Dale's Samantha

Southern Ontario Mud Wrestling Champion


Samantha is a Golden Retriever who has successfully completed her SOMWC title...that is, Southern Ontario Mud Wrestling Championship for the years 2000, and 2001. She has worked hard at scaring off most competitors with her antics, so I suppose you could say she cheats. She never lets the other dogs in her puddle!

We discovered her passion for competition in mud wrestling after she was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. It was frightening in the beginning, but with the support of others I learned to relax and let her do what she does best. Get dirty! I am still working on getting her to understand the final bell!

Sam and I travel to our competitions well prepared with dark clothing, a 5 gallon jug of water, a lot of towels, a camera (really should get a zoom lens...would be safer!) and her medication and Rescue Remedy just in case. Oh yes! And an old carpet in the back of the van!

She is willing to take on any and all challengers!