Mary Jane's Maggie May

Back Yard Agility Winner

Mary Jane's Maggie May making her jump!

6 1/2 yo/27 lb. Beagle; Back Yard Agility Winner
Medications: Valium Protocol as needed for cluster seizures

My Beagle, Maggie May, had her first seizure when she was 3 years old. She had taken several obedience and agility classes prior to this. Maggie May is very agile and enjoyed jumping and running so much that I set up an agility course in our back yard. Maggie would run the course almost every day. Although she has never competed in formal agility trials, she is our backyard agility winner!

I feel that as long as your dog is not stressed during any workout, there is no problem with continuing any activity that they enjoy. I am always very careful to keep Maggie quiet for a while after any seizure activity. Maggie has cluster seizures. Sometime it may take a week for her to bounce back to normal. Also, if your dog is having some side effects (muscle weakness, increased drowsiness, etc.) during medication adjustments, give them some time before you get back to agility or any workout. I feel like it is good for them to continue to enjoy their normal routine. They are just like people and wouldn't want things that they enjoy taken away from them - unless, of course, it is harmful to them.

For a picture of Maggie May with her sister, Lily Morena, and more information on Maggie, click here.

Updated 12/02