Vicky and Angel Duncan (Rough Collie)

Hello there,

If you are reading this, it is because your pup may have epilepsy. I am here to introduce myself and my Angel Epi-Collie, Duncan. My name is Vicky. I was born and raised in Wisconsin. One of my earliest memories is of Thunder, a tri-color collie dog. I waited a very long time, until I was 40ish, to be able to have another collie. I was working part-time, and knew I would have the time to devote to this puppy.

Angel Duncan arrived and was the most wonderful, smart collie you would ever want to see. Then, almost exactly at age 18 months, he had his first seizure. It was a grand mal—as were all his seizures. I was frightened to death, and didn’t want to believe that it was epilepsy. Then, almost like clockwork, the month rolled around and bang, another seizure.

Of course, I wanted to learn all I could about this disease. And then I was directed to this website. Angel Duncan was on PB and KBr with very few side effects. We were pretty much down to one seizure a month, and he had never clustered. Duncan became ill in August of 2001, and spent the night at the emergency vets. All the Angels and people on the list were praying for him. We picked him up the next morning to take him our regular vet. My husband, Carl, and I were driving him there when he went into status in the parking lot of my vet’s office. He was 2 ˝ years old. We were unable to save him, but I was able to be with him. My vet advised me that it was most likely NOT the epilepsy that caused the status seizure, but the illness (perhaps pancreatitis).

After that, I stayed on the list, and was asked to help answer web mail. I was so happy to do it, to try to help others learn what I had learned about canine epilepsy… and that is how I came to be here.

My husband, Carl, and two sons, Nick and Tyce, were always very supportive of me and Angel Duncan. Now, in addition to the list, I am active in collie rescue and reside in Indiana. We currently are caretakers for Lucy and Winston, who were both rescued by us, Pearl, our little white cat, and our newest arrival, Gilbert the English Bulldog who believes he is a collie.

I am very happy to be part of the Guardian Angels.

Vicky and Angel Duncan
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