Laurie and Teddy (Scottish Terrier)


By vocation I am an editor with a small academic publishing company. My avocation, though, is Scottish Terriers and canine health. I have had Scotties in my life since 1978; I am involved in Scottie rescue, am the editor of our Scottie club’s newsletter, and love to research to help my beloved companions be in the best health they can be. 

My husband Jim and I live in a major metropolitan area and have a quiet life centered around our two Scotties, Sadie and Teddy, and around music, reading, theater, and sometimes opera. Sadie is a rescue, about 8 years old, and is a lively, sweet girl. Her interests are squirrels, birds, bugs, balls, long walks, and the beach. 

We were introduced to canine epilepsy in 2001 when we adopted Teddy out of rescue. Teddy was then having violent grand mal seizures with occasional clusters, and was agitated and unable to sleep. I soon realized I needed something beyond what I was getting through the regular channels of veterinary care. In February of 2002, desperate to find help for Teddy, I discovered the Epi Guardian Angels. With their guidance Teddy’s seizure control and health have improved beyond what I ever could have hoped. In addition, I have found a nurturing support group with an impressive combined knowledge, people who feel the same way I do about my pups. Teddy now is engaged, seizure-free for long stretches (currently 9 months), and sleeps soundly all night long. Teddy loves the security and rhythm of his life. His main interests are watching his dad do household improvements and listening to him play classical guitar. Mealtime is also very popular with Ted. 

I was deeply honored to be asked to become one of the Epi Guardian Angels in December of 2002. I spend most of the time I devote to the Angels researching canine epilepsy. I want to pass along to others some portion of the gifts the Angels gave to Teddy and me: hope, healing, and love.

Laurie and Teddy Roo