when there is silence when you should be barking at the mail person or scratching at the door to go outside or speaking to me to let me know you want a doggie bone or just some love. I'll keep your leash hanging inside the door so when I open it, I will hear it jangle and reminisce on the many miles we have walked together and look forward to the day when we can walk together again.

You have lived the 'Life of Riley' and I am happy to have offered that to you.

Love, Mom

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January 3, 1994 -March 14, 2002

Forever loved and never forgotten

Your Family and Friends

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