Lisa and angel myka (keeshound)


My name is Lisa Hiott, I live in Connecticut and am a Human Resources professional.  After graduating from high school, I started going to college part-time.  Seventeen years later I finally finished with my MBA.  My graduation gift to myself was a dog because I felt I would have time to take care of one.  I didnít have children and never had a dog growing up so I really wanted one.  After discussing this with my husband, Pete, (we have since divorced), we decided on a keeshond puppy.

Iíll never forget the first time I saw Myka.  He was finally old enough for us to pick him up and on the ride there Pete and I had discussed several names for him (we knew he was a boy) and we liked three.  The instant we pulled into the driveway I saw him Ė a beautiful, cream colored 10 week old keeshond puppy running around in a little pen and immediately we agreed on the name Myka.  I started to laugh and cry because my emotions can only be described as ďlove at first sight.Ē

Myka was three years old when he had his first round of cluster grand mal seizures.  I was away on a business trip and I clearly remember Pete telling me on the phone what had happened to Myka the night before, how scared he had been, and that the emergency vet thought he had epilepsy.  I just remember crying and wanting to be home with Myka.  That was the beginning of what would be an ongoing battle with cluster seizures.  After a frustrating year of violent cluster seizures that continued to get worse even though his medication was continually being increased, I found the Epi Guardian Angels website.  I reached out with Mykaís story and we were supported by Joanne Carson.  I was trained on the valium protocol and although I was scared at first, I learned how to do it.  After I got divorced, I had to learn how to administer the valium protocol by myself as he continued to cluster seize.  For two years, Myka had cluster seizures or had breakthrough seizures with the valium protocol.  After a particularly difficult time of multiple breakthrough seizures and three days administering the valium protocol, I made a very difficult and painful decision.  Myka went to the bridge in my arms on April 3, 2006.

I donít know how I would have gotten through the few weeks following Mykaís death without the support of my best friend, Barbara, and Joanne Carson.  I was so appreciative of all the help and support Joanne had given me and Myka.  When Joanne asked me if I would be willing to help with the Valium Protocol as part of Mykaís legacy, I didnít hesitate to become a part of the Epi Guardian Angel family.  In memory of Myka, my beloved boy and my heart, I send out Valium Protocols every day to those in need who request it through our website.

The story ends on a happy note Ö shortly after losing Myka, a healthy, 5 year old Bishon Frise rescue came into my life.  Itís a long story, but Joanne and I named him CharlieFreckles!  Charlie is an absolute joy -- we helped heal each other and today we live happily together.

Lisa and CharlieFreckles  (Bishon)