Ina's Lucy

Lucy at the

Pug Dog Club of America Western Regional
Novice A High Score

4 year old Pug girl
Novice Obedience
No medication

Lucy and I started competing in Novice A Obedience in October 2000 at the National Pug Specialty. I love to attend the National Specialty. I watched the obedience competition at the National for two years. Very few pugs do obedience, and, at the National Specialty, everyone is really supportive of everyone who tries.

Lucy and I will probably never be considered serious competitors. Two days before her first time in the ring, Lucy had her second seizure. We had a long talk with our vet and decided to go to Nationals anyway, and see how it went. Our first time in the ring, I made so many mistakes I should have been excused, but the judge was kind and we qualified with a 170 1/2. Our second day in the ring, there was bait on the floor from the conformation competition the day before. Once I took the leash off, Lucy cleaned the entire ring, then slid out under the expando fence, ran up on the stage, where she had her picture taken the day before, and refused to come to me for anything. I had to climb up on stage, chase her down, and then the judge had to help me back into the ring. Lucy was very proud, everyone knew her after that. With lots of help from the other competitors, Lucy and I stayed in the ring the third day and qualified again. Well, we had two legs.

We didn't do any more obedience until summer 2001. Lucy hadn't forgotten anything, and just bounced when we went to a fun match, so I decided we'd start working and see if we could finish her CD at the Pug National Specialty in September 2001. Lucy was really on the first day, and we completed our CD with a score of 190. We also qualified the other two days, so we've qualified five times.

Just for fun, we are entered in our first all breed show in December 2001. Lucy hasn't had any seizures since October 2000, and she has wonderful fun doing obedience, just prances along side me, and races to me on the recall. She is also a clown, and refused to sit on the halts the final day we showed in September. Who knows what she may have in mind for me at our first all breed show?