DECEMBER 28, 2001


In loving memory of:


Beth's Brandy Fiona's Frodo

Fred's Zeke

Idalia's Benji Joanne's Asia Karina's Tazz
Kathy's Pepper Meadowlark's Powwow Terri's Sadie


Carol & Spartan's friend Shadow Dayne & Miss Bardot's Bailey Deb & Dude's Ozzycat

Elaine's Buster

Jan, Ed, & Kirk's Banner

Jordan's Geisha

Judi's Tasha

Website Epi-pups:  

 Anna's Woody Anne-Marie's Byson Brenda, John, Breanna, and Danielle's Thunder
Carl's Tucker Chris's Otis DeVonna & Ernie's Spencer

Jay's Cody

Kim's Samantha Scott's Louie

Wendie and Dave's Jade


The Rainbow Bridge The Fragile Circle A Million Times I Will Miss You
When I Got to the Gates of Heaven Asia's Poem



 Just this side of Heaven is a place called the Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here,

that pet goes to the Rainbow Bridge.

There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.

There is plenty of food, water and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable.


All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor;

those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again,

just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing:

they each miss someone very special, someone who has been left behind.


They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance.

His bright eyes are intent; his eager body begins to quiver.

Suddenly, he breaks from the group, flying over the green grass, faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet,

you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again.

The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head,

and you look once more into those trusting eyes,

so long gone from your life, but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together... 


Bert_Jas says, I'd like to thank everyone for coming and explain that we will do things a little differently tonight.

Bert_Jas says, We will have 3 parts of the ceremony.  During the first part we will remember those pups that some of us have met through our website contacts; during the second part of the ceremony, we'll honor and light candles for our email list epi-pups; and the third part of the ceremony will be dedicated to those epi-pals and friends who have gone to the Bridge since September.

Bert_Jas says, We'll begin the ceremony by having Dale read "The Fragile Circle"

dale_sam_2000 says,

"We who chose to surround ourselves with lives

even more temporary than our own,

live within a fragile circle,

easily and often breached.


 Unable to accept its awful gaps,

we still would live no other way.

We cherish memory as the only certain immortality,

never fully understanding the necessary plan."


Bert_Jas says, We'll begin by honoring and remembering some of the pups we've met through our website.

Bert_Jas says, These special pups all lost their battle with epilepsy either before or after contacting us for help.

Bert_Jas says, Would you please light a single candle as I read the names of the pups?

Anna's Woody

Scott's Louie

Carl's Tucker

DeVonna & Ernie's Spencer

Kim's Samantha

Brenda, John, Breanna, and Danielle's Thunder

Jay's Cody

Anne-Marie's Byson

Chris's Otis

Wendie and Dave's Jade


Bert_Jas says, We'll take a moment to say a silent prayer for all these special little spirits

dale_sam_2000 says, May God watch over then as they wait at the bridge

pat_dixie says, Amen.

julie_aisha says, May all the pups be playing happily with each other while they wait at the bridge

woofwoof_ca says, sweet puppers

pa_big says, forever living on in the hearts of those that loved them.

lindaxan says, hugs to all and God Bless

lorianne33 says, together they are all now seizure free

kirknjan says, Oh that is so wonderful to think about....seizure free at the Bridge

MoonsWife says, Amen

nanz_tahoe says, Forever happy

anne_shaft says, bless their dear hearts forever

spartanscarol says, Soaring through the sunlight on their angels' wings

julie_aisha says, Oh, that is beautiful Carol


Bert_Jas says, We'll continue the ceremony by remembering a very special pup to all of us and the light of her Mom's life - Joanne's Asia....

Bert_Jas says, Would you all please light a candle for Angel Asia.


nanz_tahoe says, Sweet Lil' Asia

DebDudepup says, I'm lighting Angel Harley's special candle for Asia, Lorianne

julie_aisha says, Asia, you are surrounded by pups who love you, Pooh Bear and China and lovingly watching over Joanne

lorianne33 says, Oh, Deb ...

lorianne33 says, (((DEB)))

rich_dusty says, I am lighting a candle for Angel Asia...a candle will always burn in my heart for Asia, China Pooh Bear and Joanne.

dale_sam_2000 says, ((((((Joanne)))))

nanz_tahoe says, China & Asia together again

tbboorn says, (((Joanne)))

lindaxan says, may the light always burn brightly for you Asia

lorianne33 says, Our "healing heart" candle is lit for Asia

spartanscarol says, (((((Joanne)))))  A golden candle here for the angel of our Angel.

pat_dixie says, Loving light for Joanne and Asia.

lorianne33 says, And our "Guardian Angel" candle is lit for Joanne & Deb & all the Guardian Angels

bethpal96 says, Asia left in time for Joanne to save another baby at Christmas

DebDudepup says, Carried to the Bridge on our loving prayers

marirose27 says, we are all with you Joanne

Joanne_Asia says, I appreciate all your support and caring

pa_big says, Free to run and play and watch over all those she loves...She'll be forever in all our hearts and especially her mommy's.

pat_dixie says, Asia is in our thoughts and prayers, Joanne!

lynne_white2 says, Hugs for you Joanne

DebDudepup says, No doubt all of our Angel pups gathered to give Asia a special greeting.

julie_aisha says, And Joanne, you are in our thoughts and prayers too, and I am sending you lots of strength and energy

dale_sam_2000 says, Joanne, you have taught so many the meaning of love and caring...

anne_shaft says, Asia will always be in our hearts..

MoonsWife says, *)'(* Asia

kathy_dusty says, {{{{{{{Joanne}}}}}}}

pat_dixie says, Yes, Joanne, your love  has helped us all!

tbboorn says, ((((Joanne))))

pat_dixie says, Thank you, Joanne!

Joanne_Asia says, I am always here for each of you

dale_sam_2000 says, Asia is free...

lindaxan says, hugs Joanne!!!!!

DebDudepup says, Rich, your Angel Jake and Pooh Bear side by side at the head of the line

dale_sam_2000 says, but she will be forever in your heart Joanne

pat_dixie says, We are so lucky to have you, Joanne!

rockit_esq says, {{{Joanne}}}

spartanscarol says, And for that we are eternally grateful, Joanne.  You are mom to all our pups.

rich_dusty says, I am truly, truly sorry, is particularly hard when they are gone at so young an age.

MoonsWife says, agreed :-(

Joanne_Asia says, I appreciate all of your comments and love that you are sending

Bert_Jas says, We would now like to remember Judi's very special Angel Tasha.  Could you please light a candle for the headstrong, but much-loved Angel Tasha who is probably running things at the Bridge now!


DebDudepup says, {{{Tasha}}}

tbboorn says, (((Judi)))

spartanscarol says, Bless you Tasha.  ((((Judi))))

rockit_esq says, along with Skye {{{tasha}}}

kirknjan says, The Bridge needed someone to be in charge

julie_aisha says, ((((Judi))))  Angel Tasha is with you

bethpal96 says, Judi - so sorry about Tasha

lorianne33 says, Tasha, you will be dearly missed

lindaxan says, Judi!!!!!

Joanne_Asia says, ((((((Judi))))))

dale_sam_2000 says, Judi, how sad to lose one you have loved so long...

DebDudepup says, Here's a wonderful tale about Angel the age of 11, she hung on the side of a septic pit for hours until she was rescued by Judi and her husband.

dale_sam_2000 says, ((((Judi))))

bethpal96 says, Wow - what will power

anne_shaft says, so many beautiful memories to cherish of Tasha

kirknjan says, poor thing....what a strong girl she was

lindaxan says, what a girl

spartanscarol says, Determination....what a wonderful quality in a pup (although we may not always appreciate it.)

kathy_dusty says, {{{Judi}}}

DebDudepup says, And though grumpy, was always a loving nurse to Angel Keno

nanz_tahoe says, Warm hugs and prayers being sent your way (((Judi)))

dale_sam_2000 says, The grumpy ones make the best nurses sometimes!

pa_big says, My thoughts and prayers are with you Judi....

marirose27 says, I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Judi

DebDudepup says, Angel Tasha...truly an original

rich_dusty says, Lighting a candle for Tasha and Judi...

lindaxan says, Tasha what a sweetie

bethpal96 says, hang onto your memories!

Bert_Jas says, We'll continue the ceremony by remembering and honoring the "list" pups with epilepsy who have gone to the Bridge since September.  The name of each Angelpup will be read individually while candles are lit for that pup.  Then we will allow a few moments for all of you who would like to say something in remembrance of that special pup.

Bert_Jas says, Please light a candle for Idalia's sweet Benji - Idalia had planned to be here, but doesn't have home access to a computer...  


kirknjan says, Bless Benji, poor little guy, he is missed so much

rockit_esq says, {{{Idalia}}} and Angel Benji

tbboorn says, (((Idalia)))

lindaxan says, (((((  Idalia))))))

nanz_tahoe says, (((Idalia and Angel Benji)))

julie_aisha says, Oh, Idalia, Benji is with you, watching over you.  I know how much you loved him and you are in my thoughts and prayers

rich_dusty says, Lighting a candle for Benji.....

dale_sam_2000 says, ((((Idalia and Benji))))

lindaxan says, he was sooo loved

bethpal96 says, goodbye Benij

spartanscarol says, ((((Idalia))))  Fly high, Angel Benji!

Joanne_Asia says, ((((Idalia))))

kathy_dusty says, {{{Idalia}}}  

Bert_Jas says, We will now light a candle for Kathy's little Doktor Pepper.


julie_aisha says, (((Kathy))), Pepper is sorely missed, and I am glad that I had the privilege to get to know that sweet pup by way of your wonderful stories

MoonsWife says, I sorely miss my PeppaDawg...

dale_sam_2000 says, ((((Kathy)))))

rockit_esq says, {{{Kathy}}} and Angel Pepper

tbboorn says, (((Kathy)))

dale_sam_2000 says, He is free now!

MoonsWife says, Words can't tell the ... y'all know what I mean

kirknjan says, Pepper got his wings

DebDudepup says, thank you so much for sharing him with us, Kathy.....he lives in all of our hearts

Joanne_Asia says, (((Kathy)))

lindaxan says, ((((((   Kathy ))))))

nanz_tahoe says, (((Kathy))))

kathy_dusty says, {{{Kathy}}}

dale_sam_2000 says, what a special, funny guy!

spartanscarol says, (((((Kathy)))))  Pepper is right by your side.  Such a sweetheart of a pup he was.

bethpal96 says, Kathy - so sorry about Pepper , but at least he went with my Brandy

pa_big says, Benji and Pepper...Free and healthy and playing together at the bridge...

MoonsWife says, I love you "guys" s'much- ya'll helped keep him here a while longer

anne_shaft says, loving memories abound

rich_dusty says, I am sorry, a candle for Pepper

dale_sam_2000 says, only wish it could have been much longer Kathy...there is never enough time

kirknjan says, I know he enjoyed the fried Okra, though

MoonsWife says, Agreed- Thankful for what I did have.  He turned 4yr's old 09/12

MoonsWife says, LOL

pa_big says, life is but a vapor that passes by so quickly...

Bert_Jas says, Please light a candle for Beth's beloved Brandy.


tbboorn says, (((Beth)))

DebDudepup says, {{{Beth}}}}

rockit_esq says, {{{Beth}}} and Angel Brandy

MoonsWife says, *)'(* Brandy

dale_sam_2000 says, Angel Brandy is free now!

bethpal96 sniffs.

DebDudepup says, you and Brandy fought a heroic battle against his lymphoma

kirknjan says, so sorry for your loss, Beth

lindaxan says, ((((((( Beth  )))))))

pa_big says, May Brandy live forever in your heart

kathy_dusty says, {{{Beth}}}

spartanscarol says, ((((Beth))))  Brandy is romping and playing now.

julie_aisha says, Beth, Brandy was absolutely beautiful, she is now in a beautiful place, happy and healthy

lynne_white2 says, Brandy is at peace

nanz_tahoe says, Cancer free and at peace

anne_shaft says, Sorry for your loss of Brandy, Beth

bethpal96 says, If it weren't for the knowledge of this group and the valium protocol, Brandy wouldn't have lived to fight his lymphoma, so thank you

DebDudepup says, Brandy is with Sasha and Pal, God love them all

Joanne_Asia says, (((Beth)))

bethpal96 says, I still miss him sitting on my lap. I need a new baby who will do this !

dale_sam_2000 says, Lap dogs are special!

DebDudepup says, that baby will find you, Beth....,never doubt that and what a lucky fur baby to be.

spartanscarol says, And Brandy is searching for the perfect on just to bring to you, Beth.

rich_dusty says, And they are so brave fighting the cancer...candle lit for Brandy  

Bert_Jas says, We'll continue now by lighting a candle in memory of Terri's Sadie, the Sweetest Pea of all!


woofwoof_ca says, "Run Fast, Run Free, Dear Precious Sweet Pea"

dale_sam_2000 says, (((((Terri))))))

nanz_tahoe says, (((Terri - Sweet Pea)))

Joanne_Asia says, ((((Terri))))

kathy_dusty says, {{{{Terri}}}}

lynne_white2 says, I feel like I knew her Terri, she is now with my Darcy at peace again

lindaxan says, ((((((((  Terri   ))))))

spartanscarol says, ((((Terri))))

DebDudepup says, {{{Terri}}}}

MoonsWife says, SweetPea!

dale_sam_2000 says, Sadie was such a special pup!

pa_big says, Dear Sweet Pea....

julie_aisha says, (((Terri))) Sadie is happy and healthy, running... playing with all the pups, she is with you

lynne_white2 says, Her photo is on my desk

woofwoof_ca says, (((((((((TERRI))))))))))

DebDudepup says, No doubt Lady pup greeted Sadie first.

tbboorn says, She fought so long and hard, never showing anything but a smile!!

kirknjan says, Terri she will never really leave you

rockit_esq says, {{{Terri}}} and Sadie

nanz_tahoe says, will always be with you in your heart and memories, cherish them

pat_dixie says, Dear Sadie!

lynne_white2 says, Bet my Darcy was waiting for her at the bridge

rich_dusty says, Lighting a candle for Sadie

woofwoof_ca says, She was a brave girl!!!!! and so is her MOM......very brave

lindaxan says, Terri I'm so happy to get to meet your sweet pea in person in Oct.

tbboorn says, Me too.

lindaxan says, she was truly a SWEET PEA

tbboorn says, She was always a joy, my sunshine.

woofwoof_ca says, I loved her pic with Santa

tbboorn says, She had just a good day with Santa.

dale_sam_2000 says, And now she shines down on you every day Terri

lindaxan says, yes it was good one

anne_shaft says, hugs to you Terri

julie_aisha says, Terri, I am almost finished with her Memorial Page, I will let you know when her cutie pie face is up

lynne_white2 says, Big hugs to you, wish I was there for you

tbboorn says, thank you Julie

DebDudepup says, I can't wait to see her picture

woofwoof_ca says, a red candle is lit for Sweet Pea

tbboorn says, thanks Lynne

tbboorn says, thank you Bren

lindaxan says, my  candle is lit too Terri

tbboorn says, Thanks Linda

Bert_Jas says, Fred's Zeke lost his battle with epilepsy on the day of our last Candle lighting Ceremony,  Would you please light a candle now for Zeke.


rockit_esq says, {{{Fred}}} and Angel Zeke

nanz_tahoe says, Awww Zeke (((Fred))))

DebDudepup says, Fred's Little Man

dale_sam_2000 says, (((((Fred)))))

tbboorn says, (((Fred)))

pat_dixie says, Sweet, brave  Zeke!

bethpal96 says, So sorry Fred

lynne_white2 says, So sorry Fred

julie_aisha says, (((Fred))) Zeke is at the bridge, causing mischief and partying with all the other pups

kirknjan says, Poor sorry he left you Fred

Joanne_Asia says, ((((Fred))))

lindaxan says, (((( FRed)))))

nanz_tahoe says, surely must be! LOL

scarlet655 says, Brave, Brave Zeke!

dale_sam_2000 says, Fred's best little buddy

julie_aisha says, I miss all the fun Zeke stories!

pa_big says, Fred and Zeke,  I sure miss hearing of his antics...

spartanscarol says, (((((Fred))))) Wonderful Angel Zeke

dale_sam_2000 says, He was an adventurer!

anne_shaft says, Bless dear Zeke

rich_dusty says, Sorry, a candle for Zeke

Bert_Jas says, We will now light a candle for Meadowlark's wonderful Powwow.


nanz_tahoe says, ((((Powwow))))

julie_aisha says, Powwow, may you continue to watch over Meadowlark

dale_sam_2000 says, Poor Meadowlark...

pat_dixie says, Dear Powwow!

nanz_tahoe says, hard to lose a buddie

rockit_esq says, {{{Meadowlark}}} and Angel Powwow

spartanscarol says, ((((Angel Powwow))))

pa_big says, Dear Angel Powwow

DebDudepup says, You are in our thoughts and prayers, Meadowlark

scarlet655 says, Sweet Angel Powwow

rich_dusty says, Lighting a candle for Powwow

Joanne_Asia says, ((((Meadowlark))))

tbboorn says, (((Meadowlark)))

scarlet655 says, Hang in there, Meadowlark.  

Bert_Jas says, Fiona was not able to be with us tonight, but is with us in her thoughts.  Would you please remember her dear Frodo by lighting a candle for him.


debskirby says, Lighting my candles for each and everyone of you, who lost there babies, you are all in my thoughts

rockit_esq says, {{{Fiona}}} and Angel Frodo

Joanne_Asia says, ((((Fiona))))

pat_dixie says, Fiona and Angel Frodo!

DebDudepup says, Oh, Frodo....his mommy fought so hard for him.

kirknjan says, Angel Frodo, playing there at the Bridge

tbboorn says, (((Fiona)))

pa_big says, Your in my thoughts Fiona and dear Angel Frodo

rich_dusty says, Lighting a candle for Frodo

julie_aisha says, (((Frodo))) you are now at peace, happily at the bridge waiting for Fiona

anne_shaft says, Dear Frodo, it was so hard for Fiona, sorry, Fiona

dale_sam_2000 says, ((((Fiona))))

bethpal96 says, Frodo, run free

dale_sam_2000 says, Frodo is running free and happy now

scarlet655 says, Fiona, Frodo will be watching over you.

dale_sam_2000 says, he will wait for you...

scarlet655 says, no more seizures!

DebDudepup says, a big Golden boy....

Bert_Jas says, We learned only last night of the recent loss of Karina's sweet Tazz.  Would you please light a candle for Angel Tazz.


julie_aisha says, Karina, I am so sorry!  Tazz is healthy and free, watching over you

rockit_esq says, {{{Karina}}} and Angel Tazz

dale_sam_2000 says, ((((Karina))))

kirknjan says, So sorry to have lost another...Angel Tazz

lindaxan says, ((((((  Karina  ))))))

nanz_tahoe says, So sorry Karina

lorianne33 says, Oh, no ... so sorry

pat_dixie says, So sorry about Tazz...

scarlet655 says, Oh, Karina, I didn't know.  I am so very, very sorry.

pa_big says, Dear Karina,  I am so thoughts are with you.

spartanscarol says, Karina, I'm sorry.  Prayers for you and Angel Tazz.

rich_dusty says, Sorry, a candle for Tazz

debskirby says, I am so sorry Karina

Joanne_Asia says, ((((Karina))))

tbboorn says, (((Karina)))

scarlet655 says, Karina, I am sure my Angel Duncan met him at the Bridge.

DebDudepup says, Karina....wish we had known

bethpal96 says, So Sorry Karina - it does get easier

anne_shaft says, I am so sorry, Karina

Bert_Jas says, We'll continue the ceremony with Pat reading the poem "A Million Times I Will Miss You"

pat_dixie says,

"They say memories are golden

Well, maybe that is true.

I never wanted memories,

I only wanted you.


A million times I will miss you,

a million times I will cry

If love alone could have saved you,

you never would have died.


In life I loved you dearly,

In death I love you still.

In my heart you hold a place

no other pup could ever fill.


It broke my heart to lose you

but you did not go alone

For part of me went with you

the day God called you home.


Your precious memory is my keepsake,

with which I'll never part.

God has you safe in His keeping

But I'll have you forever in my heart.


If tears could build a stairway

and heartache make a lane

I'd walk the path to heaven

and bring you back again.


Our family chain is broken

and nothing seems the same.

But as God calls us one by one

The chain will link again."


Bert_Jas says, Before we continue, we'd like to take a minute to say a silent prayer for all of the Angel pups we've remembered.


rich_dusty says, Thank you, Pat, for reading "A Million Times I Will Miss You"

Bert_Jas says, We'll continue now by remembering and honoring the special pals of our epi-pups who have gone to the Bridge in the last three months.  I ask that you light a candle for each of these wonderful epi-pals who meant so much to their epi-friends and their families.  Again, please feel free to say whatever is in your heart after each pal's name is read.

Bert_Jas says, Please light a candle for our sweet Guardian Angel Deb's dear Ozzycat.  


dale_sam_2000 says, (((((((((Ozzycat)))))))

julie_aisha says, {{{{Deb}}}} Ozzycat will always be watching over you, I am so sorry for your loss

lorianne33 says, Oh, Deb, Ozzycat found you knowing that you would love him more than anyone could

kirknjan says, Ozzycat...what a story you had...

dale_sam_2000 says, You meant so much to Deb in your short time with her...

Joanne_Asia says, Oh Deb, I know  what Ozzycat meant to you....

Bert_Jas says, Sweetest baby kit....

DebDudepup says, Ozzycat.....I am holding your ashes to my heart right now.  thank you so much for finding me and letting me be your special human and caring for your tired body....

lynne_white2 says, So sorry Deb

rich_dusty says, Lighting a candle for Ozzycat

spartanscarol says, (((((Deb)))))  Ozzycat was blessed with a loving mom in you.

rockit_esq says, {{{Deb}}} and Angel Ozzycat

scarlet655 says, Ozzycat, what a wonderful name!

dale_sam_2000 says, I am so glad she had you for that special time!

bethpal96 says, Goodbye Ozzycat - so sorry Deb

marirose27 says, kitties are very special

woofwoof_ca says, (((((Deb))))))) so sorry about Ozzy cat

tbboorn says, (((DEB)))

DebDudepup says, my first ever kitty

dale_sam_2000 says, (((((deb)))))

scarlet655 says, Oh Deb, your first?

lindaxan says, (((DEb ))))   your OZZY cat!!!!!

dale_sam_2000 says, kitties are special in their own special way!

kirknjan says, In tears Deb, thinking of you holding Ozzycat's ashes close to your heart

rockit_esq says, deb gave a brave battle for little ozzycat

woofwoof_ca says, yes she did!!!!

pa_big says, Ozzycat was loved more in a short period of time than most cats get in a lifetime.  He was very lucky to have you Deb....

DebDudepup says, my first......this precious little container is so light

anne_shaft says, So sorry, Deb, cats leave a big hole when they leave, too

Bert_Jas says, A candle may now be lighted for Carol and Spartan's good friend, Shadow.  


kirknjan says, Sleep sweetly,

julie_aisha says, Oh, Carol, Shadow is with you and will always be in yours and Spartan's heart

DebDudepup says, {{{Shadow}}}}how valiantly your daddy and your Aunt Carol fought for you....

tbboorn says, (((Carol)))

dale_sam_2000 says, (((((((Shadow)))))

rockit_esq says, {{{Carol}}} and Angel Shadow

dale_sam_2000 says, You were so loved!

pa_big says, Dear Shadow...

Joanne_Asia says, ((((Carole))))

lindaxan says, ((((   Carol  ))))

rich_dusty says, Lighting a candle for Shadow

scarlet655 says, Sweet Shadow!

dale_sam_2000 says, ((((Carol))))

spartanscarol says, Thank you.  She was my sweet baby.  I miss you, my angel!

bethpal96 says, Rest Gently Shadow

scarlet655 says, Shadow will be near you...always watching over you.

anne_shaft says, Shadow will live in your heart

dale_sam_2000 says, She is free now Carol

DebDudepup says, Carol, please tell Shadow's daddy that I still keep him in my prayers and thoughts

spartanscarol says, I will, Deb.  Thank you.

Bert_Jas says, Would you please light a candle for Elaine's special guy, Buster.  


rockit_esq says, {{{Elaine}}} and Angel Buster

tbboorn says, (((Elaine)))

julie_aisha says, Buster was absolutely gorgeous, and regal, I am sure he is sitting on his large chair at the bridge waiting for you

DebDudepup says, {{{Elaine}}}}

scarlet655 says, Brave, Brave Angel Buster!

spartanscarol says, ((((Elaine))))  Angel Buster, run free.

ElleRomeo says, I am so glad Buster is a part of this memorial.  Thank You

kirknjan says, Buster and Banner are probably together at the Bridge

rich_dusty says, Lighting a candle for Angel Buster

rockit_esq says, {{{Elaine}}}

dale_sam_2000 says, (((Elaine))))

pa_big says, Dear Elaine....

Joanne_Asia says, ((((Elaine))))

kirknjan says, Angel Buster, watch over your mom

lindaxan says, ((((  Elaine   )))

DebDudepup says, I hope you believe with all of your heart that he is right beside you as we speak, Elaine

ElleRomeo says, He is with all the pups now!

dale_sam_2000 says, Buster is up there waiting...playing happily

scarlet655 says, Hang in there, Elaine.

anne_shaft says, So sorry, Elaine

ElleRomeo says, Thank You for all your words.  They mean so much.

Bert_Jas says, We'll now light a candle for Jan, Ed, and Kirk's beloved Banner....


dale_sam_2000 says, ((((((Jan)))))

julie_aisha says, {{{Jan}}} Banner is watching over you, Ed & Kirk, happy and running free with all the other pups

tbboorn says, ((jan & Ed))

lindaxan says, ((((Jan   )))))))

kirknjan says, Banner would have loved this attention, she was like Tasha

rich_dusty says, Lighting a candle for Banner

dale_sam_2000 says, hugs to Ed and Kirk too!

kirknjan says, the queen of everything

spartanscarol says, (((((Jan and sweet angel Banner)))))

scarlet655 says, {{{{{{Jan and family}}}}}}}}}

rockit_esq says, {{{jan}}} and Angel Banner

woofwoof_ca says, (((((Jan)))))

anne_shaft says, Dear Jan!  Sorry for your loss, Jan.

julie_aisha says, And I am sure Banner and Tasha have teamed up!

DebDudepup says, Banner indeed plays with Buster....and your special kitty Sylvester too, Jan.

kirknjan says, Oh thank you for remembering Sylvester....he was special

pa_big says, Jan I am so sorry for your loss

Joanne_Asia says, ((((Jan))))

kirknjan says, I hope Banner has made some friends at the Bridge, we miss her so here

DebDudepup says, Of course I remembered, was so kind of you to share his life with me as I grieved for my Ozzycat

dale_sam_2000 says, They all have friends at the bridge Jan...

kirknjan says, I have his ashes with Banner and our other angel Kringle

scarlet655 says, Jan, Duncan loved all other dogs, I am sure he eagerly greeted Banner!

DebDudepup says, Oh, Duncan....

kirknjan says, thank you all for your kind words

Bert_Jas says, Please light a candle for Bailey, Miss Bardot's doggie mom - Dayne is Miss Bardot's human mom.  


dale_sam_2000 says, ((((Dayne))))

julie_aisha says, (((Dayne))) (((Miss Bardot))) Bailey is right with you both

rockit_esq says, {{{Dayne}}} and Angel Bailey

pa_big says, Dear Bailey....

scarlet655 says, So sorry to hear of Bailey's passing to the Bridge.  She is in good hands...

spartanscarol says, ((((Dayne and Miss Bardot))))

dale_sam_2000 says, Miss Bardot, you will see her again...

kirknjan says, Sleep well Angel Bailey

tbboorn says, (((Dayne)))

rich_dusty says, Lighting a candle for Bailey

Joanne_Asia says, ((((Dayne))))

bethpal96 says, Goodbye Bailey

Bert_Jas says, A candle may now be lighted for Jordan's beautiful Geisha.


dale_sam_2000 says, ((((Jordan)))))

rockit_esq says, {{{Jordan}}} and Angel Geisha

DebDudepup says, Geisha....what a lovely name for a beautiful Angel

tbboorn says, (((Jordan)))

julie_aisha says, Jordan, I am so sorry, Geisha is happy and healthy, playing with all the pups

Joanne_Asia says, ((((Jordan)))

pa_big says, Jordan my thoughts are with you and your angel Geisha

dale_sam_2000 says, Geisha is at the bridge waiting for you all

scarlet655 says, Sweet Angel Geisha!  The meadow is a more beautiful place now....

rich_dusty says, Lighting a candle for Geisha

lindaxan says, ((((Jordan  )))))

anne_shaft says, I'm so sorry, Jordan, peace with your memories

kirknjan says, What a beautiful name

spartanscarol says, ((((Jordan)))) Geisha romps among the wildflowers now.

Bert_Jas says, I'd now like to ask Paula to read the poem "When I Got to the Gates of Heaven"

pa_big says,

"When I got to the gate of heaven

after we said goodbye,

I began to miss you terribly,

because I heard you cry.


Suddenly there was an angel,

and she asked me to enter heaven's gate.

I asked her if I could stay outside

for someone who would be late.


I wouldn't make much noise you see,

I wouldn't bark or howl,

I'll only wait here patiently

and play with my tennis ball.


The angel said I could stay right here

and wait for you to come,

Because heaven just wouldn't be heaven

if I went in alone.


So I'll wait right here, you take your time,

but keep me in your heart,

Because heaven just wouldn't be heaven

without you to warm my heart."


Bert_Jas says, Please take a silent moment to remember all these special friends of our epi-pups and their human families.


bethpal96 sighs deeply.

Joanne_Asia says, Thank you Paula, that was beautiful...

rich_dusty says, Thank you, Paula

lynne_white2 says, Beautiful poem

dale_sam_2000 says, ((((((Buddies)))))))

lorianne33 says, For all of you, I am so sorry for your loss, so very sorry

kirknjan says, thank you so much for that, I am crying but they are happy tears

rockit_esq says, thank you bert, dale, pat and paula

pa_big says, The tears are overflowing...

scarlet655 says, remember, you are not alone in your grief.

pat_dixie says, Beautiful, Paula!

scarlet655 says, Others will walk this path with you...

kirknjan says, thank you all for always being there for us

dale_sam_2000 says, We all live within a fragile circle..

spartanscarol says, We have lost those pups, but we have gained so much the short time they were in our lives.

Bert_Jas says, For Joanne and Judi, who couldn't get into the chat forum tonight, I'd like to read "Asia's poem" - please bear with me.....

Bert_Jas says,

"You asked so little, yet you gave so much,

Your utmost love, for just a friendly touch;

Devotion without stint and without flaw,

My least command at once your constant law.

Ever beside me, mine through joy or woe.

Bearing your love so all could see and know.

You never failed me, faithful to the end;

Companion, Silent Worshipper and Friend.

Death has set us physically apart,

But you will live forever within my heart..."


Joanne_Asia says, Thank you so much Roberta.  That was so beautiful.  I will hold her forever in my heart...

dale_sam_2000 says, That is beautiful

pat_dixie says, Thank you, Bert!

julie_aisha says, {{{{group hug}}}}

rich_dusty says, Thank you, Bert

rockit_esq says, {{{joanne}}}

kirknjan says, It was Hauntingly beautiful, thank you, Bert

scarlet655 says, Wonderful job, Bert.

ElleRomeo says, Thank You Roberta, what a beautiful poem

pa_big says, absolutely beautiful!!!!

bethpal96 says, beautiful poem - Epis really are so devoted

Bert_Jas says, Joanne found the poem and adapted it for Asia - I just typed it.... 

kathy_dusty says, all the poems were beautiful

marirose27 says, you are all very special

kirknjan says, Thank you Joanne for the beautiful poem

Bert_Jas says, Before we end the ceremony, we'd like to light a candle for the health and long life of all our epi-pups who are still struggling with this devastating disease.


pat_dixie says, To health and quality of life for those remaining, Bert!

dale_sam_2000 says, May they all live long and happy...

lorianne33 says, It's so appropriate to end with hope

rich_dusty says, Lighting a candle for all our epi pups and their epi pals

bethpal96 says, With the support of this list, they can't lose!

tbboorn says, Treasure each and every moment you have together

dale_sam_2000 says, out come the champagne...a toast to the future...each second of it!

spartanscarol says, And lighting a candle for all who love them so much and fight this disease with courage

lynne_white2 says, My thoughts are with you all who have lost their pups - take care of yourselves

kirknjan says, to the future....and the continued health and success of our epi loves

pa_big says, This support group is Gods gift to all epi parents...Thank you all for your love and all are so very special to me and Alex and Little Guy

rich_dusty says, Hoping that all can find the magical combination that works for their unique case

tbboorn says, With a blink of an eye, they become ANGELS!!!

ElleRomeo says, I always think of you all and how wonderful this list is.

anne_shaft says, This has been a beautiful and touching ceremony, thanks to all

woofwoof_ca says, that's all it takes, one blink of an eye

DebDudepup says, Your Dusty boy will definitely be in my prayers, Rich

scarlet655 says, Only very special people are blessed with these pups.

spartanscarol says, I don't know where I'd be....or Spartan would be.....without everyone on this list! 

julie_aisha says, I am so honored and blessed to be a part of such a special group of people and pups, thank you all!

kirknjan says, Oh how well, I know that we are blessed by these guys

lindaxan says, I agree!!!

pat_dixie says, This was a beautiful evening, people.

dale_sam_2000 says, An amazing group of people with very special pups

rich_dusty says, Thanks, Deb...we will find the right combination for him eventually

kirknjan says, thank you all

Bert_Jas says, That will conclude the Candlelighting Ceremony.  Thank you all SO much for coming and for putting up with me in Joanne's "role."  The room is now open for comments and sharing....  


Memorial Ceremony attended by:

Anne & Shaft

Beth & Angel Brandy

Brenda & Angel Lady

Carol, Spartan & Angel Shadow

Cathy & Zak

Dale, Sam & Zoey

Deb, Dude & Angel Ozzycat

Deborah & Kirby

Elaine & Angel Buster

Jan, Ed, Kirk & Angel Banner

Joanne & Angel Asia

Julie & Aisha

Kathy & Angel Pepper

Kathy & Dusty

Linda & Xander

Lo & Tartan

Lorianne & Angel Harley

Lynne & Angel Darcy

Marian & Angel Rosie

Nancy & Tahoe

Pat & Dixie

Paula , Alex & Little Guy

Rich & Dusty

Roberta & Jasmine

Roxanne & Boken (soon to be adopted)

Shannon & Fez

Terri & Angel Sadie

Vicky & Angel Duncan