Michael and Norman (Golden Retriever)


Never thought I had the time for a goofy, stubborn Golden Retriever that no one seemed to want. After three previous owners, he needed another home and I happened to be next in line.  My name is Mike Thompson, and one day Norman arrived in my life.
The first time he had a seizure, I wondered if his previous owners were unwilling or maybe unable to deal with the disease.  For months I tried to gain control over the seizures with little or no success.  Normanís Grand Mal seizures were occurring every ten days to two weeks.  One day he had a cluster episode with five seizures.  I was afraid that I might lose him and discouraged that I was not able to help.  The canine-epilepsy-guardian-angels.com website had been a great resource for information, but I needed to do more.  I requested information about the Valium protocol and Normanís angel, Sharon, answered the call for help. 
With guidance from both Sharon and Joanne, we made several changes that resulted in much better control.  I discovered that Norman was hypothyroid after a 6-panel test performed by Dr. Dodds.  This result differed from the conclusion of Normanís vet who insisted that the 6-panel test was not necessary.  With changes to diet and adjustments to medication levels, he is now going between thirty to forty-five days without a seizure.  The home cooked diet helped tremendously with his health including weight loss of 20 pounds.  The current seizure free streak has lasted 52 days!  Congratulations Norman and thank you to both of your angels, Sharon and Joanne!
Lifeís journey is full of many ups and downs.  The difference between enjoying life and being miserable may partially be due to oneís ability to appreciate the good moments. As quickly as time seems to pass, Norman brings many moments of fun and happiness.  Time with him seems to have a way of slowing down so that appreciating oneís journey is more rewarding.  I have met many new friends as a result of trying to help NormanÖ he has been a blessing in my life!