MAY 6, 2001

In loving memory of:

Amy's Crickett

Angela's Schatze

Bob and Joanie's Midnight

Jordan's Kody

Lynn's Darcy

Rene's Jill

Rachel's Khiori

joanne_asia says, I would like to start the service by having Cynthia read The Fragile Circle  

cynbogiebit says, We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own

cynbogiebit says, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached.

cynbogiebit says, Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way.

cynbogiebit says, We cherish memory as the only certain immortality,

cynbogiebit says, never fully understanding the necessary plan.  


joanne_asia says, As we light a candle for each Angel pup we will allow some time for anyone who would like to say something in remembrance of that pup

joanne_asia says, We will begin with lighting a candle for Rachel's Khiori...............

Bert_Jas says, ((((((Rachel)))))

julie_aisha says, Khiori, may you continue to have the smile that captured my heart

DebDudepup says, and that wonderful wink...

sandie_radar says, Khiori, a very special pup who will always live on in our memories

Bert_Jas says, I'll always remember that smiling face!

tbboorn says, (((((Rachel))))))

julie_aisha says, And bring extraordinary joy to the Rainbow Bridge

rachel_khiori says, Khiori, she'll always be my shining star

Lo_Forde says, blue -green for Khiori ((Rachel))

nanz_tahoe says, God bless Khiori who knew the love of Rachel and Sean and gave back so much joy

joanne_asia says, Rachel, Khiori's beauty and spirit will live in your heart forever

DebDudepup says, You are very loved here, Rachel

rachel_khiori says, ty

lynne_white2 says, special memories always Rachel

sandie_radar says, You are a very special lady Rachel.

DebDudepup says, Kisses to sweet Solo also

rachel_khiori says, always  


joanne_asia says, Would you all please light a candle for Bob and Joanie's Midnight

reneebuddysoupgordon says, my candle is midnight blue...

sandie_radar says, Bob, I have a purple candle for Midnight in honor or her favorite color.

joanne_asia says, That is so special for a really beautiful pup

julie_aisha says, Beautiful Midnight, your fur so shiny black.  I am sure you are at the Rainbow Bridge playing with all the pups

bpurgason says, She was my special Sunshine, and we miss her so much right now.

Bert_Jas says, Another lovely lady....Midnight

nanz_tahoe says, Midnight is chasing butterflies at the bridge

joanne_asia says, Along with Pooh Bear and china

bpurgason says, probably chasing a ball too.

DebDudepup says, Midnight is in the best imaginable company

Bert_Jas says, Midnight is such a beautiful name too, Bob & Joanie

joanne_asia says, Midnight had the most incredible face

bpurgason says, and eyes, deep into her soul..

cynbogiebit says, So many of our loved ones; I'm glad they can wait together for us.

sandie_radar says, Midnight was incredibly gorgeous

rachel_khiori says, me too Cyn

bpurgason says, she was a real beauty.

Bert_Jas says, Yes, she was, Bob

julie_aisha says, Bob and Joanie, her photo has brought presence to everyone, and she really has touched me with her sweet eyes

cynbogiebit says, Beautiful especially in spirit!

Bert_Jas says, and she is still beautiful at the bridge

bpurgason says, Thanks to all of you for your wonderful and thoughtful words.

cynbogiebit says, Completely healthy and whole--except for the heart spot that is missing us.

gsdmom says, I believe the epi-pups at the bridge get together and talk about us too

julie_aisha says, {{{hugs to you}}}

cynbogiebit says, I think they must have formed their own special family, as we have.

tbboorn says, ((((HUGS)))))

Bert_Jas says, I think you're right, Cyn!

sandie_radar says, I'm sure they have Cynthia


joanne_asia says, We would now like to light candles for Lynne's Darcy

Bert_Jas says, (((Lynne)))

tbboorn says, (((((Lynne)))))

sandie_radar says, Darcy, a gorgeous Gordon who will always be remembered with love

jacqui_kodi_casey says, (((Lynne)))

Bert_Jas says, Darcy will live on forever in your heart

lynne_white2 says, Darcy was my gentle soul and I miss him so much

joanne_asia says, Lynne, my heart goes out to you. I know what you are going through

tbboorn says, Darcy was the special one!!!!

julie_aisha says, May Darcy be happy and healthy at the Bridge and bring lots of joy and happiness to all the pups Darcy touches

DebDudepup says, he's not so very far away

sandie_radar says, And in the hearts of all who got to know him through you

nanz_tahoe says, Hugs to you Lynne, Darcy will always be close in your heart

Bert_Jas says, And watching over you, Lynne

lynne_white2 says, I still see his face everywhere I look

tbboorn says, Darcy is there, chasing butterflies.

sandie_radar says, Hugs to you Lynne

rachel_khiori says, ((((lynne))))

tbboorn says, He's in your heart forever.

Bert_Jas says, chasing leaves....that's nice

tbboorn says, What a BEAUTIFUL boy!!!!!

julie_aisha says, Lynne, I can imagine how much of a void it must be, and my heart is with you and everyone else who has lost their child

lynne_white2 says, Your words mean a lot to me because you all do really understand, thank you

tbboorn says, Thank you, Lynne.  


joanne_asia says, Can we all light a candle for Rene's Jill.....

cynbogiebit says, Although you're separated now, it's good to know they aren't lost, but enjoying Rainbow Bridge together while they wait for us to join them.

Bert_Jas says, Sweet Jillie Bean.....

julie_aisha says, Jill, what can I say, you touched so many of us, you will always be remembered

sandie_radar says, We have a blue candle for Jillie Bean

Bert_Jas says, (((((Rachel)))))

reneebuddysoupgordon says, me too

joanne_asia says, Sweet little Jilly Bean, you are missed so much

sandie_radar says, She was a very special pup to us.

tbboorn says, ((Rene))  

sandie_radar says, She will live on in our hearts forever.

DebDudepup says, special thoughts for her grieving brother Jack

sandie_radar says, And for the pup that she sent to Rene, Diane

DebDudepup says, yes

cynbogiebit says, Yes!

rachel_khiori says, yes

tbboorn says, YES

lynne_white2 says, sweet memories

nanz_tahoe says, Hugs to you Rene

sandie_radar says, Hugs to Rene and Jeff

gsdmom says, and Jack

jacqui_kodi_casey says, from me too

sandie_radar says, I wish that our time with these precious pups was not so short

nanz_tahoe says, Jilly Bean is watching over her family

sandie_radar says, Radar misses his Jilly Bean

nanz_tahoe says, ((Radar))

Bert_Jas says, ((Radar))))

cynbogiebit says, She feels your arms with every hug you give the little angel she sent you.

lufeeryder33 says, Oh Cyn 


joanne_asia says, I would like Cynthia to read "A Million Times I Will Miss You".....

cynbogiebit says, They say memories are golden;

cynbogiebit says, well, maybe that is true.

cynbogiebit says, I never wanted memories,

cynbogiebit says, I only wanted you.

cynbogiebit says, A million times I will miss you,

cynbogiebit says, a million times I will cry.

cynbogiebit says, If love alone could have saved you,

cynbogiebit says, you never would have died.

cynbogiebit says, In life I loved you dearly,

cynbogiebit says, in death I love you still.

cynbogiebit says, In my heart you hold a place

cynbogiebit says, no pup could ever fill.

cynbogiebit says, It broke my heart to lose you,

cynbogiebit says, but you did not go alone.

cynbogiebit says, For part of me went with you,

cynbogiebit says, the day God called you home.

cynbogiebit says, Your precious memory is my keepsake,

cynbogiebit says, with which I'll never part.

cynbogiebit says, God has you safe in His keeping,

cynbogiebit says, but I'll have you forever in my heart.

cynbogiebit says, If tears could build a stairway,

cynbogiebit says, and heartache make a lane,

cynbogiebit says, I'd walk the path to heaven

cynbogiebit says, and bring you back again.

cynbogiebit says, Our family chain is broken,

cynbogiebit says, and nothing seems the same.

cynbogiebit says, But as God calls us one by one,

cynbogiebit says, the chain will link again.  

greg_suede says, The care and love you people share with your "very special" babies is immeasurable.

tbboorn says, Lynne are you alright?

nanz_tahoe says, That was beautiful

rachel_khiori says, *sniff*

tbboorn says, Rachel?

Bert_Jas says, Yes, it was beautiful, Cyn - thank you!

rachel_khiori says, I'm hanging in there.

sandie_radar says, Is everyone ok?

gsdmom says, Sob

jacqui_kodi_casey says, That was beautiful

tbboorn says, Good. I can't see the screen.

jacqui_kodi_casey says, not here

lufeeryder33 says, I don't know about Rachel, I barely am

lynne_white2 says, Yes, I'm okay

rachel_khiori says, tilt your head, let the tears fall out

julie_aisha says, {{{Lynne}}}  


joanne_asia says, I would now like to have you all light a candle for Jordan's Kody.......

julie_aisha says, Kody will live on in the hearts of so many, and is happily waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for Jordan

 Bert_Jas says, Sweet Kody - missed so much by Jordan

nanz_tahoe says, For Kody, likely leading the races at the bridge

julie_aisha says, (((hugs Rachel)))

sandie_radar says, Kody, the gentle tyrant and a very sweet Greyhound

joanne_asia says, Kody was the most beautiful greyhound.  So elegant and special

rachel_khiori says, ah Nancy, that's beautiful

rachel_khiori says, running free

sandie_radar says, And seizure Free at the Rainbow bridge

lufeeryder33 says, Just imagine he is the wind that dances around your face

cynbogiebit says, Especially that!

jacqui_kodi_casey says, That's the best part

lynne_white2 says, at peace

Bert_Jas says, Yes, Jacqui

sandie_radar says, Hugs to Jordan

Bert_Jas says, and Lynne

rachel_khiori says, yes, at peace.

rachel_khiori says, no more seizures

julie_aisha says, {{{{Jordan}}}}

tbboorn says, (((Jordon)))

julie_aisha says, Jordan, you are in all our thoughts tonight, and so much love to you and Kody

rachel_khiori says, my tissue pile is growing.

tbboorn says, I can't breathe.

tbboorn says, Can't spell either.

jacqui_kodi_casey says, mine ran out--sniffle sniffle

joanne_asia says, Lynne, my heart goes out to you.  I know how hard this must be for you

lynne_white2 says, It's hard to see the keyboard at the moment

tbboorn says, ((((((Lynne)))))



joanne_asia says, Can we all light our candles for Amy's Cricket now.......

tbboorn says, (((AMY)))

julie_aisha says, Cricket, may you romp through the beautiful fields at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for Amy.

joanne_asia says, Sweet little Cricket will be in our hearts forever

sandie_radar says, My candle is shining bright for Cricket who will run free and happy at the Rainbow Bridge

tbboorn says, Running through the wildflowers.

julie_aisha says, Amy, our thoughts are with you tonight

lynne_white2 says, My thoughts are also with you

gsdmom says, Hugs to Amy and Cricket at the Bridge

rachel_khiori says, as are mine

Bert_Jas says, chasing the butterflies and the leaves..

cynbogiebit says, That little breeze you feel on your cheek, that's really her breath telling you she's not as far away as she seems.

rachel_khiori says, let the tears come - they are healing.  


joanne_asia says, We can now light a candle for Angela's Schatze

julie_aisha says, I cannot imagine how hard this must be for you all who have lost your furkids, lots of love and light to you all

tbboorn says, I second that.

rachel_khiori says, ty, the love of others is what keeps me going.

sandie_radar says, Schatze is a truly beautiful greyhound; inside and out.

julie_aisha says, Beautiful Schatze, we will never forget you

sandie_radar says, The story of her rescue is incredible  

cynbogiebit says, Yes, Sandie, it is.

bpurgason says, Beautiful thoughts for Schatze

joanne_asia says, I know how painful this must be to all of you but we will be finshed in a few minutes so hang in there with us

sandie_radar says, She touched the hearts of all who met her.

cynbogiebit says, And even those who know her only through this list.

Bert_Jas says, Running through the forests and fields at the Bridge.....

tbboorn says, Chasing the rabbits.

julie_aisha says, Our thoughts are with you Angela tonight, along with a boatload of cyber hugs

rachel_khiori says, beautiful soul running free

cynbogiebit says, No more aches and pains.

sandie_radar says, Right Cynthia

lynne_white2 says, happy and healthy again

rachel_khiori says, *nod*

tbboorn says, Playing forever in the sun

nanz_tahoe says, All the pups are whole again, peaceful and seizure free

gsdmom says, maybe she is racing with Kody

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