By Guardian Angel Deb & Angel Ollie


There is an organization set up in England called CIMDA = Canine Immune Mediated Disease Awareness. Nearly all the CIMDA list members' dogs are ill with varying AI diseases, MOSTLY as a direct result of being vaccinated.  Unfortunately some breeders refuse point blank to accept there is a problem in their breed, and perpetuate the problem by continuing to breed from affected dogs.

If anyone with a pup suffering from an autoimmune disease, who would like to learn more, or who would like to be introduced, please e-mail me through this website

As with the Guardian Angels, the members of CIMDA are supportive, willing to share thoughts and information on widely used, as well as alternative, treatments. They are also active in their support for titer testing as opposed to vaccination.  They are fighting an uphill battle against fixed ideas in some areas of veterinary practice in this country and want to re-educate owners to opt for titers, before reinnoculating.

C.I.M.D.A. offers support to owners who have dogs with auto-immune disease, and on behalf of the Queen's Veterinary School Hospital at Cambridge University, England. they are conducting a survey and require information from owners whose dogs have been affected by auto-immune disease. If you have a dog with an auto-immune disease or have been unfortunate enough to have owned a dog who has died from one of these diseases.... Hemolytic anemia, Hypothyroidism, Addison's disease; Thrombocytopenia; SLE; Polyarthritis; Pemphigus; epilepsy and other auto immune diseases ... you can help.

Completed surveys will enable a comprehensive investigation to be carried out into the apparent increase in occurrence, individual "trigger factors" and the possibility of predisposition of certain dogs to these diseases. The information secured by this survey will advance their understanding of these life-threatening diseases and hopefully, in the long term, reduce the frequency of auto-immune disease.